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Avenue X

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 1/1/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Joe Gallant's been shooting hardcore on the filthy streets of New York City for a few years now under his own banner, Black Mirror Productions. He's probably best known, or at least notoriously known, for the infamous Bong Water Butt Babes and his Times Square Trash movies. Interesting then that this man so closely tied into the underground of adult movie making is shooting skin flicks for VCA. Avenue X is his latest effort, and while he might be working for a big studio, you can't watch this one and accuse the man of selling out. Gallant is still making weird porn, even if know he's got big studio backing behind his demented visions of the erotic.

Despite the fact that the bulk of this production is made up of, well, fucking there is a bit of a storyline to Avenue X. In the future, where the film is to take place, sex and porno is now controlled by the powers that be since the American government has been sold to an evil corporation. As such, those who want to get laid, primarily porn stars now serving as rebels, have gone underground where they do their dirty deeds away from the police. They're the last hope for humanity, in that they want to bring fucking and fuck films back to the people. Of course, in between plot development and the like we're treated to fuck scenes, which is quite rightly the point of all of this in the first place. Here's a look:

Chapter 1 Veronica Jett And Tommy Pistol: The action starts when Veronica drops to her knees and sucks Tommy's dick. After a bit of that he flips her onto her side and fucks her while they spoon. He rolls over on his back and she eats his ass, and then he fucks her in the ass reverse cowgirl style. She blows him and he spoon fucks her in the ass again, then it's more reverse cowgirl ass fucking. He holds her up in the air and fucks her bum hole some more, then he sets her down and jacks off onto her face which he then covers in plastic wrap so that it seeps all over her eyes, nose and mouth. Odd. Veronica is a little hottie though, so this scene works.

Chapter 2 Kimberly Kane And Alex Sanders: Kimberly wanders around the streets naked and shows off her goods for the camera. She moves into a warehouse where she finds Alex Sanders and she sucks his cock while he fingers her ass. He bends her over and licks her ass before slipping his schlong in there and fucking her for a bit. She sucks him off again and then he gets her on all fours and pile drives her ass after which she sucks him to a finish and he gives her a big sloppy kiss. Kimberly looks great here, fucking like a pro and sucking cock enthusiastically. She handles the anal well too, getting really into it as things intensify.

Chapter 3 Veronica Jett, Trina Michaels, Brian Surewood And Dino Bravo: The two ladies meet the two men out in the desert where Brian explains the politics behind their underground movement. Both men lie down Trina rides Brian and Veronica sucks Dino's dick. Both couples go at it for a bit and the girls kiss each other as Brian fucks Trina in the ass. The girls switch up and each take a cock in the ass at the same time, reverse cowgirl style. More anal pounding courtesy of some simultaneous pile driving us up next, and then the girls suck the guys to a finish. A decent group scene, though the action gets poorly lit at times as it looks like only natural lighting was used to capture the action.

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Chapter 4 Tatianna Stone And Kenny: He spreads her legs and rubs her pussy until she's wet. She strokes him until he's hard and then sucks him off while he holds onto her hair, her fishnets look really nice. She sits on top of him and rides him cowgirl style, then he lubes her asshole up and fingers it for a bit before fucking her. She blows him and then he fucks her in the ass reverse cowgirl style, then he pile drives her ass for a few before pulling out and jerking off onto her pussy. This was a decent scene, if not a classic. These two have some good chemistry together and while Tatianna isn't the best looking lady on this disc, she's still a nice looking woman who shows some true enthusiasm for anal sex.

Chapter 5 Michelle Aston and Simone: Big titted and tattooed Michelle Aston uses a vibrator on her pussy alone until Simone comes into the room. They attach a mousetrap to her pussy lips and give her an enema, which she squirts onto the floor. Weird.

Chapter 6 Kimberly Kane And Alex Sanders: When this scene starts, Kimberly is lying on the ground with her legs spread, Alex's face buried deep into her muff with his thumb up her ass. He lies her down and fucks her in the ass while she rubs her pussy fast and hard as he takes his cock from her ass to her snatch and back again. He pulls out and she takes him all the way down her throat and he spooges into her mouth and onto her face. He's still hard though so she rides him cowgirl style for a bit until she comes and then they sixty-nine for a bit. Again, this was a strong scene. Kimberly looks great taking in the ass and her big oral finish was well executed.

