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Deliveries in the Rear

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/23/07

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Deliveries in the Rear

Combat Zone

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Joachim Kessef

Cast: Natali, Nataly, Joachim Kessef, Lena, Richard Langin, Masha, Lis, Tichvana, Rudy, Maya, Nella Von Wells, Wein Lewis

Length: 127.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 12/14/2005, 12/15/2005, 3/7/2006, 4/7/2006, 5/20/2006

Extra's: The only extras were a photogallery, a cumshot recap, and a protective cardboard sleeve over the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Deliveries in the Rear was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Joachim Kessef for release by Combat Zone. Having watched his previous releases for Combat Zone, Sperm Drippers and Domination Zone, I was concerned that this one would look like those did; hopefully leaning towards his latter effort. The good news again was that whomever he got assistance from seemed to help keep the show looking pretty solid once more. The lighting was pretty good and that eliminated most of the grain and video noise. The composition of the camera angles was mixed as some of the time he'd catch a gal looking pretty rough and no one caught it in editing. Still, it was a step up from what he did before. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital but so little was said that it didn't matter that it was an English language soundtrack. The vocals were limited and the moans & groans were plain enough but it lacked any separation or substantial dynamic range to comment on extensively.

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Body of Review: Joachim Kessef has long been a name associated with interracial porn and well hung men on the prowl. Lately, he has been directing for Combat Zone, an upstart in the gonzo world that seeks to provide the same kind of magic founder Dion provided with Red Light District when he opened up the doors there. By taking chances with a number of potentially talented performers and production assistants, Dion has attempted to hit gold yet again and some of his efforts have really paid off while others, particularly those associated with Joachim, seem to have been in need of work. The latest such effort was Deliveries in the Rear, an all anal title where the generic set ups and foreign cast were all driven by the same dynamic; to get off work and go party after doing their scenes (at least that's what it felt like). If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Natali and Nataly, were up first as the bathed in the large bathtub together; highlighting their lean, all natural bodies in a milk bath. They kissed and felt each other up, giving milk enemas to cleanse out their backsides for the action that soon took place with well endowed Joachim Kessef, who joined them after spying in on them from the door crack. The only crack he was truly interested in though was the ass crack of the ladies, pounding away at both of them after they gave him some head and he did limited vaginal work on them. He did most of the thrusting work this time and the scene ended after a lot of ATM and other taste testing, with a load to their mouths that they greedily licked afterwards.

Scene Two: Lena, an older blonde with a fit body, was up next in the sparse flat as she smoked and striped for the camera in her glasses. Her solo act was unconvincing but her uncredited male partner (possibly Wein Lewis), didn't seem to care if she was faking it or not so long as he got his rocks off thanks to her skillful tongue. Her blowjob seemed like it was mechanically given, the result of experience with hundreds of other cocks in her mouth over her career, with a similar dynamic on the vaginal and then anal sex. He did almost all of the work, limiting the heat of the scene greatly, with her repetitive vocals annoying after a very short while. Well into the screwing portion of the show, she wiggled her hips a little as he drilled her but while it might have felt great to him, it looked as basic as gonzo is reported to be. The scene ended with him jerking off a load of population pudding to her eye glasses and face, giving it a little bit of a twist for those of you into that kind of thing.

Scene Three: Masha, a bleached blonde with a decent body, and Lis, the gal on the cover that would fit that description as well, were up next in a bondage-lite tinged scene where one of them was tied to the bedposts while the other dripped candle wax onto her body. Rubber gloves and an inflatable butt plug came into play too but Joachim Kessef was the big surprise for the action. He was as well equipped as ever, sporting a bigger than average cock that both gals immediately started sucking off in tandem fashion, the man hammering away at pussy and ass while kissing them in the bed. There was some minor foot fetish action too but what worked most about this scene was the trio showing some chemistry together. From the look on his face, he was feeling some great pussy and ass too because he was channeling Erik Everhard or something as he filled them up completely. The noises they made were somewhat repetitive but at least there was a bit of variation. The scene ended when he came in the heavy PVC gloves for the gals to lick clean. I knew Joachim could provide a solid scene...

Scene Four: Tichvana, a skinny brunette that really didn't appeal to me much, seemed to rush through a list of positions as she masturbated on a generic bed until an uncredited mope (I think it was Rudy this time), walked over to jam his cock in her mouth. There was no attempt to display a sense of chemistry or any sparks, just a couple rutting like animals running out of breath. I know that those who don't pay attention describe most porn this way but while they were acceptable performers, there was never anything to make it worth watching a second time. This might work if you're stuck at sea in the military for months at a time but with all the available choices in porn, it struck me as boring. They hit all the usual spots, including the ass with ATM afterwards, his small cock letting loose a small load that she jerked out of it (almost seeming to breathe a sigh of relief that it was over).

Scene Five: Maya, a cute gal with a round ass and wearing some nice lingerie, reminded me a bit of a youthful Rita Faltoyano as she stormed into the generic living room and masturbated. She seemed brash, almost like she was daring someone to take her on and in no time at all she was faced with well hung meat puppet turned director Joachim Kessef. She was more of a cock socket for him orally as he pounded her mouth with his rod in full erection but he also snacked on her crack to prepare her for the action. He used multiple fingers on her ass and drilled her pussy while the anal gape was still in view, with her providing an almost believable vocal response. The anal came right after that and when she was on top, she really seemed to like riding him but her limits were being pushed far beyond what she was apparently used to in her line of work. The camera work, like in the other scenes when Joachim was working in front of the camera, was pretty good and she took an anal creampie for the show that was pushed out with some farting action. A friend with me thought his then semi-erect cock couldn't possibly have shot a load and that the semen looked faked but I thought it was a good scene up until that point.

Scene Six: Nella Von Wells, another lean gal with a harsh face, wore lingerie to the generic music that played (added in during post production no doubt), and danced around before industry veteran Richard Langin joined her to drill for gold in her pussy and ass. He fingered her hard as she slobbed his knob, both following a virtual script by the looks of it. This was another case where both had plenty of athletic skills but showed nothing between them to even hint at passion, chemistry, or enthusiasm; making it a chore to really watch for long. She wasn't the worst looking gal I've seen in porn and the action showed they were at least passingly talented but other than telling you it had the advertised anal and all the trimmings, it was nothing special to get off more than once (if that) with. It ended with him getting a footjob by her but his spew was so limited that if you blink you'll have missed it.

Summary: Deliveries in the Rear by director Joachim Kessef and Combat Zone have not seemed to provide the kind of heat and excitement I would expect of them given their individual merits, perhaps because Joachim is kept to such a low budget or perhaps he simply works better in front of the camera. The women were a mixed bunch here and the lack of extras or anything special about the release made it low in the Rent It group for me. In short, Deliveries in the Rear was an example of product over passion; sometimes getting an element or two right while usually falling short of the intended goal. Give it a look if you like the cast but look for far better releases by Combat Zone to enjoy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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