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Latin Lollipops

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/14/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2005 to August 2006

Directed By:

Brian Brennan


Lucky, J.T., Jay, Cruz, Ronn Holmes, Rodrigo, Lefty, Vegetta, Navon, Mystery Man, and Tariq.

The Movie:

Sexy and streetwise Latino dudes strip down, watch straight porn, and stroke their big uncut cocks in hot solo action. In addition, there are two scenes of intense man-on-man fun, as some of these guys cannot turn a hard dick down.

The Dudes:

These dudes are all appealing in their own way, look to be in the early twenties to early thirties, have toned bodies with hairy and smooth chests, full pubes, and uncut cocks.


Lucky is a good-looking dude in his early twenties with short buzzed hair and facial beard stubble wearing baggy track pants, sweatshirt, and a baseball cap. He moseys on in, parks his ass on a folding chair, and watches some straight porn (we get a quick peek at some gal's pussy). Lucky lights up a cigarette and takes a smoke, takes off his sweatshirt to reveal his sexy smooth semi-toned chest. He drops the tracky pants and begins to rub the obvious bulge in his white briefs. Lucky pulls the shorts down and shows off his full dark pubes and large uncut cock. He slowly plays with his unclipped tool and hairy balls working the foreskin up and over his knob. Lucky pulls on his overhang and spreads it for the camera. In the middle of this hot action, Lucky stops and eats a sandwich! After filling his stomach, Lucky continues to beat his hard meat and squirts a large load of jizz on the floor.


J.T. is an attractive dude in his twenties with a short buzz cut and goatee. He's sitting naked on the sofa watching straight porn and jacking his huge uncut tool. J.T. really goes to town pulling that oversized pork sliding the thick foreskin back and forth over the slick cock head, rubbing his hairy balls and full dark bush. He switches back and forth stroking his stiff dick with his left and then right hands pulling the foreskin and spreading it for the viewer. J.T. spreads his thighs showing off his hairy butt crack as he jacks closer to climax. He continues his self-love session until shooting a thick load that drips down his fist, shaft, balls, and pubes. J.T. plays with his cum-filled foreskin after he shoots.


Jay's a cute dude in his twenties with short hair, cool beard stubble, and a slender/tight body. He's wearing baggy blue jeans and a tee shirt when he plops down on the bed to watch some straight porn. Jay reaches in his jeans to check his business, stands up and drops the jeans rubbing his cock through his baggy boxers. He looses the tee shirt and reveals a sexy hairy chest, hairy pits, and hard nipples. Jay drops his boxers to show us his full dark pubes, hangy 'n hairy balls, and large uncut tool. Jay strokes his hardening cock capping and uncapping his cock knob with that heavy foreskin. He plays with the foreskin pulling and stretching it while he rubs his nuts. Jay lies back down on the bed spreading his legs using both hands to jack his dong busting a thick nut all over his hard cock shaft and fist. Creamy man juice fills his foreskin hood. Messy and hot!


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Cruz is a sexy dude in his twenties with a buzz cut, little goatee, tattoos, and cool New York City accent. He finds a stash of titty magazines and begins to look through them as he takes off his tight tee shirt revealing a smooth toned chest. Cruz unbuckles and unzips his blue jeans and drops 'em to the floor showing off his blue boxers. After sitting down, Cruz pulls his boxers down allowing his closely trimmed dark pubes and fat uncut cock breathing room. Cruz strokes his hardening cock working the foreskin back and forth over his dick head, pulling and stretching the overhang. He spreads his legs wide apart showing a peek of his hairy butt crack as he continues to jack his hard prick slapping it against his stomach and hand. Loud smacking sounds fill the room. Cruz rubs his hairy nuts and shoots a thick load onto the chair. His cum flies through the air as it squirts out of his large purple knob.

Ronn Holmes:

Ronn is fucking hot! He's a sharp dude in his early thirties with short hair, beard, and a killer body loaded with tattoos. Ronn talks to the camera letting us know he's from Spanish Harlem, drops his pants and shows off his sexy tight white briefs. Ronn cups and squeezes his big bulge teasing the viewer and finally pulling them down revealing his full dark pubes, hairy balls, and big uncut dong. Ronn beats his hard meat pulling and twisting the heavy foreskin, stroking his hard shaft up and down, and sliding the overhand up and over his slick knob. Ronn wags his big cock for the camera making it bob up and down with his groin muscles. Ronn chokes his tube steak to climax and shoots a thick load on the floor.


This is a never-before-seen solo from 1997's "Doin' Time: 2069" featuring handsome Rodrigo dressed in sort of futuristic costume that includes see-through underwear. Rodrigo sits back in a comfortable red chair and rubs his big uncut cock, hairy nuts, and full pubes through the black mesh briefs. He spreads his legs releasing his huge tool from the confines of the briefs jacking off and working the foreskin for all it's worth. Rodrigo's heavy foreskin covers his large cock knob when his shaft is fully hard. He pets his hard cock grasping the shaft and pointing the foreskin-covered knob at he camera as his deep wet piss slit peeks out. Rodrigo pulls his skin back revealing his pink knob and then pulls and bunches the overhang back and forth shooting a thick load on his fist. Cum drips out of his foreskin.