Chapter 7 Michelle Aston, Simone And J. R. Irons: Michelle is sucking his dick when the scene starts, then she rides him reverse cowgirl so that her big natural tits can bounce around as the good Lord intended them to. Simone trades places with her and she rides his cock for a bit while Michelle works her tits for her. Simone sucks him off and Michelle sits on his face for a bit before Simone takes him up her ass reverse cowgirl style and Michelle sits back to watch and finger fuck herself. Simone eats Michelle's pussy as she uses a vibrator on herself, and takes a blast of girl juice to the face while he pounds Simone's pussy from behind. The girls lay back and her jerks off onto their faces. One of the hottest scenes on the disc, this one has it all interracial, girl on girl, toys, anal, vaginal, oral, squirting, big titties, small titties good stuff!

Chapter 8 Kimberly Kane: Gallant ends the feature with the third scene featuring cover girl Kimberly Kane. She and Alex have a talk and we see all manner of strange symbolism flash before us as everything builds to a finish. From there we see Kimberly alone in a warehouse with her hands tied and a cigarette in her mouth. Alex comes up behind her and unties her so that she can exhale. While he's back there he sneaks his wang up into her. She bends forward a bit and he spanks her ass and then he gets on his back and she takes him up the ass once more, reverse cowgirl style. She rubs her pussy and looks great in her knee high leather boots and he pounds away at her back door. She sucks him off, and then he takes her outside and bends her over to fuck her ass some more before putting it back in her pussy. He flips her over and fucks her pussy some more before she drops to her knees and sucks him to a big finish, at which point he plops a load into her mouth and ends an extremely hot and almost all anal scene for Kimberly.

Avenue X is weird. It takes pot shots at the current administration by way of some unusual references to prisoner torture using Tommy Pistol and Veronica Jett. There are all sorts of little jabs at the government and at the mainstream news media here, and it all gets very trippy and very heady but at the same time, the feature is chock full of intense, creative and hot sex courtesy of a really interesting mix of male and female performers. It works, and it works well, but this one isn't going to cater to the same sort of crowd that most porno movies do. It's quite subversive and it actually requires you to think about what's going on in the movie to make sense of it all (unless you just want to go straight to the sex scenes, which is easy enough to do through the scene selection menus). Interesting stuff, it makes you think a little bit but you can still rub on out to it if you like.



The 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer on this disc is quite good. The widescreen cinematography is sometimes digitally manipulated for effect so those scenes look scratchier and darker than the others do but this is on purpose so you can't fault the authoring job for replicating Gallant's desired effect. Skin tones look lifelike and natural and while there are some mild compression artifacts in the darker scenes, there's really nothing else that's worth complaining about here.


The English langue Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Surround track on this DVD sounds quite good. There are no problems with hiss or distortion and the levels are properly balanced. The score works well in the context of what's happening on screen and while it's loud enough to have some impact, it's never so loud as to drown out the sounds of the performers doing their thing.


The biggest extra feature on this disc is a twenty-five minute behind the scenes documentary that starts by showing us how the first scene was shot and which then bounces around a bit from there. We see Michelle carefully applying the mouse traps to her pussy, we see scenes being blocked and shot indoors and outside, and we get a chance to check out the performers in a more relaxed environment. Joe Gallant has also provided a director's commentary track which touches on some of the symbolism and metaphors used in the picture and which covers the shoot in a fair bit of detail. If you enjoyed the movie or want to know more about the school of thought behind it, this is a fairly interesting track as it does explain some of the more unusual aspects of the movie well.

Aside from that, VCA has also included eight trailers for a few other DVD releases, a still gallery, a scene selection option and some nifty animated menus screens.

Included as a second disc in this set is VCA's release of Gallant's 2005 production, Ultra Vixens NYC, which has been reviewed here. Included as extras on this second disc are some trailers, a still gallery, a brief seven-minute behind the scenes documentary that shows the sets and performers in action and an interview with Joe Gallant.

Final Thoughts:

Those who already know that they like Gallant's directorial style will no doubt appreciate what he's going for with Avenue X, and for those not familiar with his work, this actually makes for a good place to start. This is hardly mainstream porno, but it's definitely more accessible than some of the material he's had a hand in and the fact that the feature serves as both an interesting piece of food for thought while simultaneously functioning as a good fuck film earns this one a solid recommendation.

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