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By Invitation Only

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/14/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

March 1994

Directed By:

John Rutherford


Matt Gunther, Brandon West, Vince Rockland, Hal Rockland, Cort Stevens, Hunter Scott, Dino Phillips, Doug Perry, Scott Russell, Brad hunt, Chad Donovan, Scott Wilder, David Logan.

The Movie:

A group of sexy guys are invited for a weekend vacation at a country inn...by a mysterious stranger.

The Dudes:

This is a great group of appealing dudes in their early twenties to thirties with a variety of looks from preppy to butch, dark brown and blond hair, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Hal Rockland (sexy dude with short dark hair and toned body) is getting dressed in the bathroom when Hunter Scott (handsome guy with dark hair and hairy chest) accidentally walks in on him. Hunter offers to help Hal with his tie, which leads to undressing. Hal is a little unsure at first but the slow erotic kisses from Hunter as the dudes make out turn him on and his shyness disappears. The guys fall onto a large bed to continue their make out session sucking each other's hot tongues and slow dry humping. Hunter kisses and licks Hal's smooth chest and nipples making his way down to those bulging tighty whiteys taking his time to tease Hal and have him beg for some cock sucking. Hunter pulls Hal's hard uncut cock free from his briefs and deep throats him all the way to his dark trimmed pubes. Hunter is totally into working Hal's cock by stroking the shaft and engaging in some very hot foreskin play: capping and uncapping Hal's knob, pulling and bunching up his long overhang, sucking and pulling on the foreskin with his mouth, and running his wet tongue underneath the sheath.

Hal is now laying face down on the bed with his sexy butt stuck in the air. Hunter spread's Hal's butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved hole and begins to eat that ass. Hal wants to pleasure Hunter and takes his hard cut cock into his mouth and concentrates on the knob. Hal finger fucks Hunter's tight shaved asshole using two digits and Hunter digs the action. Hal fucks Hunter in the missionary position (with condom) sliding his hard cock in and out of that tight hole. Hal pulls all the way out leaving Hunter's bung gasping for cock and then slides right back in. Hal switches to fucking Hunter in the side/missionary position while Hunter pounds his meat. Hal teases Hunter's hungry hole with his tool slowly sliding in and out with some deep penetration that becomes faster as the dudes heat up. Hunter jacks off and shoots a large thick lad all over his hairy stomach and chest. Hal beats his meat and cuts loose with some thick jizz on Hunter's hairy chest.

Scene Two:

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Cort Stevens (very handsome with blond hair and beautiful body) makes his way up a dark creepy staircase with only candelabra to guide his way. He finds his way to the mysterious host's (Matt Gunther--handsome in a college/preppy way with short brown hair and swimmer's toned body)bedroom. When Matt orders Cort to undress, Cort slowly unbuttons his shirt revealing his beautiful tanned and toned chest. Cort takes off his slacks and tight white briefs revealing his full brown pubes and cut cock. He turns around and shows Matt his bubble butt spreading the cheeks and winking his tight shaved asshole. Cort takes a nice hot shower slowly soaping up that killer body and washing his growing cock and tight butt hole. Once dried off, he gets down on the bed, spreads his butt cheeks, and plays with his pucker. Cort finger fucks his hole sinking two digits deep to pleasure himself. Cort is on fire as he crams three fingers into his tight chute.

Matt and Cort make out with plenty of wet tongues and body rubbing. Cort removes Matt's shirt revealing his toned smooth chest, moves down, and takes Matt's hard cut cock deep into his mouth. Cort gives good head as he jacks the stiff shaft bobbing up and down, and nursing on the knob. Matt is wearing a silver cockring making his balls nice and plump. Matt gets down on Cort's butt kissing his hot bubble cheeks, spreading them wide, and eating his little hole. Matt spits on Cort's asshole and rubs his hard cock back and forth against it. Matt crams his condom-covered tool deep into Cort's ass and fucks him nice and slow. Cort grunts with lust as Matt fills his needs. Matt slides that hard cock in and out picking up speed with each thrust. Matt pulls out, yanks off his rubber, and slides his hard cock between Cort's buns cumming on his back. Cort jacks off and shoots a large thick load on the bed.

