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Harold Episode Larry :Tyson Cane's True Life Story

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

Tyson Cane


Renee Ford, Quincy Scott, Mocha, Joseph Nash, Bobby Blaze, T-Bone, and William Ru Kane.

The Movie:

Writer/Director Tyson Cane shares his true-life experiences through reenactments featuring the handsome Renee Ford as "Harold".

The Dudes:

These Black and Latino dudes are all good-looking in their own way, appear to be in their mid twenties with tight/toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut cocks.

Scene One:

Joseph Nash (handsome dude with toned body, smooth chest and hairy stomach) and Quincy Scott (hot Latino dude with buzz cut, soul patch, tight/toned body, hairy chest, and tattoos) are engaged in a nice 'n slow make out session with hot wet dueling tongues. Quincy takes Joseph's hard cut cock deep into his mouth sliding up and down the rigid pole, rubbing his full pubes and hairy balls. Joseph is really into the head and fucks Quincy's mouth with long strokes while Quincy strokes his own hard cock. Joseph switches up and sucks Quincy's stiff pole slobbering up and down his big fat cut cock taking as much down his throat as he can without choking. Joseph works that knob teasing the piss slit with his tongue while grasping the shaft.

Joseph fucks Quincy in the missionary position (with condom) on the kitchen table sliding that hard cock in and out of Quincy's tight butt hole. Joseph cranks it up and begins to fuck faster giving Quincy a good pounding. There is a nice camera shot from behind of Joseph's hairy asshole and balls while he slams that tight bung. Quincy has huge egg-sized balls that slap around while he's being screwed. Joseph jacks off working his knob and shoots a large thick load on Quincy's face and in his mouth. Quincy loves that cum! Quincy strokes his big meat and squirts a big load into the air with the assistance of Joseph's fist.

Scene Two:

Mocha (good-looking dude with cool dreadlocks and killer toned body) and Renee Ford (handsome dude with tall/toned build, short hair, and cool goatee) are on a white leather sofa as Mocha sucks Renee's long hard cut cock. Mocha takes as much of the stiff ebony pole down his gullet as he can. Renee thrusts his hips upwards fucking Renee's mouth. Mocha drives Renee wild using his pierced tongue to work that blood-engorged cock head. Renee wants a taste of cock and begins to suck Mocha's hard cut tool and pinching Mocha's pierced nipples. Renee gorges on that hard dong. Mocha bends over on the sofa sticking his hot muscular bubble butt in the air offering it to Renee. Renee munches down on Mocha's tight shaved hole teasing the pucker with his wet tongue as Mocha hunches back working his hole against that busy tongue. Mocha urges Renee on "Open it up! That's right!" digging having his private area licked.

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Renee fucks Mocha from behind (with condom) with nice steady strokes that become faster as the dudes get into the action. Mocha works his butt back against Renee forcing him to fuck much deeper 'n harder while sighing with pleasure. Renee switches to the missionary position and continues to bang Mocha's tight pucker at full speed ahead. The dudes get into some hot sink/bounce action with Mocha riding Renee's hard dick and jacking his own cock. Renee reaches forward and pinches the hell out of Mocha's pierced man-tits sending him over the edge and shooting a thick load all over his pubes. Renee beats his meat and cuts loose with a thick load of jizz all over his body and on Mocha's tongue. Mocha takes Renee's sensitive knob into his mouth for one last taste.

Scene Three:

Renee is back with sexy Quincy. The dudes make out with deep tongue kissing on the sofa. Renee licks his way down Quincy's hairy chest and stomach to his big hard cut dong cramming it into his wet mouth. Renee rubs Quincy's hot body with his hands while his mouth is busy chowing down on that hard bone cupping his huge nuts. Quincy sucks Renee's hard schlong taking that fat fucker deep into his gob. Renee fucks Quincy's face by thrusting his hips upwards filling that hot mouth with plenty of man meat. Quincy lays missionary style in a chair and Renee goes to town eating his tight hairy hole. Renee gets down on that pucker while the chair squeaks loudly.

Renee slowly fucks Quincy in the missionary position (with condom) filling his hot love tunnel ith hard 'n lubed tube steak. Quincy moans with lust and Renee speeds his strokes up for some fast ass pounding. Quincy digs having his but plowed as Renee switches to fucking him doggy style and continuing his fast-paced piston action. The guys engage in a bit of the ol' sink/bounce with Quincy going for a wild ride as his huge nuts slap around and he beats his meat. The dudes finish up with some jacking. Quincy announces, "I'm cummin' baby" and squirts a big load on Renee's goatee, chest, and stomach. Quincy licks a bit of his own cum from Renee's chest. Renee pounds his pud and shoots a thick load on his pubes.

