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Teddy Bear

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 1/8/07

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Gay Adult Movie
128 Minutes
CAST: Thiago, Henrique, Dumont, Wagner Mansini, Alex Junior, Kaua, Victor Mansini, Thaigo Pavarello, Andre Santos, Alexandre Senna, Felix Stubach

The Good Stuff
Teddy Bear is plain and simple a film of guys with body hair. When one thinks of bears you think of big, hairy, rough guys. This film doesn't have any of those. Maybe thats why its called Teddy Bear. Also none of the actors are matched up with names so I just used the names from the credits in appearance order.

Scene 1
Thiago and Henrique are outside in their speedos feeling frisky. Thiago is a sexy, slender Italian looking guy with a few days worth of stuble on his face and body. Henrique looks Latin with an almost smooth shaved body. They start out with kissing and rubbing each others bulges before showing off each others hot round bubble butts. Henrique pops out his gorgeous uncut rod which entices Thiago to give it some mouth service. These two waste no time in getting to the fucking. In a flash Thiago is on all fours with Henrique banging away with his thick tool. Henrique is proud of his ass spreading cock so he shows Thiagos gaping bunghole to the camera several times. Thiago gets flip flopped from missionary, to spoon before going for a cowboy ride on Henriques perfect cock. Thiago jacks a load out of his uncut pink steel while Henrique is pistoning away from below. Henrique is seen on his back next flailing away at his rod vigorously. He really has to work for this load and it's worth the effort as he spooges on Thiagos cheek and lower lip. The cum just dangles there like art.
[Actors: Thiago, Henrique | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Fingering, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Spoon, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 2

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Dumont and Wagner start off their scene already in a bedroom. Dumont is a normal looking guy with an unshaved body and Wagner is again a Latin looking guy with some surfer type hair on his head. After some obligatory foreplay of kissing and crotch rubbing. Wagner goes for Dumonts asshole and fakes tonguing it. His tongue is no where near the hole. Dumont gets out Wagners decent size uncut cock and slurps on it. Wagner finally braves Dumonts hole and tongue fucks the outer edges of it bfore finger fucking him with one then two fingers. Wagner then fucks Dumont in doggie, spoon then missionary. I don't feel like these two are into it at all. They are just going through the motions. Dumont goes for a ride and his totally flaccid cock is a big turn off. Wagner stands up to give us his money shot aiming at Dumonts chest. Dumont moves his necklace out of the firing zone and receives his thick white load of seed. They share a chaste peck on the lips before Wagner squats and using his cock to draw on Dumonts chest with his spunk.
[Actors: Dumont, Wagner Mansini | Sex Acts: Kissing, Rimming, Oral, Fingering, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Spoon, Missionary, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 3
Alex Junior and Kaua are in a bathroom and they are the closest this film gets to true bears. They have some extra meat but not much and some decently thick chest and body hair. These two start kissing and groping and smacking some ass. They get into a hot tub that someone put soap in and the bubbles are so billowy and big that they cover the camera and for the beginning of the hot tub scene you only see the guys heads. Apparently the director realizes thats a bad idea and the guy stop making out in the tub and stand up both of these guys have big uncut cocks. Kaua starts blowing Alex then Alex blows Kaua. They take turns rimming each other before Alex starts boning Kaua. A nice thing about these two is they kiss a lot and its not pecks on the lips. Its full on lip chewing making out. Kaua gets it doggie, missionary, spoon then cowboy. Kauas cock is decently hard for the ride and he jacks out a copious white load onto his pubes before Alex is jakcing and shoots his load on the chest of Kaua.
[Actor: Alex Junior, Kaua | Sex Acts: Kissing, Rimming, Oral, Fingering, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Spoon, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dick: Uncut | ]

Scene 4
Victor and Thiago P start their scene on bed in jeans and no shirts. Victor has a carpet of thick black chest hair. Thiago is a youngish looking guy with minimal body hair and a slim body. They play with each others junk and Thiago P runs his fingers through Victors forest of chest hair. They strip and Victor kisses then rims Thiago P before getting fingered in his hairy hole. Victor blows Thiago P before getting fucked in Doggie, Spoon Cowboy and ending in missionary. Thiago P shoots his wad leaving pearls of cum in Victors vast chest hair. A peck on the lips and the scene ends.
[Actor: Victor Mansini, Thaigo Pavarello | Sex Acts: Kissing, Rimming, Oral, Fingering, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Spoon, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 5
Alexandre Senna and Felix Stubach scene takes place on a wooden bench. Felxi plays with Alex gottee before they kiss and then uzip their pants. Felix licks then rims Alex hairy hole and he enjoys it showing the camera a big grin. Felix fingers Alex hole then gets out his thick veiny cut appearing cut. Felix takes Alex cock for a test ride right off the bat. Again the sight of his totally deflated cock is a real turn off. He gets fucked in Doggie, spoon and missionary. Alex starts jacking and aiming his hose at Felix chest. Felix is waiting for the wad with a look of horror on his face. Alex shoots a copious load all over Felix tit. The guys kiss then Alexandre waves at the camer and thats it.
[Actor: Alexandre Senna, Felix Stubach | Sex Acts: Kissing, Fingering, Riming, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Spoon, Missionary, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]


Audio was clear with everything easily heard, even the director telling the guys what to do. Video was ok some scenes the lighting was poor so what the camera man was trying to show was not clear.


The only real bonus is the set of still photographs.

On DVD: Trailers for Innocent ass, Bareback mountain, Bitch Boys

Web: Advertising for studio website

XXX: Advertisign for 1-800 numbers

Photos: !4 still photographs of the film.

At the End of the Night

Teddy Bear was an OK film of hairy dudes. As I mentioned before "bear" brings to mind big beefy guys in leather with cigars and abundant body hair. But maybe thats just me. This film provides you with guys who haven't shaved in a day or two, some guys with trimmed body hair and one or two actually with furry carpet like chest hair. The first scene was the best of the film even though the guys weren't bears in the usual sense, they were sexy and they looked like they were having a good time. In several of the other scenes the guys were just there in body and not spirit. Some of the camera work was sacrificed in trying to do a cool shot, i.e. the bubbles in the hot tub in scene 3. The director was heard giving directions in a few of the scenes as well and you could see the guys looking to see what they should do next. Each scene was pretty formulaic. Kissing, to blowing or rimming to doggie, spoon, riding ending with missionary so not much imagination was used. The guys were good looking enough and the popshots big enough to save this film from a rating of Skip It. I give it a Rating of "Rent It"

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