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Sperm Receptacles 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Sperm Receptacles 2: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Mike John Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mike John

Cast: Delilah Strong, Jon Dough, Marie Luv, Chelsie Rae, Naomi, Taryn Thomas, Keeani Lei, Annette Schwartz, Tone Capone, Lefty Larue, Tony Everready, Lee Bang, Wade Hardman, Hooks, Suave, Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, Nick East, Guy DaSilva, Mike Hash, Alias, Brad Baldwin, Face Blaster, Prodigy X, Mark Furious, Scotty Lyons, Arnold Schwartzenpecker
Cameo by Max Hardcore

Length: 203 minutes

Date of Production: 11/11/2006

Extra's: The best extra for me was the 25 minute long Behind the Scenes feature as it introduced more sex, nudity, and oral antics into the DVD set but it wasn't the best such feature I've seen from the Jules Jordan stable of directors of late. In any case, there was a lot of playful banter between the performers and it added some value for me, clearly providing the best bang for the buck in terms of extras. There was also an almost hour long recap of the cumshots included, a weird extra considering that this was much of the movie. If you like that kind of thing, you'll be in stroker's heaven thanks to it but your mileage may vary considerably. There was also a 13.5 minute long photogallery for those who care, skipping the trailers this time to make room for the footage of the movie.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sperm Receptacles 2: Special Edition was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Mike John for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting well done, and the grain was minimal this time. The lack of added detail an anamorphic mastering would have given it could have enhanced the scenes more than a little bit, but the compositional work always seemed to enhance the look of the ladies a lot so I won't fuss at the poor decision to stick with the outdated method of shooting the scene. There were no observed compression artifacts either with all the scenes shot using the point of view (POV) method to allow for the viewer to fantasize that he is the one getting all the action. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with no separation and relatively minimal dynamic range but the vocals were dominant throughout and clearly discernable too.

Body of Review: Mike John has been at the forefront of making point of view (POV) gonzo a household word to some of us. Some critics think he can do no wrong and others credit him with a wide range of firsts though my own experiences vary from them a bit. I was not always a fan of Mike's work and even now I do not praise everything he does but if you like his style, there are few in his league in the limited areas of gonzo he focuses his efforts on, making it no surprise that Jules Jordan Video picked him up to distribute last year. His latest flick is a blow bang title called Sperm Receptacles 2: Special Edition, a sequel to a title that sold well for another company awhile back. There was actually some penetrative sex this time but only in one of the scenes making up this lengthy oral gonzo release. If you're still interested, here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

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Scene One: Delilah Strong, a very heated little vixen with a lot of energy, was up first in her skimpy little pink & white bikini outfit that barely covered her body as she interviewed in the bedroom with Mike. This led to her taking on Jon Dough (rest in peace Chet) in the bedroom while the crew of mopers was out in the living room making noise. She initially served as a throat fuck for the man but actively engaged him using her hand to gland action as well, masturbating before she swallowed his load of population pudding down whole. He then introduced her to the squad on the back porch, with Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, and five or so others of various colors taking turns screwing her pussy and mouth. They slapped her a little and treated her roughly (with some minor choking for example) before she drank their loads; at first from the tap and then the ones she collected in a glass. She showed a lot of passion for cock and while there was no means to display chemistry with individual mopers, she proved to be up to the challenge they provided.

Scene Two: Marie Luv, a tall, lean black gal, was up next in the bedroom as she discussed her motivation for the scene with some ass shaking for fans. Her black & blue corset and matching thong complimented her perfect make up and the scenario as she masturbated to warm up for the blow bang that was to take place. There looked to be seven mopers surrounding her initially for the blow bang and she used her hands to keep some hard while she worked others orally from cock to cock. They verbally egged her on which caused her to respond as though challenged in a sense; getting her to aggressively tackle them all the more enthusiastically. I wasn't keen on some of the noises made but if you like sloppy, wholesale hummers, she was giving them out left and right. Her make up smeared and she continued to attack the men orally, leaving slobber all over the place. They fingered her but otherwise did not poke their penises into her pussy, rubbing out their loads into the glass for her to swallow in batches. I would have preferred that she jerk the men off to completion but that was not meant to be, and some of the squad left pitiful wads for her to drink down. Still, she gave a decent performance for the limitations of the scenario and Mike caught it on camera better than most would have done.

