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Straight College Men #12

Studio: 2SCM.COM » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Year of Production:


The Movie:

Two handsome "gay for pay" straight guys let their inhibitions down and give sexy shows while an inbibited third dude is much too uptight.


Rian is a good-looking twenty-three year old originally from Fresno, California. He has short brown hair, sexy dimples when he smiles, is 6'2" tall, 195 pounds, has a size thirteen shoe, and a nine inch cut cock. Rian's reason for auditioning is to break into the adult entertainment industry. "I'm playful and high energy." He seems like a relaxed and good-natured dude as he talks about his strong sex drive (jacking off three to four times a day), his girlfriend, and cheeky explanation of the $40.00 "Oriental massage". Back at the apartment, Rian seems a little nervous but doesn't let that stop him. He starts off by stripping down for a shower revealing a nice toned hairy chest, flat stomach, toned arms and legs, shaved pubes, and that big nine-inch cut cock. Matt, the dude who runs Straight College Men, makes the comment that it's the largest flaccid cock he's ever seen. I must agree with Matt. Rian also has some very sexy big 'n hangy balls.

Rian gets the shower's water temperature just right, jumps in and begins to lather that sexy body. He takes his time soaping up his chest, arms, legs, butt, and finally gets to that big dong and floppy balls. Once toweled off, Rian felaxes on the sofa and watches some straight porn. Rian's towel falls away and he starts to toy with is growing prick while cupping those nuts. He uses a bit of lube as he strokes his cock to full hardness. Rian was not fibbing when he said he has a big dick. He intently watches the porn while some unseen gal's lusty pouting fills the room. Rian jacks that cock making the blood-engorged knob look like a small plum while he pinches his hard nipples. He reaches a fever pitch and shoots a thick load of man juice on his stomach and shaved pubic area.

Brian and Jon:

Jon is a cute twenty-three year old beach dude with light brown hair who is "looking for an interesting experience of some sort." He's 5'10" tall, weighs 144 pounds, has an 11- shoe size, played basketball in high school, and loves to "kick it at the beach." Jon seems like a laid-back dude who would most likely be up for anything when he exclaims, "I'm pretty straight" although he has never messed around with another guy.

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Brian is a nice-looking military dude with short brown hair, which he hides under a baseball cap. He looks to be in his early twenties, has never fooled around with another dude, and dates two older gals. While Jon seems relaxed and open to the experience, Brian is much more quiet, soft-spoken, and inhibited. As the action unfolds I found myself wondering why Brian would even participate in this shoot. After a bit of passing a football back and forth, the dude head back to the apartment. Jon kicks back and has a few straight shots of booze to cut loose and relax. Brian, of course, doesn't drink anything.

To start the ball rolling, Jon undresses Brian forcefully taking off his shoes, socks, and blue jeans revealing some black boxer shorts. Brian takes Jon's black tank top off exposing his sexy hairy toned chest and then gets Jon out of his pants to show off those tight black briefs. Brian strips his own shirt off revealing a nice toned hairy chest, stomach, and tattoos. The dudes stand up with Brian behind Jon reaching into his tight briefs to play with his cock all the while both dudes' eyes are glued to that straight porn. Brian gives the viewer a peek at Jon's hard cut cock and dark brown pubes. It's now Jon's turn to stand behind Brian, reach into his boxers and play with his dong. We get another peek of what's in those boxers: a nice hard cut cock and trimmed pubes.

It's shower time for these two straight dudes. Jon is the first in adjusting the water temperature and soaping up his body. Brian joins him and lathers up Jon's shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, and finally that cock and nuts. Jon returns the favor by lathering Brian up and cleaning his balls. Once the dudes are toweled off, they head back down to the sofa and watch straight porn. This is where Brian shows how really uptight he is when he refuses some nice hard cash to simply French kiss Jon for five seconds. Brian is finally talked into just kissing Jon for six seconds without tongue. Next, Brian turns down additional payment to lick Jon's cock for five seconds. Again, I'm wondering why he even bothered to participate since he is so fucking uptight. Jon, on the other hand, is much more adventurous and licks Brian's hard cock for at least seven or more seconds.

Finally, Brian looses up just a bit as the dudes stroke each other's hard cocks while watching some big boobed gal get her groove on. I noticed that Brian's cock becomes more rigid when Jon is jacking it for him. Hmmm. Brian actually has Jon stop for a while because he's very close to getting his nut. Slick lubed stroking noises fill the room along with that gal panting on the television as the dudes get heated up and begin some serious meat beating. Brian shoots a thick white load on his hairy chest while Jon cuts loose with a thick small amount of dotty spooge on his stomach.



"Volume 12" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and covers all the action with plenty of close-ups. Once the interviews are complete, the editing keeps the scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear everything the dudes say during their interview. Since this is a no frills production, there isn't any music. Actually, music would break the mood so it's better that there isn't any. Too bad the constant girly-girl pouting of the chick in the video isn't turned down as she becomes annoying after a while.


The extras include an interactive menu, chapter stops, and previews for: "Steve", "Damon and Michael", and "Duke, Dean, and Caleb" (three of my all-time favorite dudes). The extra CD ROM contains previews for: "Dirk", "Ty", "Alex", "Log Cabin Weekend: Day 1", "Log Cabin Weekend Day: 2", "Long Cabin Weekend: Tuxedos", "Paul, Brett, and Dean", "Paul Plus One", and "Damon II". There is also a cool full color catalogue for all the Straight College Men releases.

Final Thoughts:

"Volume 12" is an entertaining but frustrating watch. All starts off well with handsome Rian and his sexy strip down, shower, and jack off show. Rian is very at ease in front of the camera and has no problems pulling his pud. Jon is equally handsome and looks to be pretty much up for anything (especially after a few belts of booze) and it's too bad he is paired with such a stick-in-the-mud as Brian. Brian is a friendly good-looking dude but in my opinion, is simply not cut out for what is expected from the Straight College Men. He's too nervous and unwilling to do more than simply stroke Jon's cock a little bit. No French kissing or cock licking for Brian. Jon would have been better suited to be paired up with someone like Brett--another guy who is willing to be much more adventurous. I really dig the Straight College Men discs and Rian and Jon give fun performances. Because of Brian's lackluster performance and unwillingness to do much of anything, I'm going with a Rent It. Now, "Volume 12" is definitely worth a rental to watch two uninhibited dudes give hot shows.

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