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Dripping Wet

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

July 2006

Directed By:

Chris Steele


Roman Hart, Ashton Star, Cort Donovan, Eddie Stone, Trent Atkins, Cole Ryan, Trevor Knight, Leo St. Phillip, Carter Longway, Nicholas Lockwood, Josh Dobrich, and Logan Robbins.

The Movie:

Sex starved hunks dig getting it on in and around a posh swimming pool.

The Dudes:

These guys are in their twenties with sexy toned 'n tanned bodies, a nice mix of dark and blond hair, full and trimmed pubes, shaved and hairy assholes, and cut cocks.

Scene One:

Roman Hart (handsome with dark brown hair, tanned toned body) and Leo St. Phillip (cute with blond spiked hair, toned body) are enjoying a relaxing dip in the pool that naturally leads to some heavy making out with deep tongue licking. Leo sits on the pool's edge and lets Roman pull his hard cut cock and balls free from the confines of his tight Speedos. Roman chows down on that hard dong jacking the shaft, sucking the knob, deep throating to the light brown pubes, and gives those nuts a good going over. After a bit of horseplay in the pool, the dudes make their way over to the lounge chairs. Leo kisses and licks Roman's sexy chest and stomach while wrapping his paw around Roman's hard cut cock. Leo strokes that rigid pole and takes it deep into his gob sucking up and down with some deep throat. Roman stands up and fucks Leo's mouth with smooth strokes.

Roman bends over allowing Leo full access to his hot butt. Leo spreads those cheeks apart revealing Roman's tight shaved pucker and digs in for some hot ass eating. Leo fucks Roman from behind (with condom) sliding his lubed cock slowly in and out of that tight butt hole. Leo picks up some speed and fucks Roman like a bunny with extremely fast strokes making Roman moan with lust. Leo fucks that hole making his balls loudly slap against Roman's butt. Leo switches to the missionary position with the same fast pounding while Roman's tight hole clings to Leo's hard cock. Roman shoots a generous load of thick jizz on his tanned stomach. Leo beats off and squirts large ropes of thick cum on Roman's chest and stomach. Those squirts of man juice are fucking amazing!

Scene Two:

Carter Longway (cute blond dude with tanned toned body) is laying back on one of the poolside lounge chairs beating his hard cut cock, rubbing his plump balls and trimmed brown pubes. Carter is totally lost in pleasuring himself, bends over and begins to play with his tight shaved asshole. Trent Atkins (hunky muscular dude with a brown buzz cut) has been watching Carter while rubbing his basket. Trent pulls his hard cut cock out and strokes off with his right hand. He moseys on over to Carter who is more than happy to share his body. Carter grabs Trent's hard cock and takes it down his gullet deep throat to those trimmed brown pubes. Trent gets into the sucking and slowly begins to fuck Carter's wet mouth. Carter gladly sinks his mouth down that hard pole. The dudes get into a sixty-nine on the lounge chair as they both get down to some serious cock sucking with deep throat.

Trevor Knight (handsome with short dark hair and smooth toned body) sneaks up on the action, pulls out his stiff 'n long cut tool and jacks it while watching the dudes go at it. Trevor joins in on the party by eating Trent's tight shaved hole tonguing the starfish while the dudes continue their sixty-nine session. Trevor works Trent's hole with his fingers and rubs his hard cock against it and then switches back to munching. Trevor moves around and sucks Carter's rigid cock while Trent rubs his balls on Carter's mouth, turns around and sits on Carter's face. Carter gives Trent's tight hole a complete tongue bath with Trent rocking back and forth and digging that tongue action.

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Trent sinks down on Carter's condom-covered dick making Carter thrust upward to fuck him while Trent sucks Trevor's dong. Trevor fucks Carter doggy style (with condom) turning the action into a poolside sandwich as Carter fucks Trent from behind (with condom). Plenty of fast fucking and loud moans ensue. Trevor jacks Trent's cock making him shoot a large load on his trimmed pubes and stomach. Trevor squirts a huge load on Trent's chest, stomach, and pretty much everywhere in close proximity. Trevor condoms up again and fucks Carter hard 'n fast making Carter shoot a huge load on his stomach. Trevor beats off again and shoot love juice all over Carter's chest, arms, and stomach.

Scene Three:

Cort Donovan (handsome with short brown hair and smooth toned body) is sitting in the pool area jacking his stiff cut cock when Roman Hart (from Scene One) swims up to get a closer look. Roman sinks his mouth down on Cort's blood engorged member sucking the knob, jacking the shaft, and bobbing up and down. Cort is hungry for some cock too so he devours Roman's cut tool sliding his mouth up and down the hard shaft. Cort gorges on that meat, sucks Roman's hard nipples, and makes out with some deep tongue play. Roman bends over to let Cort chow down on his tight shaved hole.

Cort fucks Roman from behind (with condom) fast 'n hard while yanking Roman's hair becoming completely out of control. Loud slapping fuck noises can most likely be heard throughout the exclusive neighborhood. Cort switches up a bit and fucks Roman in the missionary position as Roman jacks off. "Oh Yeah!" "Oh! Fuck!". Cort squirts an enormous load on Roman's stomach and chest. This is an excellent thick load. Roman beats off and shoots a thick load on his stomach mixing his seed with Cort's spunk.

