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Witch Coven College

Studio: VCA » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/3/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Witch Coven College: Special Edition

VCA Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Jim Holliday

Cast: Honey, Steve Hatcher, Taylor Rain, Kurt Lockwood, Kylie Wilde, Monica Mayhem, Lana Moore, Serena South, Nevaeh Ashton, Alex Sanders, Amber Rain, Shayla LaVeaux, Temptation, Nautica Thorn
Non-Sex Roles: William Margold, Root Loggins, Spike, Eball

Length: 102 minutes (whole feature); 78.5 minutes (wall to wall option)

Date of Production: 6/2003

Extra's: My favorite extra was the full length audio commentary by Jim Holliday and appealing Monica Mayhem. Jim was always dominant vocally but Monica did not really say a lot of substance, simply tossing in an anecdote or two. I also liked the 17 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Kenny Carolina/Al Dorado/Wit Maverick that was shot during the making of this movie, Absolutely Adorable and Charm School Brats. There seemed to be a preoccupation with filming some of the snakes entering the set (the reptile kind, not the human kind), though the ending credits made it sound like they were rattle snakes when that was clearly not the case. There was extra nudity and the kind of playfulness usually found on one of Jim's sets though, so it was worth checking out. There were also some minimal Star Bios, trailers for movies like Timeless, Paradise Hole, and Little Town Flirts, (but not Floss, Sorority Sex Kittens 3, Eye Candy Refocused, Perfect Smiles, Brown Eyed Blonde), a photogallery, a bit on the multiple angles used, and a jump to the scene bit too.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Witch Coven College: Special Edition was presented in the originally filmed 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Jim Holliday for VCA Pictures back in June 2003 concurrently with Absolutely Adorable and Charm School Brats. The picture was crystal clear and had a wonderfully diverse cast as seen on the front DVD cover. The fleshtones were accurate thanks in large part to the flat and plentiful lighting, eliminating grain and other visual defects in a manner I wish contemporary companies would at least consider. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English with the vocals very solidly captured and the music still a cut above the pack as far as I was concerned. The music was trademark Jim Holliday style with Windblown, Reno & the Rumrunners with Jan, Derol, & the Steamrollers on back up duties this time (with the credits adding in the Ghosts of ZZYZX Road Rainwater Band). There was the normal range of music here for those who care but the movie seemed to be more of an after thought or filler in between the other movies made at the same time.

Body of Review: Jim Holliday liked making smug, hip movies that made people chuckle for VCA Pictures as opposed to shooting comedy as some of his peers in the industry provide. Another funny flick with a leaning to Halloween was Witch Coven College: Special Edition, a cute movie co-written by Monica Mayhem for a shooting schedule at the same time as Absolutely Adorable and Charm School Brats. The plot was as light and fluffy as ever, with a twinge of darkness about a coven of witches in training that were protective of each other. The cover said it like this: "Not all witches are toothless old hags with pointy noses, bony bodies and ice hold tits... Jim Holliday has found some bonafide, guaranteed College Coed ENCHANTRESSES that rate among the hottest babes in the land. These aspiring witches in training do all the things the sweet Cinderella's never dreamed of -- like suck cock and take a dick up the ass with a genuine smile on their faces. They always ride both their brooms and their dicks bareback!!! As the group approaches Coven status, discover first hand why the fun and fluff of Lake William University has plenty of room for collegiate witches who may choose to dance with the Devil, but come to screw regardless." It was a fun movie that Jim referred to as his witchcraft movie on the commentary, using new gals mixed in with some of the regulars, tailor made for those who enjoy his flicks. That said, here is a short take on the scenes, noting that thanks to the new ownership at the time, no condoms were used:

Scene One: Honey, the curvy gal seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up first, as she blew Steve Hatcher in bed. He ate her out too and it turned her on in such a fashion that she asked him to fuck her ass; getting them to move straight to anal. She appeared to like it but she was passive for most of the short scene, at least until she was bouncing on top of him in reverse cowgirl. Like all the anal scenes of the movie, she rode him bareback (no condoms) until he unleashed his load of population pudding into her mouth and the credits rolled (after some nice footage of real life Wiccan Monica Mayhem in black & white).