Lefty is a cool looking tall/slender dude from Puerto Rico. His head is almost completely shaved and he has neat little goatee stubble and tattoos. Lefty talks to the camera and teases the viewer revealing his toned smooth chest and plaid boxer shorts. He rubs the growing bulge in his boxers, pulls 'em down, and shows us his shaved pubes and uncut cock. Lefty sits on the steps, spreads his thighs, and beats his meat cupping his balls, pulling his short foreskin, and slapping his dong against his stomach. Lefty bends over and exposes his tight hairy hole as he begins to hump the steps. He really gets into the solo action, jacks that cock, and shoots a large thick load on the steps. Some of his cum drips down one of the steps!


Vegetta is a very handsome dude with short hair and a nice body. He pulls out his cut cock and hangy balls and takes a leak in the urinal. Those big ol' balls are a huge turn on. He finds some titty magazines, sits down on the toilet, and jacks his hard cock while those huge nuts bounce. Vegetta works his dick to a full boner while looking at those tits. He jacks that hard prick, wags it at the camera, and spreads his legs further apart. Vegetta drips the largest amount of pre cum I've ever seen...it looks like someone lubed him up. Wild! He jacks that dong with all the pre cum faster and faster and blasts/squirts a thick load that flies through the air.

Navon and Mystery Dude:

It's Halloween night when Navon gets a knock at his door. Opening up, he is greeted by a hunky dude with long hair and mask dressed as Zorro. Inviting the intriguing guest in, Navon wastes no time getting down to some man-on-man action. Navon pulls Mystery's pants down revealing full dark pubes and a big uncut cock. He takes that unclipped fucker deep into his mouth cupping those big nuts, and feeling that hard sexy body. Mystery has a toned smooth chest with tattoos and cool dark nipples. Navon chows down on those tasty salty nuts while jacking that hard shaft. Navon undresses revealing a toned body with dark trimmed pubes and uncut cock. He jacks his own tool while swirling his busy tongue around Mystery's swollen cock knob and foreskin. Mystery positions himself above Navon on the sofa and fucks his hungry mouth. There is a nice camera shot of Mystery's hairy butt hole and swinging nuts and he plows Navon's mouth. Mystery fucks Navon's tight hairy hole in a side/missionary position (with condom) while Navon pulls his pud. There is a cool camera shot of Mystery's hairy crotch and slapping balls as he plows Navon's butt in and out with fast smooth strokes. Mystery switches up and fucks Navon from behind continuing to slide in and out with fast piston motions. Navon jacks his own big uncut cock and shoots thick cock snot on his pubes. Mystery strokes off and squirts a large thick load on the floor.

J.T. and Tariq:

Sexy J.T. from an earlier solo scene is back this time pared up with Tariq (a handsome dude with short hair, facial hair, and a single tear tattooed under one eye). Tariq comes over to J.T.'s apartment to hang out and get it on. The dudes sit on the large sofa watching television but are soon making out with slow deep kissing and deep wet tongue sucking. These dudes are definitely into each other. The dudes strip down and J.T. cups Tariq's hairy butt cheeks while sucking his large uncut tool. Tariq fucks J.T.'s hungry and willing mouth cramming his big dong deep into his pal's gullet. Tariq slaps his prick on J.T.'s face and on his tongue using his hands to guide J.T.'s wet mouth up and down his hard shaft. Tariq licks and sucks J.T.'s hard nipples, chest, and stomach as he works his mouth down to the big prize. Tariq grabs J.T.'s fat uncut cock with his fist jacking the heavy foreskin and cramming that meat into his gob. Tariq really feasts on that unclipped pork nursing the knob and going crazy on that dong.

Tariq sucks J.T.'s hairy nuts as J.T. pulls his pud. The dudes engage in more deep soul kissing and switching back and forth sucking each other's cocks finally settling into a side sixty-nine on the sofa where both can gorge on those stiff pingas. Hot 'n hairy balls and butt cracks are exposed. Tariq climbs on top of J.T. and the dudes rub their hard dicks together in an erotic dry hump. Tariq fucks J.T.'s tight hairy hole (with condom) in the missionary position pounding him with fast 'n hard strokes. J.T. jacks off and shoots a large thick load on his stomach. Tariq beats off and cuts loose with a big thick load of juicy goo on J.T.'s chest and nipples.



"Latin Lollipops" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture is nice and sharp allowing the viewer a clear look at these sexy dudes.


The sound is clear with plenty of slick sliding noises as the dudes pleasure themselves and each other. Natural city noises such as heavy traffic add to the film's sexy and raw feel.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, and the Bonus "Latin Eye Candy! Volume One" which features footage of the following hunks with big uncut cocks from the Latino Fan Club vaults: Mike, Angel, Eduardo, Juan, Kaos and Cisco Melendez, Giovanni, Rafael, and Reynaldo De Leon.

Final Thoughts:

Latino Fan Club's "Latin Lollipops" is a huge turn-on! I found every dude in the movie to be very appealing with their handsome faces, toned bodies, full pubes, and big uncut cocks. These dudes have no trouble watching some straight porn, pulling their puds and shooting thick loads of man cream for the camera. The dudes who engage in man-to-man combat are definitely into each other as they cut loose sucking and fucking up a storm. The direction by Brian Brennan is tight creating scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. The hand-held videography is cool never missing a moment as the dudes display their goods for the camera. As I said, all the dudes are appealing and it's hard for me to pick my favorites this time...but here goes: Ronn Holmes, J.T., and Cruz. I highly recommend for fans of sexy Latino dudes with big uncut cocks and plenty of foreskin play.

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