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Filthy's First Taste

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/1/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Filthy's First Taste 1

Club Jenna/Filthy Films

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: Cezar Capone/Azi Zan

Cast: Peyton, Big Pike, Breanna Fox, Summer Long, Jeremy Holmes, Adrianna Deville, Jordan Ashley, Riley Evans, JT
Non-sex role: Kelly Kane, Jessie Valentino

Length: 120.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/16/2006

Extra's: There was only a photogallery and trailers to Deep in Style, Krystal Therapy, Ashton Asylum, Chanel No. 1, and others.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Filthy's First Taste 1 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Cezar Capone/Azi Zan for release by Club Jenna under their new affiliation with Filthy Films. For those of you familiar with the director, he was one of the founders of the wildly successful Bang Bros before moving on, and I strongly suspect he still shoots fro a number of other companies at this writing. Unlike the high gloss, glamour porn you'll usually find at Club Jenna, the ladies used for this line, as well as the production values, were a decidedly drastic change of pace, but still a considerable upgrade from the original production values under the Bang Bros label. The camera was a bit shaky at times, the lighting below average for a mainstream porno but substantially more consistent than he was used to offering, and the result was arguably the best of both worlds for those sick and tired of the same old look found at Club Jenna. In the truest sense of the term, this was "Alt-Porn" as in an alternative to the generic gonzo so commonly found but also providing better production values then you'll see on the mostly low end Pro-Am market too. The issues with fleshtones being off, video noise, and other minor problems were not enough to dissuade me from continuing to watch it, largely thanks to the amount of raw energy projected by many of the cast. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English but it sounded like it came straight off the built in camcorder microphone, often picking up ambient street noise better then the vocals on the cast engaging in sexual acts right in front of it. By turning up the volume on my home theatre set up, all I did was increase the noise levels faster so this is definitely an area in need of work for future volumes in the series.

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Body of Review: Greedy Video, Bang Bros, Shane's World, Red Light District, and scores of other production companies have tapped into a sub-genre of porn that has been popular since the dawn of motion pictures, seeing a revival in the late 1980's, and now in the mid 2000's. That genre is the Pro-Am porno that uses newcomers to porn in settings that we find in everyday life to provide a sense of familiarity but also lose the largely over rated glamorous aspects of modern porn that many find so distracting. In the porn world, many consumers get bored of seeing the same old performers doing the same old things with the same old partners (much like real life in fact) so the thought of something new appeals to them. Since most sex acts have been thoroughly documented by now, the only "new" thing to provide is new performers; something each of the aforementioned companies seem to excel at. The latest company to jump on the bandwagon is Club Jenna and like all that they do, they went all out and hired one of the original creators of the Bang Bros phenomenon, now calling himself Cezar Capone/Azi Zan to provide them with content as they expand their scope to address consumer needs. The first movie by this arrangement is Filthy's First Taste 1, a DVD so well received by distributors that one of the company executives issued a Guarantee about the quality of the show second to none in the industry. While I had provided a sneak peek of the second volume in a recent Blue Room Column, I was curious about the controversy so I picked up a copy for myself to see what the fuss was all about. Here's what I found:

The title was much like the earlier work provided by the director except the production values were enhanced somewhat. The lighting was not the Wal-Mart lighting you'd see in most gonzo porn, there was some build up as the ladies met the men rather than start off on the couch and end up naked in under 30 seconds, and the ladies really were inexperienced in terms of being on camera (more so then most releases under the label of Pro-Am these days in fact). If you like glamorous women with few physical imperfections, wearing professionally applied make up and performing like they've done it all a thousand times in the past, you will immediately dislike Filthy's First Taste 1. Interestingly enough, I'm probably the worst choice to review this kind of title since I prefer fewer rough edges, high end production values, and particular performers that have proven their skills in the past (and if any of you think reviewing thousands of pornos has no impact on a guy, I have a bridge to sell you) but I wanted to see why this title was so well received and how it could elicit such a guarantee from a senior vice president at the company. Without going into the intricacies of porn accounting (similar to mainstream Hollywood accounting in terms of creativity), I had lots of doubts but upon watching the movie, I found it to be a lot better then expected having read a friend's review. Keep in mind that porn tastes are as individual as you can get in terms of preferences in liking or disliking something, this proving yet again that people can agree to disagree over quality. If you're still interested in the movie, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that the credits were weak and that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Peyton, the brunette on the upper left hand corner of the cover, and her friend Kelly Kane, were up first in a low end art gallery as Big Pike, Jessie Valentino, and Cezar Capone (on camera) tried to hit on them. Peyton looked more like a club going stripper than anything else but her pretty eyes were nice and she definitely wasn't the glamour type as seen in most porn. Jessie bowed out and it was clear that Kelly was only going to watch, leaving Pike to play with Peyton once they got back to the hotel. The idea was that Peyton dared them into shooting a porno, her being a big connoisseur of the genre, thinking they'd back down. Once he got naked, she dropped to her knees to show that she had a lot of experience with giving blowjobs, aggressively working his knob with hand and mouth better than many regulars in the industry. In short, she was proving that she had what it took to succeed in the jizz biz with this as her casting call of sorts. I liked her firm ass most when she bent over and the vaginal ride appeared to be moderately active, a nice trade off between the usually weak newcomers that act like deer caught in the headlights seen elsewhere and the jaded old professionals that bounce like nothing it even rubbing the walls of their cookies. The rough edges of the action kept the scene true to the advertised form, making it pretty good for what it was designed to be, ending with a moderate facial that she swallowed whole.