Scene Two: Taylor Rain, the brunette on the middle of the left hand side of the cover, was up next outdoors with Kurt Lockwood (per Jim "this guy could be a superstar" thanks to his looks, sexual stamina, and ability to do Shakespeare as in Charm School Brats). The oral they gave each other was limited and designed to warm each other up; something that happened as she came off like she was into it. He did more oral than she did, focusing his tongue on her perfect pucker, jamming his finger in there way back when she wasn't doing women or anal with any degree of regularity. He choked her a little bit but power fucked her in pussy and ass, with her passively enjoying it at first but impaling herself in no time, resulting in a small facial pop to movie back to the story.

Scene Three: Kylie Wilde, the hot blonde on the lower right hand corner, and Monica Mayhem, the gal in the dead center of the cover, were up next in a lesbian scene in bed as two of the lead witches of the movie. They ate each other and showed their perfect puckers, prompting Jim to talk about it in the commentary as the ladies went at each other. Each lady had ample time to get and give some fine oral loving, never using toys since they didn't need to.

Scene Four: Lana Moore (bottom middle), Serena South (upper middle), Nevaeh Ashton (second from the right beside Honey), and Alex Sanders, were up next by Lake William on the hill as the gals bent over to display their fine asses for him to rim. On a side note, Cindy Cox lived there, probably giving Jim a discount on the rate for renting it out, though it would have been nice if the flies were missing. Each gal got some solid riding time, their ass cheeks rippling as they boned in a delightful fashion. Nevaeh was the most active towards the end but I also wished that the trio of ladies had worked each other more actively as Alex screwed them. The pop shot went to their open hands but what they did with it after that was a mystery to me.

Scene Five: Amber Rain (top left hand corner), Taylor Rain, and Alex Sanders, were up next in bed as he did his usual rimming routine on the bent over beauties. Amber rode first, showing a very puffy and red pussy as a result, with Taylor taking him in her ass as she licked Amber's ass. This continued in one way or another until he rubbed out his load to their faces.

Scene Six: Shayla LaVeaux (second from the upper left corner), Temptation (to the right of Serena), Kylie Wilde, and Taylor Rain, were up in a night time scene in the back of Rob Spallone's large pick p truck as they ate each other out. It was an active scene with a lot of true appreciation for the tongues and fingers that were used.

Scene Seven: Nautica Thorn (second from the lower left hand corner beside Taylor on the cover), Kylie Wilde, and Serena South, were up next in a bedroom lesbian tryst that included even more foot fetish action than the previous scenes; all done to a chanting style of music by Windblown. The licking was similar to other lesbian scenes but there was even foot fucking going on, making up (for foot fetish fans at least) for the relative lack of foot material by the master director around this time (right around the time that Hustler bought VCA, some of the foot fetish stuff seemed to drop off for several movies).

Scene Eight: Monica Mayhem, Amber Rain, and Steve Hatcher, were up last after the majority of gals in the cast went from a little trial run with their brooms (and anal plugs firmly in place). The scene took place on a hilltop overlooking a large fruit tree orchard during yet another windy day. The dynamic was similar to the rest of the show with him rimming them, them blowing him as well as orally working over each other, and then the screwing. The sex was definitely active and ended with Amber taking the pop to her ass cheeks, the movie closing with room for a sequel.

Summary: Witch Coven College: Special Edition by director Jim Holliday for VCA Pictures was light hearted fun with a good cast, solid technical values, and a decent amount of fuck for the buck. The extras, including the interesting director's commentary, combined with the sex made for a DVD that I could safely rate as Recommended but your personal tastes will dictate whether to raise or lower the rating accordingly. In short, Witch Coven College: Special Edition, along with Absolutely Adorable and Charm School Brats, provided one of Jim's last trio of shot together titles that succeeded individually as well as a group.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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