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Nasty Bunch, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/12/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Date of Production:

Late 1970s or Early 1980s

The Movie:

This Wild Cat Studios production has a 1991 copyright that I'll bet is from a VHS release, as the dudes look more hardcore late 1970s and early 1980s. There are six scenes that look to be 8MM loops edited together with titles that don't make a lick of sense or describe the actual action.

The Dudes:

These dudes look to be from the late 1970s and early 1980s, in their mid twenties to thirties, with all pretty much have the same "style": dark hair, mustaches, beards. There are few blonds included to "mix things up" a bit. The full pubes, hairy chests and stomachs are hot and from what I could tell, all the cocks are cut.

Scene One: "Nasty Bunch":

A dark haired dude with mustache is sucking his friend's hard cut dick deep throat to some full brown pubes. He's slobbering up and down like a frenzied milk maid starving for cock. A third dude with black hair and mustache shows up wearing a tight black tee shirt and equally tight blue jeans. The slender new comer jacks the hard clipped tool sticking out of his fly while watching the action. A blond curly headed guy enters the picture sinking to his knees to take those hard dongs down his throat switching between three tube steaks. There is either some cheap psychedelic light effects or major film discoloring (I'm going with the latter) as blond guy gets fucked from behind while still chowing down on those dongs. A fourth dude with brown hair and beard somehow sneaks into the scene to suck Blondie's cut cock. The dudes end up jacking off and shooting their loads on each other.

Scene Two: "Who's Fucking Who?":

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Actually, this title could be used for the entire movie since all the dudes look pretty much the same and the camera and lighting sucks. A group of five dudes with dark hair and mustaches and/or beards get their groove on in some hole of a room with ugly orange walls. One of the dudes is a tired looking bleached blond queen who has obviously been rode hard and hung up wet. The dudes have nice full dark pubes and most of 'em have hairy chests. They get down on those dicks sucking and jacking and having a good ol' time. Blondie continues to cram as much fee man meat into his mouth while the gettin' is good. The music accompanying the scene is a simple slow drumbeat. A cute husky dude gets fucked in the ass from behind while the others jack off and shoot their loads.

Scene Three "Sex Slaves":

No bondage here but one dude is wearing a leather vest. Close enough, I suppose. Five dudes are working out in a locker room lifting weights, doing push-ups, sit-ups, and riding an exercise bike. Too bad dude cannot ride the stationary bike right out of this cheesy scene. Again, all the dudes look pretty much the same: short dark hair, mustaches, beards, and sunglasses. The dude on the exer-cycle is wearing a tight black tee shirt and white jock strap. The guys soon forget about pumping iron and are much more interested in a sexual workout. The dudes pull out their stiff clipped tools, jack off, mutually masturbate each other, and gorge on cock. There is some finger fucking that leads to a little bit of doggy style mounting. Not all of the dudes shoot loads but some get thick loads in their beards.

Scene Four "Savage Fury":

A semi-handsome dude with.....guess what? Short hair and mustache of course--is spread eagle exposing his hot hairy balls, full pubes, and cut cock while his Daddy pal (looking almost the same but a bit older) gives him some head. Three additional dudes show up all looking indistinguishable from the other and take over the private party. The dudes get down to some wet cock sucking taking those rigid man poles down their throats and jacking up and down. The dudes turn into one big lump of quivering flesh as they get down to business. There is no fucking but plenty of thick jizz is popped all over the place. Some lands on a guy's thick mustache.

Scene Five "Mid East Suck Camp":

There isn't a camp in sight and no Middle Eastern dudes either. The march of the cloned dark haired dudes with mustaches and/or beards continues and lumbers into this so-called "Suck Camp". Well, there is plenty of cock sucking and the dudes do it well taking those hard cut cocks deep into their hungry gobs. One guy with reddish-brown hair is the standout here taking those schlongs into his needy mouth while wearing a red handkerchief around his neck. Another dude is wearing a groovy red headband. The guys jack each other off, fuck each other's faces, and dump loads of love juice on each other.

Scene Six "Oral Support":

No. This isn't a support group for dudes hooked on sucking cock. A group of hard-hat blue jeans wearing dudes get together to beat their meat. None of the dudes are completely undressed and simply have their hard cut dicks sticking out through their flies or have their tight jeans pulled down. There are some sexy full pubes, hairy chests and stomachs on display as the guys pleasure themselves and take those cocks deep into their mouths. The stroking and sucking continue to a fever pitch as each dude reaches a climax and cuts loose with a load of love scum.



"Nasty Bunch" looks like six unrelated 8MM loops strung together. The picture quality is horrible with continuous grain, what looks like tracking problems from a VHS transfer on the bottom, washed out scenes with harsh lighting, and scenes too dark to see anything. The camera and editing are rudimentary providing almost continuous close-ups that will confuse the viewer when he or she cannot distinguish between the dudes and know who is doing what.


The sound is like listening though a tin can with dubbed in sex noises and instrumental music that switches back and forth from plodding drumbeat to cheesy Tangerine Dream knock offs.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, and some groovy vintage trailers: an advertisement for new VHS tapes where you can watch porn in your own home!, "Harley's Angels", "Rugged Men", "Macho Grande" (with groovy organ music), "Young Stallions", "Navy Blue", "Muscle Bound", "In the Heat of the Knight", "We'll Meet Again", "Rushin: Alex Through the Looking Glass", "Michael Angelo and David", "Nine Plus", "Killing Me Softly" (starring Jack Wrangler who also did straight porn), and "Pier Groups". The trailers are the only fun aspect of this release.

Final Thoughts:

There is some fun vintage male erotica available (please see my reviews for "Roommates" and "Room 328") but this isn't it. "Nasty Bunch" looks to be six unrelated 8MM loops from the late 1970s or early 1980s cobbled together to form one big mess of a movie. Everything about this release is bad: the camera work, editing, lighting, music, sound, and picture quality. There are a number of nice looking dudes but the viewer will be confused as to who is doing what since the clumsy hand-held camera mostly stays with close-ups instead of providing some establishing shots. The vintage trailers are fun and that's about it. Skip it!

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