Scene Four:

Renee is back for another round of man love with William Ru Kane (hot dude with tall/slender/toned body, shaved head and tattoos). The dudes are hanging out on the sofa shooting the breeze that leads to William unzipping Renee's blue jeans during a slow and erotic deep tongue kissing session. William sucks Renee's hard nipples and wraps his fist around his pal's hard cut cock. William sucks Renee's hard tool into his mouth bobbing his head up and down and filling his mouth completely. Renee loves having his big cock sucked and works his own hard nipples as he watches William's mouth devour his dong. Renee takes over the cock sucking and dives down on William's rigid cut cock cupping those hairy balls while he sucks that tool all the way down. William thrusts his hips forward to fuck Renee's willing mouth.

William bends over on the sofa exposing his hairy butt hole for Renee. Renee takes the hint and chows down on that tight hole licking and teasing the pulsing pucker. "You want me to fuck you?" "Hell, Yeah!" Renee finally tears himself away from feasting on that asshole and fucks William in the missionary position (with condom). Renee drills that hole with fast 'n hard fucking making William cry out with lusty pleasure. Renee switches up and fucks William from behind continuing with the hard pounding. "Oh hell yeah! Fuck that ass! You like this ass?" The sound of Renee's hairy balls slapping fills the room. The dudes beat their meat with William rubbing out a thick load on Renee's face and tongue. Renee jacks off with Williams pinching his nipples and shoots a thick load on his pubes and nuts.

Scene Five:

It's time for a four-way with Renee, Quincy, Bobby Blaze (handsome dude with toned body, hairy chest, and tattoos), and T-Bone (tall/slender dude with tight body, and hairy chest). All the action takes place on a large sofa with T-Bone sucking Renee's hard cut cock and Quincy taking Bobby's stiff clipped tool into his mouth with some deep throat all the way to Bobby's pubes. Bobby and Quincy take a quick break from cock sucking to make out with plenty of wet tongue. Renee goes down on T-Bone taking his long hard cut tool into his mouth while T-Bone and Quincy make out and Bobby sucks Quincy's large cut dick. Bobby gives some excellent head with his twisting fist wrapped around the shaft and taking that fat fucker in his mouth. Quincy's big balls are on full display and Bobby gets down on them for a nice tongue bath.

Quincy chows down on T-Bone's cock while Bobby licks his nuts. Bobby eats Quincy's tight hairy manhole and finger fucks him with two digits making Quincy moan loudly. Bobby works those fingers in and out of that tight hole as Quincy's big ol' nuts flop around. Hot! Bobby fucks Quincy from behind (with condom) while Quincy sucks Renee's cock. T-Bone fucks Renee's face with that long dong. T-Bone fucks Bobby doggy style (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes. Renee slides his hard dick into Quincy's butt from behind (with condom). Both dudes drill those tight holes with hard pounding. The dudes switch up with Renee fucking Bobby form behind (with condom) and Quincy rides T-Bone's big dick in the sink/bounce position. Bobby beats his meat and shoots a thick load on Renee's tongue, face, and on the sofa. Renee jacks off and lets loose with thick jizz on his fist, pubes, and nuts. T-Bone cums on Quincy's shoulder and arm while Quincy strokes and squirts a large load on his pubes. Very hot!



"Harold Episode Larry" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and provides full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. For the most part the picture quality is sharp and clear with just a few moments of grain from time to time.


The sound is clear and a little hollow providing plenty of hot sex noises as the dudes get it on. Cool instrumentals by BluSounds accompany each scene.


The extras include an interactive menu, chapter selection, cumshot review, photo gallery with stills of each model and action shots from the movie, contact information, and previews for "Harold Episode Larry", "Oh Boy Escorts (Paranoid)", and "I Dare You".

Final Thoughts:

Tyson Cane comes through once again with another hot movie featuring good-looking and well-hung Black and Latino dudes who are completely into the action. Tyson's direction along with editing by Zozo is tight creating energetic scenes that move along at a steady pace. The videography provides full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups of the ass eating, cock sucking, and hole pounding. My personal favorite dudes in the movie are Renee Ford, Quincy Scott (with those amazing nuts), and Bobby Blaze. The movie is a huge turn-on and I highly recommend to fans of sexy Black and Latino dudes.

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