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Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/13/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2006

Directed By:

Ronald Dane


Danny Roddick, Alex Chandler, Matt Stefan, Lucio Maverick, Fredy Costa, Mario McGabe, Akos Piro, Julian Vincenzo, Giovanni Floretto.

The Movie:

American tourists Danny Roddick and Alex Chandler are hanging out in an Amsterdam bar expressing how much they love Europe and especially Holland because of the weed. Alex makes a rude comment that all the dudes in Holland are ugly. This statement piques the interest of a good-looking doctor sitting nearby. Doc tells them to high tail it to Hungary if they are looking for hot dudes. Danny agrees to go. "Yeah, we've been smoking way too much weed and haven't even fucked yet." So, our hapless heroes are off to Hungary.

The Dudes:

These hunky dudes are a nice mix of ages ranging from early twenties to forties with muscle-bound as well as slender/toned body types. All the dudes have dark hair or shaved heads, some have sexy hairy chests while others have smooth bodies, there are full and trimmed pubes, and uncut/cut cocks.

Scene One:

Danny (cute with short brown hair) and Alex (good-looking with a shaved head) check into their hotel and walk in on their hunky new roommates Lucio (handsome with tall/toned body, dark hair, and great accent) and Matt (hot with buzzed hair, toned body, and hairy chest) making out. The roomies gladly welcome the dudes to Hungary. Curious Danny blurts out, "Is it true that all the men are uncut?" Lucio answers the question by dropping his towel to show off his big unclipped tool. Danny immediately takes the large dong into his hands stroking the foreskin back and forth over the slick pink cock knob. Danny strips off his green tee shirt revealing a hot toned 'n smooth chest. Alex and Matt are busy making out with plenty of wet tongue when Danny sinks to his knees and sucks Lucio's dick jacking the shaft, licking those nuts, nursing the knob, and cramming as much of that meat into his mouth as he can. Alex follows Danny's lead by crouching down and deep throating Matt's hard uncut cock all the way to his full dark brown pubes.

Lucio fucks Danny's mouth using his strong hands to guide Danny's head up and down his hard prong, and slaps his hard cock all over Danny's face and tongue. Danny is wild for that uncut meat and chows down. Loud moans and sighs fill the room as our dudes jack those foreskinned cocks and take them deep into their willing mouths. It's switch up time as Lucio and Alex make out and Lucio pulls Alex's clothing off revealing his smooth toned body. Lucio jacks Alex's hard cut tool going down on him bobbing up and down, reaches behind Alex and spreads his butt cheeks apart to expose his tight shaved hole. Lucio slaps that hole and begins to rub it with his spit soaked fingers cramming a couple digits up that tight pucker. Matt is kneeling down giving Danny head slobbering all over his stiff clipped tool. Danny fucks Matt's face with fast piston strokes. Lucio fucks Alex in the missionary position (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes while Alex jacks his hard dick. Danny fucks Matt's tight hairy hole missionary style (with condom) sinking his stiff dork deep into Matt's bum with fast strokes that make the bedsprings squeak.

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Lucio really pounds Alex's hole pulling all the way out and sliding back in while pinching Alex's hard nipples making him cry out with unadulterated lust. Matt reaches over and jacks Alex's cock while Danny continues to fuck him. More switch ups with Alex fucking Matt from behind (with condom) drilling that hole while Matt sucks Danny's dong. Lucio steps in and fucks Matt from behind (with condom) as he and Alex take turns on Matt's man pussy. Alex goes for a wild ride on Lucio's hard condom-covered tool, as Lucio trusts his hips upwards to fuck the hell out of him. Alex's hard cock flops around as he's bouncing up and down on Lucio. Matt is busy fucking Danny's snug butt hole doggy style (with condom) pounding that hole into tomorrow night. Alex jacks off and shoots a thick load while Lucio is fucking him. Danny beats off and squirts a large thick load of jizz into the air while Matt pulls out of Alex, yanks off his rubber and cuts loose with a thick load on Danny's back. Lucio pounds his pud squirting a big load of man goo on Alex's chest.

Scene Two:

Danny, Alex, Lucio, and Matt head to the local gay techno club to trip the light fantastic. Two hot go-go boys Fredy (cool looking dude with longish brown hair slicked back) and Mario (cute with short black hair) are up on a small stage working their stuff on the pole and rubbing their hard spandex-clad bulges together. The go-go dudes are dressed only in those tight shorts revealing their nice toned smooth chests. Fredy and Mario continue to grind against each other and make out while getting their groove on. The dudes make out with lots of hot wet tongue feeling each other up. Fredy pulls Mario's spandex shorts down, reaches around and spreads Mario's butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved hole. Mario sucks Fredy's hard nipples working his way down that sexy body and begins to mouth that hard bulge. Mario pulls Fredy's large uncut cock free from his shorts and takes that fat fucker deep into his mouth. Mario pulls his own hard unclipped member from his shorts and jacks off as he sucks Fredy.

Fredy fucks the hell out of Mario's hot mouth with fast stabbing motions. Mario is starved for that tool and has no problems with the face slamming. Fredy gets down on his knees and gives Mario some head bobbing up and down that hard shaft as Mario fucks his mouth. Fredy works that knob making loud sucking and popping noises while finger fucking Mario's tight hole. Fredy fucks Mario in the side/missionary position (with condom) sinking his big ol' fat meat deep into Mario's love tunnel. Mario shoots a thick load on his thigh while being fucked. Fredy is about to put Mario through his anal paces as he fucks him from behind (with condom) plowing that hole non-stop and making Mario shoot a second load on the stage. Fredy spreads Mario's hole showing it to the dudes dancing in the club, finger fucks him, and then switches to fucking him in the missionary position. Mario shoots a third load on his face and chest. Fredy is going strong as the dudes engage in a frenzied game of sink/bounce. Mario rides that hard cock bouncing up and down while Fredy thrusts upward to fuck him. Amazingly, Mario shoots a fourth load (clear and wet by this time) all over his chest. Fredy beats his meat and squirts a big thick load on Mario's cum stained chest.