Scene Two: Breanna Fox, the blonde on the lower middle of the front cover (near the right hand corner), was up next in what was said to be her first scene as she teased Cezar in the large living room. She also had appealing eyes and a lean body, wanting to get into porn for all the usual reasons (love of sex and money). She appeared to be another stripper with an outgoing and pleasant attitude, possessing an all natural body and quick laugh as she stripped. She was also paired up with Big Pike, who got naked to offer her a meat stick worthy of her mouth. She toyed with his rod as she injected it into her mouth, showing enough skill that I knew she was no rookie in real life but needing enough coaching to show she wasn't an old timer either. He did most of the screwing here as he hammered away at her pussy, but once she was on top she changed that dynamic more than a little bit (impaling herself soundly on his dick). The body slapping noises were hot and while she was a bit lost in the moment (the repetitive moans got old and would have been better as dirty talk), it was easily her best position. She eventually ended it by taking the facial with a positive attitude, showing a knack for nookie.

Scene Three: Summer Long, the cute blonde standing on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up next as she enjoyed the view from the multi-story condo in her blue jean skirt and form fitting top. She looked like a younger version of mainstream actress Helen Hunt; one with a better body for those who care. At 5'10", she was the tallest of the female cast with long, wrap around legs and she took to blowing scene partner Jeremy Holmes very quickly after she stripped off her encumbering clothing. He wasn't well endowed but her skill level seemed best suited for that fact as she actively worked him as best she could. Of all the gals in the movie thus far, she came across as the least skilled in that sense (no stranger to cock but not as frequent a bed buddy by the looks of it) so those of you looking for a true Pro-Am gal will appreciate her the most. The screwing was similar in the dynamic in that she let him do most of the work, thankfully punctuating the scene with some heated dirty talk as he tapped away at her pussy. It ended with a facial and this was more like what I was expecting of the movie.

Scene Four: Adrianna Deville, the brunette featured on the front cover with the largest picture (center with the black & white striped shirt), was up next as she interviewed on the upper floor of the high rise too, giving a nice show as she plainly displayed her wares in the Miami locale. Cezar told her he was bringing out his superstar to do her, and after seeing her perfect pucker, I was ready to see her in action. For the record, I thought she was another stripper, with a wedding ring on to complete the picture but she wasn't shy about sharing herself with Jordan Ashley (the males were not credited but I thought it was him) when he entered the picture. They stayed on the balcony in plain view as she sucked him off, with her having the kind of skill developed for big tips in clubs, but it was a fine hummer in most ways (I've received a few myself that way). I was sure they'd go inside to start screwing but they stayed out where it was noisy and with the danger of being caught, yet another case where the gal became active when riding on top. The penetrative sex seemed short but he gave her a moderate pop shot, some of it swallowed with the rest being rubbed on her body before the camera faded away.

Scene Five: Riley Evans, a large breasted blonde not seen on the front cover, was up last as she wore her black and white bikini on the public beach. Cezar and JT (introduced as "Jay") were girl watching on the dunes and stalking her, discussing her proclivities to having fun as she went through the paces (pretty blue eyes). The guys claimed to be from New Jersey and after the usual banter, were up in the hotel/condo and didn't even make it to the room when he was sucking her titties and she was reciprocating with some cocksucking in the hallway. The playful tease continued and this led to more blowjob work on her part. JT took over to vaginally plug her though she was only active in the slightest of ways when on top (sound familiar?). She did PTM and took the facial well, ending the movie with a Pro-Am taste with this bartender (I'm sure she was a stripper at some point) turned porn performer.

Summary: Filthy's First Taste 1 by director Cezar Capone/Azi Zan for release by Club Jenna under their new affiliation with Filthy Films had some decent fuck for the buck if you're looking for a Pro-Am title that might have otherwise flew under your radar. The ladies weren't cookie cutter similar to one another, they all had different talents, and the admittedly silly pick up procedures used in most cases were enough to make me roll my eyes but still a few steps up from the stranger fucking you'll find in the majority of titles these days. If you want a strictly gonzo title with no fluff or filler, you won't appreciate this one as much as I did but if you'd like to see the hint of creativity the director employed to hook the couples up and some appealing Miami scenery, you could do far worse so I rated it as Recommended. Your own tastes should factor into the equation of course but Filthy's First Taste 1 struck me as a Bang Bros release from their glory days but on steroids to beef up the production.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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