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Absolutely Adorable

Studio: VCA » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/3/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Absolutely Adorable: Special Edition

VCA Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Jim Holliday

Cast: Katie Morgan, Kurt Lockwood, Violet Blue, Alex Sanders, Kylie Wilde, Nautica Thorn, Jessica Darlin, Alex Sanders, Felix Vicious, Tanya Danielle, Cassie Young, Avy Scott, Honey, Steve Hatcher, Taylor Rain, Amber Rain, Serena South, Avy Scott, Lana Cox/Moore, Serena South
Non-Sex Roles: William Margold, Johnny Franklin

Length: 90.5 minutes (full feature); 67 minutes (wall to wall option)

Date of Production: 6/2003

Extra's: My favorite extra was the full length audio commentary by Jim Holliday and Kylie Wilde. Jim was dominant vocally but Kylie wasn't shy like some of the other gals in his past commentaries, though this was her first time seeing the movie and she really didn't seem able to add a lot of deep comments. I also liked the 17 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Kenny Carolina that was shot during the making of this movie, Charm School Brats and Witch Coven College. There seemed to be a preoccupation with filming some of the snakes entering the set (the reptile kind, not the human kind), though the ending credits made it sound like they were rattle snakes when that was clearly not the case. There was extra nudity and the kind of playfulness usually found on one of Jim's sets though, so it was worth checking out. There were also some minimal Star Bios, trailers for movies like Aces in the Holes, Summer Camp Sun Bunnies, and Brown Eyed Blonde, (though not Floss, Paradise Hole, Sorority Sex Kittens 3, Little Town Flirts, Eye Candy Refocused, Perfect Smiles, Brown Eyed Blonde, and Timeless), a photogallery, a bit on the multiple angles used, and a jump to the scene bit too.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Absolutely Adorable: Special Edition was presented in the originally filmed 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Jim Holliday for VCA Pictures back in June 2003 concurrently with Charm School Brats and Witch Coven College. The picture was crystal clear and had a wonderfully diverse cast as seen on the front DVD cover. The fleshtones were accurate thanks in large part to the flat and plentiful lighting, eliminating grain and other visual defects in a manner I wish contemporary companies would at least consider. The composition of the shots managed to enhance the looks of the ladies present, but some were obviously more favored then others in terms of screen time, a factor anytime you have such a large cast of cuties. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English with the vocals very solidly captured and the music still a cut above the pack as far as I was concerned. The music was trademark Jim Holliday style with Reno & the Rumrunners with Jan, Derol, & the Steamrollers on back up duties this time (with the credits adding in the Ghosts of ZZYZX Road Rainwater Band). There was the normal range of music here for those who care but the movie seemed to be more of an after thought or filler in between the other movies made at the same time.

Body of Review: Jim Holliday found his health declining in 2003 but like most of us, he ignored the consequences of smoking and other unhealthy habits, pushing full steam ahead in his production schedule for VCA Pictures (which was still newly acquired from Hustler Video). He would shoot several movies at the same time to continue conserving his precious capital, allowing him to expand his casts at a time when cost cutting was rampant in the industry, something that continues to this day for most companies, sadly enough. In June of 2003, he shot Absolutely Adorable: Special Edition along with Charm School Brats and Witch Coven College; each serving to showcase gals that Jim thought worthy of his attention, often proving right in his hunches. The cover said it like this: "Kylie Wilde is not cute - she is absolutely adorable and so is this movie. Swan is a restless dreamer and sometimes she isn't sure where reality stops and fantasyland begins. She enlists her two best girlfriends, the Snow Queen and Pete Finch, to go on a strange and mysterious quest - a quest that ends with one of the most original twist endings ever. Along the way, they encounter political assassination plans, a journey through the Tunnel of Twat and a visit to the Land of Fidget Quim. For absurdist adventure spiked with the trademark Jim Holiday sex scenes, Kylie Wilde is Absolutely Adorable." That said, if you're still interested in the movie, it was a return to the days of no condoms thanks to the change in ownership, a fact not dwelt upon in the commentary but certainly a change of pace considering how frequent a topic it was in previous commentaries. Here's a brief look at the scenes, the cast identities coming from Jim on the commentary track in several cases:

Scene One: Katie Morgan, a very cute gal with a helium pitched voice, was up before the opening credits in a very scene with Kurt Lockwood on the outdoor porch. The majority of it was not oral but strictly vaginal. It wasn't bad but there really wasn't much effective use of Katie in my opinion.