Scene Three:

After a hard night of drinking numerous shots of booze and popping dolls (I wonder if Neely O'Hara was at the club?), Alex wakes up in a nasty rundown building tied completely naked to a swivel chair. Suddenly, three rough and tumble dudes barge in to sexually assault him in front of a video camera. Giovanni Floretto (fucking hot muscle bound dude with short dark hair and hairy chest), Akos Piro (sexy and sinister looking dude with muscle bound body and shaved head), and Julian Vincenzo (sexy muscle dude with short dark hair) take over immediately to humiliate and grudge fuck Alex. Giovanni crams his big uncut cock (with hot heavy foreskin) into Alex's mouth as the dudes use the swivel chair like an obscene lazy susan to orally ravage Alex. This is rough going for Alex as the dudes spin him around and repeatedly force their hard uncut cocks deep into his gullet.

Akos crams a small butt plug up Alex's pucker and roughly finger fucks his tight shaved hole while Alex continues to have his mouth forcibly fucked by Julian and Giovanni. Giovanni's heavy foreskin coveres his cock head even when his tool is completely hard. Alex is forced to sink down on Julian's condom-covered dick and go for a wild ride as that stiff tool fills his tight butt. Alex switches over to Giovanni and sinks that tender manhole down on his rubber-covered prick. Giovanni pounds that hole with harsh upward thrusts. Julian fucks Alex from behind (with condom) spreading his hole, spitting on it, and plugging the hell out of that tight thang. Giovanni plows Alex (with condom) in a rough side/missionary position positioning in and out fast 'n hard. Akos pours beer on Alex's body and laps it up. Beer and fuckin'! These vicious dudes fuck Alex every way but loose. Alex squirts a large thick load on his stomach. Julian pulls out, yanks that rubber off, and shoots a thick load on Alex's inside thigh. Giovanni jacks that foreskinned cock and lets loose with a thick load of man juice on Alex's thigh. Akos beats his meat while Julian and Giovanni tug on his long hard eraser tipped nipples and he shoot a small thick load on Alex. Whew!

Scene Four:

Danny wakes up from his night of partying and is tricked into heading over to the creepy old factory. What follows is an exact copy of Scene Three only this time with Danny instead of Alex. Danny is knocked out and wakes up naked and tied to the infamous swivel chair. Once again, Giovanni, Akos, and Julian barge in, this time dressed in blue jeans, and roughly assault him with their fingers and hard uncut cocks. The dudes spin that chair around and take turns ravaging Danny's mouth with their tools. Danny has a small pink butt plug up his hole, which Akos removes to finger fuck his tight little shaved hole while Danny continues to have his mouth assaulted with hard cocks. Akos fucks Danny from behind (with condom) with harsh 'n hard pounding. Julian steps in and roughly fucks Danny doggy style (with condom). Akos and Julian take turns on Danny's asshole while Danny chows down on Giovanni's heavily foreskinned cock.

Danny sinks down on Giovanni's rubber-covered prick and Giovanni reams him good with frenzied upward thrusts filling that ass with big meat. The dudes take turns fucking Danny in the missionary position (with condoms) pulling all the way out and stabbing their hard prongs deep into his tight chute. The dudes switch to the side/missionary position and takes turns roughly using Danny for their own pleasure. Julian shoots a thick load on Danny's right shoulder, Giovanni works that heavy foreskin and cums on Danny's right shoulder, and Akos beats off while Giovanni and Julian work his man tits and shoots a thick load on Danny's left shoulder. Danny is ordered to shoot his load on Akos's black boots. Danny pulls his pud and squirts a large thick load on the black leather boots and licks it up.



"Hostile" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Saccany and Roland Hudejo is professional and provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is excellent being sharp and clear.


The sound is clear providing all the lip smackin', slobbering, sighs, and lubed fucking noises as the dudes get it on.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a Behind-The-Scenes documentary featuring Danny Roddick and Alex Chandler as they explore Budapest, short interviews with a number of the guys, and footage filmed in between each scene; an image slide show with high quality stills of each model by Gabriel Bareth, studio contact information, and previews for: "Dual: Taking it Like a Man", "Man Country", "Manly Heat Quenched", and "Manly Heat Scorched".

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios along with Olympus Studios have created an all-male xxx ode to the horror film "Hostel". The production, as with all of the COLT movies, is top of the line with excellent videography, editing (Alexander Gray), and sexy dudes. The direction by Roland Dane is tight keeping each scene moving along at a steady pace. The dudes are all hot and there is a nice mix of ages and body types presented here: the traditional butch muscle-bound dudes of COLT along with dudes in their early twenties with slender/tight bodies. My favorite dude in the movie is Giovanni Floretto with his handsome face, hairy muscle-bound body, and big cock covered with heavy foreskin. The winner for cum shots goes to the amazing and cute Mario McGabe who shoots four loads in one scene. Danny Roddick and Lucio Maverick squirt very impressive loads as well. The sex is very hot and the dudes seem to really be into the action...even the rough stuff. My only complaint is that Scenes Three and Four are exactly the same and simply switch Alex Chandler out for Danny Roddick. That said, I was happy to see Giovanni Floretto again (He's on the cover art). I recommend for fans of hunky European dudes with big uncut cocks.

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