Scene Three:

Vince Rockland (good-looking with handsome face, tight body, and Hal's real-life brother) follows fellow weekend guest Dino Phillips (attractive with short dark hair) to his room. The dudes make out with lots of hot wet tongue action as they feel each other's bodies. Dino unbuttons Vince's shirt and begins to lick/suck his hard nipples. Dino licks his way down to Vince's large uncut cock and takes it into his mouth. Dino gives Vince's unclipped tool a complete exam by gently pulling the foreskin back and forth over his flared cock head, sliding his tongue underneath his overhang, and pulling/sucking the skin with his mouth. Dino takes that hard fucker all the way down his gullet for some deep throat. Vince pulls Dino's underwear down revealing his butt, spreads his cheeks, and exposes his tight shaved hole. Vince finger fucks Dino's asshole using two digits from each hand. "You like those fingers all the way up there?" "You like fuckin' my fingers?" Dino is on fire with Vince's sexy talk and busy digits.

Vince slides a condom on his hard dick, lubes up, and fucks Dino from behind slowly sliding in and out of his tight butt. Vince starts off slow but quickly picks up the pace for some fast in and out piston action. "You like my big cock inside you?" To answer, Dino hunches back filling the room with sighs and moans. Vince switches up and fucks Dino in the side/missionary position while Dino beats his hard meat. Vince picks Dino up and repositions him for a wild sink/bounce ride without ever pulling out. Dino's snug chute clings to Vince's hard pole and he wildly rides up and down. Dino pounds his pud and dumps a thick load of man juice on Vince's stomach. Dino jacks Vince's cock and nurses the knob until he's about to explode. Vince shoots a thick load drenching Dino's face with his love milk.

Scene Four:

Eight sexy and naked dudes get their groove on in the dining room. The guys are making out with each other sucking those wet tongues and feeling each other's bodies. Four dudes sit on the long table while the other four kneel before them and suck hard cocks. Scott Russell (handsome with blond hair) takes Brad Hunt's (cute in a preppy way with short dark hair) hard cut cock deep into his mouth bobbing up and down and jacking the shaft. The dudes have now moved from the table to an expensive rug on the floor. Brad Hunt and Hunter Scott (from Scene One) make out leading Hunter to suck his pal's stiffy. Chad Donovan (handsome with dark hair) takes David Logan's (sexy British dude with short brown hair) hard uncut cock down his throat allowing David to fuck his face. Loud grunts, moans, sighs, pouts, and other sexual noises fill the room as the dudes climb all over each other making up various couplings with cock sucking, ass eating, finger fucking, and sixty-nines. Scott Russell sucks Hunter Scott's hard cock while Brad Hunt fucks Brandon West's (handsome blond dude) hard cut prick.

David Logan gives Chad Donovan some excellent head cramming that big cut cock deep into his throat and then switches over to Brad Hunt's dong. Hunter Scott fingers Scott Russell's tight hole and then fucks him (with condom) from behind while making out with Chad Donovan. To finish up, the dudes pull a train on handsome Scott Wilder (good-looking dude with dark brown hair). Scott is bent over, lubed up, and ready for action as the seven dudes form a single-file line and wait their turn to bust a nut. One by one these horny dudes fuck Scott (with condom), pull out, yank their rubbers off, and shoot their loads all over his back. By the end, Scott is covered in jizz.



"By Invitation Only" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Todd Montgomery is professional providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of satisfying close-ups. Remembering that the movie is from 1994, the picture quality has held up well and is nice and clear.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to clearly hear the dialogue and of course all the loud noises of love as the dudes work themselves into sexual frenzies.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, a photo gallery of David Lang's high quality publicity stills of the models and action shots from the movie, the movie's original trailer, and trailers for "Flashpoint" (which is an excellent movie), "Big River", and "Possession".

Final Thoughts:

"By Invitation Only" was filmed in 1994 and holds up very well. The production quality is top-of-the-line with excellent direction by John Rutherford, videography by Todd Montgomery, and editing by Delta Productions. The dudes are all appealing in their own way and very into the action. Scene One definitely got my attention with Hunter Scott taking his sweet time worshiping the very hot Hal Rockland's foreskin. There are plenty of close-ups during the foreskin play that make the scene unbelievably hot. I liked all the dudes with my personal favorites being Hal Rockland, Cort Stevens (who has to be one of the most beautiful men I've seen), Chad Donovan, Scott Russell, and David Logan. I recommend for dudes who are in the mood for and enjoyable and horny trip back in time.

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