Scene Two: Violet Blue, playing an assassin wearing black clothing in the woods as she brandished her super squirter water bazooka, had the first post-credit scene with her assistant, Alex Sanders. She blew him with some energy and he went down on her (with an emphasis on her asshole) with some equivalent vigor. The sex went straight to anal and she wasn't particularly active at first but she did come around in this wooded scenario (on a large comforter). I was surprised to see that no condoms were used, likely thanks to Hustler's purchase of the company, as well as the repeated use of Kylie dreaming with her perfect pucker in the air. It ended when he popped a load onto her ass, cutting back to the dreaming Kylie waking up.

Scene Three: Jessica Darlin, a blonde with a lean body and attractive face, was up next outside with a then lean Kurt Lockwood. She left lots of slobber trails as she blew him, gagging as she worked his dick before they started screwing vaginally to the melody. She was loud and proud about the sex, actively bouncing on his lap in a scene that was better than any of her work I saw when she was under contract to Extreme Associates. She moved to anal and showed herself to be just as aggressive with a cock in her ass, using dirty talk better than most of the others in the movie and doing ATM without any reservation. He popped on her face and the scene cutaway to some plot material.

Scene Four: Felix Vicious, Tanya Danielle, Cassie Young, Avy Scott, Honey, and Kylie Wilde, were up next in a lesbian tryst on the sanding ground of the coral, shot at twilight with the peacocks strutting about. Initially, Kylie tasted all of them and then they broke into groups when Steve Hatcher spirited away Honey for the next scene. The rimming and other oral tricks were plentiful, using a nice gentle method over the hyper aggressive style too many of Jim's peers seemed to favor. All of the ladies except for Felix took a toy in their ass, with the scene getting me really hot. It ended with Kylie as the focal point of the fun, Avy pummeling her pussy with the vibrator and her fingers. Whew!

Scene Five: Honey, looking fairly lean compared to some of her scenes back then, had the related scene with Steve Hatcher on the floor of the barn. The oral was best when she was blowing him and had her ass in the air, but the manner in which she savored his tasty cock by slowly inhaling his rod was fine. The vaginal was short and the anal was too passive but this was another case when the gal cranked up the heat to ride him like she was possessed. The pop was okay but in general, the scene was well done.

Scene Six: Taylor Rain, Serena South, Amber Rain, Kylie Wilde, Lana Cox/Moore, Nautica Thorn, Honey, and Steve Hatcher, were up next in the coral during the heat of the day. Steve was lucky enough to tap a couple of them although the ladies paired off and took turns with each other more often than that. Taylor got some of the best boning (especially the anal), as did Honey, with the two taking the facial nicely. It was a very different scene in that most of the ladies had no contact with him but porn conventions dictate that if a gal is in a scene, she has to paw and perform with the guys in most cases.

Scene Seven: Kylie Wilde, Nautica Thorn, Serena South, and Lana Moore/Cox, were up in bed for the finale as the lesbian quartet worked each other orally. There was a lot of rimming and this was the only scene that had substantial foot fetish material (Nautica sucking toes first). The commentary provided some interesting anecdotes of the scene, with both Kylie and Jim carrying on like crazy (discussing how much he wanted to use Lana again but when he called her, finding her number disconnected). There were no toys used though and the ending had no point where I knew it ended until the cuddling.

Summary: Absolutely Adorable: Special Edition by director Jim Holliday for VCA Pictures was a lot of strange, Shakespearean fun with a splendid cast and the kind of production values Jim displayed in his later movies. The use of Kylie Wilde as the lead was inspired as she was truly adorable as the cover suggested but other gals did more sexually and it was a nice mix of fun. I rated it as Recommended, though a reasonable argument could be made for a higher rating; it was just that a number of scenes seemed to end before their time and as a stroke flick, this worked against the larger picture involved. Still, Absolutely Adorable: Special Edition was a solid effort by all involved with a good deal of replay value and strokability, even if not the pinnacle of porn as some of Jim's previous works had proved to be.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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