Scene Four:

Logan Robbins (cute with reddish-brown hair and slender/tight body) is swimming in his red Speedos when he is joined by Eddie Stone (handsome with dark hair and toned body) for some frolicking and deep soul kissing. Logan pulls Eddie's hard cut dong out, strokes his shaft, and takes it deep into this mouth working it while also playing close attention to those nuts. Eddie sits on the edge of the pool where Logan takes care of his cock and balls. Logan rubs that hard stalk and sucks that dick head. Logan lifts Eddie's legs in the air exposing his tight shaved manhole to finger fuck while still sucking that dong. The dudes climb out of the pool and continue their sex session on the lounge chair with more deep kissing and cock sucking. Eddie straddles Logan as they make out and sinks down on that condom-clad dork. Logan thrusts upward to fuck that tight pucker with some fast pounding. Eddie bounces up and down on that delicious dong.

Cole Ryan (fucking hot dude with dark hair, hairy chest, and toned body) watches the action while stroking his hard cut cock. Cole walks over, stands on the lounge chair and has Eddie deep throat that cock all the way to his full dark pubes. Eddie is now being boffed from behind by Logan (with condom) while Cole fucks his face. Ashton Star (cute dude with shaggy brown hair and smooth toned body) shows up next. Who left the gate open? Ashton feels Cole's biceps and sucks his hard nipples while Cole continues to fucks Eddie's mouth as Eddie is being plowed by Logan. Cole and Ashton pair up for some heavy making out that leads to Ashton sucking Cole's cock licking the shaft and completely filling his mouth.

Logan is now fucking Eddie from behind with those hot hanging nuts making loud slapping noises. Leo St. Phillp (from Scene One) must have heard about this fuck fest though the grapevine and arrives completely naked and ready for action. Ashton is down on his knees taking care of Cole and Leo's hard cranks switching back and forth gobbling as much as he can. Gawd! Two more dudes join in by swimming up to the action seemingly out of nowhere. Nicholas Lockwood (cute with short brown hair and slender/toned body) and Josh Dobrick (very good-looking with black hair and toned body) join in on the manly festivities by high-tailing it out of the pool and making out.

The party really starts to rock with these seven sexy dudes getting down and pleasuring each other. There is plenty of fucking (with condoms) from behind allowing for lots of lust-filled gasps as the dudes get their tight butts filled with man meat. Cole has a cool hairy hole, which is exposed as he takes turns fucking Ashton from behind with Leo. The doggy style changes to some wild sink/bounce fucking on those lounge chairs as the dudes bounce up and down allowing their big ol' nuts to slap around. Logan beats Eddie's cock off making him shoot a thick load that flies all over the place. Nicholas strokes off and cuts loose with some thick man goo on his fist. Logan pounds his pud and shoots a large thick load on Eddie's chest. Josh squirts a large thick load on Nicholas' hairy stomach and thigh. This is a huge load and Logan has the balls to shoots a second load that is just a big drenching Eddie's body. Ashton shoots a nice thick load of love lava on Cole's hairy stomach. Eddie squirts an amazing enormous load on his stomach while at the same time Leo squirts an equally huge amount of protein all over Cole. Cole and Leo's loads are fucking geysers and damn hot!



"Dripping Wet" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is professional providing full coverage of all the action and loads of cool close-ups. The editing by Colby Taylor is tight and keeps each scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear so that the viewer can hear all the natural noises on man/man lovin' including slurping cock sucking, ball sucking, big nuts slapping as the fucking commences, and the loud passion pouts, sighs, and heavy breathing.


The extras are plentiful starting off with an interactive menu, scene selections that have options for: foreplay, oral, rimming, anal, and orgasm; chapter stops, Behind the Scenes photo gallery featuring high quality photographs by Greg Lenzman and Mick Hicks, an extensive and entertaining Making Of feature that includes footage of director Chris Steele (who is as handsome as ever---wish he would step in front of the camera again), interviews with the models, and plenty of unscripted sex; humorous outtakes from the Making Of feature, cast information organized in a cool menu with photos and stats, and trailers for: "Riding Hard", "From Top to Bottom", "The Velvet Mafia", and "Big Dick Club".

Final Thoughts:

Falcon Studios once again proves why it's one of the leaders in high quality male/male erotica. The movie is damn hot and a huge turn-on. All the dudes are good-looking with toned bodies and strong sex drives. The guys are completely into the action and give energetic free-for-all performances. Chris Steele is a strong director and along with the editing by Colby Taylor creates four down 'n dirty scenes that move along at a cool pace and never become dull. The videography by Ross Cannon is excellent proving plenty of close-ups and sharp picture giving the viewer a feeling of being right in the middle of the action. The extra bonus features are plentiful and include an extensive Making Of feature. As mentioned, all the dudes are hot and my personal favorites are Cole Ryan with his ultra-sexy hairy body, Roman Hart, Ashton Star, and big dicked Trevor Knight. I highly recommend to fans of poolside sex, hunky dudes with toned bodies, and HUGE loads.

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