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Taboo 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 1/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Made two years after the success of the first film, Taboo II once again found Kay Parker in front of the camera, directed by Kirdy Stevens in yet another tale of incestuous love. The movie begins with a quick recap of what came before it, how Barbara's husband left her and how after a few trial and error encounters she wound up finding love in the arms of her son, Paul. When this movie begins, Paul isn't living at home any more and Barbara misses him quite a bit. She lives with her friend Gina, and is intrigued when Paul's friend Junior McBride starts coming around the house.

Cut to Dorothy who is enjoying a massage at the hands of her friend, Julie. She's naked, getting an oil rub, and soon Julie isn't just oiling her up, but she's fingering her pussy as well. She licks her briefly but then Junior shows up at the door. Julie continues her massage and Junior watches before they have a three way. Meanwhile, Junior's family (his dad is played by Eric Edwards, Honey Wilder is his mom and Dorothy LeMay plays his sister, Dorothy) are sitting down to eat and celebrate but he's not there they wonder where he is, but we know what he's up to as we cut back to the two older women fucking his brains out.

Later on, Junior's sister talks about how she wants to try and talk her dad into buying her a Ferrari. Junior goes inside and Bambi (Tammy), his sister's friend, is waiting for him there. She gives him a blowjob and then he fucks her cowgirl style and then missionary style. The next day Bambi and Junior's sister go off to school. Eric Edwards and Junior's mom get it on while the kids are out of the house. She rides him cowgirl style then he fucks her missionary style. Bambi and Dorothy, Junior's sister, decide to stop at a spa on the way home from school where they have some hot lesbian sex. Junior walks in on the two of them and, despite Dorothy's protests, they have a three way. After this, Dorothy decides to go talk to her dad about that car. They have a conversation about it and that's that. Junior walks in on his sister later that night and tries to finger her pussy but she pushes him away. He finally talks her into it and they fuck. She gives him head and then he fucks her pussy while she lies on her side before she rides him reverse cowgirl style.

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The next day, Julie calls and invites Junior and his sister to a party. They agree, and then she rides him reverse cowgirl style again when her mother drives dad to the airport. Of course, mom comes home and hears some strange noises and before you know it she walks in on the two of them fucking on the bed. Junior refuses to stop, he's too close. Mom is understandably upset and she starts drinking. Meanwhile Bambi and Junior and Dorothy are having a talk. Later that night, mom's had a lot to drink and after her bath Junior approaches her. They start slow dancing before they start kissing. Junior feels her up and then before you know it she's giving him head. They go to the bed and she strokes him and sucks him off some more and then he fucks her missionary style before pulling out so that she can jerk him off onto her tits. After that the three teenagers go to the party where everyone is having a big ol' orgy. Julie and Barbara welcome them, and it looks like they both want to fuck Junior. Just like in the first movie, everyone forms a big daisy chain and fucks everyone else. Ron Jeremy shows up and it gets freaky and sweaty and hairy while the disco gets louder.

The next morning Dad and sister have another talk after breakfast. She tries once more to get him to buy the car for her, and she sits on his lap. He tells her she shouldn't sit on his lap but she just grinds her ass into him instead. He gets aroused and he pushes her away. She tells him she wants to do it and he slaps her. Later she goes off to her room and masturbates using a stuffed bear on her pussy. It doesn't do the trick and she gets frustrated. She walks into her parent's room, horny as a bitch in heat, and strokes her sleeping dad's prick while mom lies beside him. She gives him head and he wakes up but is quiet so that the wife won't wake up too. She strips and rides him cowgirl style, and then reverse cowgirl style. She comes and leaves but he's still horny so he rolls over and eats his wife out. He spreads her legs and fucks her missionary style, then pulls out so that she can jerk him off onto her mound.

While this film concentrates more on sex and less on plot than the first one did, it's still fairly well acted and even if you can see the plot twists coming a mile away, it's kind of fun getting there regardless. The movie once again focuses on the taboo subject of incestuous love and while the first movie dealt with the ramifications and social consequences of indulging in that, here everyone just sort of fucks everyone else, relationships be damned. The orgy takes up a large portion of the last half of the film but it's shot well and it's features some interesting bit players popping up throughout. All in all, it's not as good as the first movie but the sex is hot, the direction is tight and the movie features a nice cast of sultry seventies sex sirens to keep things interesting.



The 1.33.1 fullframe transfer presents the film in its original aspect ratio. The picture isn't bad, but it could have been better (flagging it for progressive scan playback would have helped). Some dirt and debris is present throughout and the colors have faded a little bit but other than that the image is reasonably strong. Black levels are a little murky but certainly no worse than most porno movies made around the same time. There's a decent level of detail here, and while it would have been nice to see a truly re-mastered picture for this release, it certainly could have looked a lot worse.


The Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack is fine with only a few faint instances where you'll pick up on any hiss or distortion. The soundtrack is mixed in with the performers and the dialogue quite nicely and nothing winds up buried. It isn't a fancy track, but it certainly gets the job done without any major issues.


The main extra feature on this disc is an interview with Kay Parker who talks about how the first movie changed her life and how she really felt like she achieved something with her performance in that movie. She talks about how John Leslie got her a start in the porno movie business, about the controversy that the film caused and how it launched her to stardom.

Rounding out the extra features on this release are a still gallery of thirteen images from the film, trailers for Taboo (2:16, featuring some great trashy narration), Taboo II (a length 4:39, featuring more trashy narration which plays up the 'hotness' and 'depravity' of incest) and Taboo: Playing With Fire (4:37, with more goofy narration from the same guy who narrated the other two trailers), menus and chapter selection. The disc is housed inside a keepcase which in turn fits inside a cardboard slipcase featuring the same cover art on the front in black and white instead of in color.

Final Thoughts:

While this second film in the series isn't as good as the one that came before it, Taboo II is still a decent vintage adult feature with a strong performance from Kay Parker and a sultry turn from Honey Wilder as well. The sex is erotic, the performances surprisingly believable, and the presentation is decent as well. Recommended.

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