Scene Three: Chelsie Rae, the hot blonde featured on the front DVD cover, was up next as she sat in the kitchen during her interview, holding a large glass bowl as the prop for which she was going to collect their semen samples for swallowing. A quick count showed me at least twenty men in the large living room, all of them pawing her to see her ass and get a free fell off of her. This didn't matter to her since she dropped to her knees to please, aggressively taking on the guys that were surrounding her 5 and 6 at a time. Unlike some gals that would suck a little and move a guy to the end of the line, she took her time with each of them, savoring the relative merits of each man to the best of her ability. The hand action was pretty good too; she definitely had superior coordination, but the deepthroating she was able to do transcended that of the previous gals of the flick, making her seem that much more desirable in turn. The mopers in the second and third rows got antsy since they felt shut out at one point, making it clear that a riot would take place if they weren't given their share of her "community mouth" as they put it. This moved some of them to the rear and she continued her oral assault on the cocks filling her field of vision. There were a few moments when the audio cut out (perhaps something inappropriate was said?!?) but the men were all seeming to compete for her mouth and the sheer number that they offered (not to mention the variety of sizes, colors, and shapes) all seemed to please her. It eventually ended when she inhaled their semen soup from the bowl, some of it gracing her face but she never slowed down while digesting the spew.

Scene Four: Naomi, wearing a lot of make up and sporting a colorful bikini, was up next in the house as she followed the established formula. The interview took place in the bedroom, moving onto the sex with Kyle Stone as the first customer. She really teased and played with his cock before tossing his salad (rimming his asshole), causing his load to fly right out. She then went into the main room where about nine more guys were waiting for her to blow bang. She wasn't as skillful as Chelsie but her oral has come a long way in the last year and this was a challenge she seemed fit to handle. This was her first large blowbang according to her and while she lacked some of the coordination needed to really make best use of the cocks, she performed ably under the circumstances. If anything, she seemed to like the black cock the best, but she had significant issues deepthroating their rods and I could tell the guys wanted to tap that ass of hers since this was shot before she lost so much weight. She ended up swallowing lots of semen, keeping her eye on the camera and letting Kyle finish her off at the end too. It wasn't the best scene of the bunch but she did a good job.

Scene Five: Taryn Thomas, sitting at the bar while talking about a forum post at a spin off website, discussing her 14 loads from a previous scene. She wanted to take it to the next level, moving to 25 loads or more, resulting in scores of men willing to donate to her lovely mouth. Initially, she took on a dozen loads with her margarita glass in her hand after moving to the living room. The men gave her plenty of room at first and while there were not a lot of blacks in the group (Guy DaSilva being the only one), she dirty talked them, jerked, spit, and aggressively showed that she was not to be trifled with. Scotty Lyons was lame here (go figure, huh?) but the trash talk aside, the hummers were very well done. She ate all they offered and moved on to take care of some black guys. This is supposedly notable since the cover advertised this as her first interracial (I was sure she'd done black men before but I don't consider them another race so I could be wrong) and she showed no hesitation for any of the men serving her their loads. She swallowed those loads too and licked the glass clean, finishing up with Ace's load at about the 40 minute mark of the second disc.

Scene Six: Keeani Lei, a tiny Asian gal with red highlights, was exercising outside by the pool in her bright blue bikini, showing off her ass and feet as she teased the camera. Men came up to her to drop loads into her mouth to swallow, resulting in building a hunger needing a lot more to satiate her now awakened need for seed. The same formula was followed with the varied men surrounding her while she was on her knees, doing the blow bang thing as well as she was able to do it. She lacked some of the enthusiasm and energy that some of the others had but did a decent job, giving a performance for fans if no one else. She put on a girlish attitude to swallow the semen, moving to a second group of men (largely black men) for the extra helping of population pudding. While Taryn was careful to swallow as much as possible and not waste the spew, Keeani let a lot of it coat her head and upper chest area, trying to gather some of it with a spoon to finish off.

Scene Seven: Annette Schwartz, a very sexy blonde wearing fetish attire as she claimed to want a lot of fluids to drink, began with two cocks (ebony and ivory flavors) before moving on to bigger and more plentiful things. She sucked like a champion and then started collecting the semen with a small glass dish, sucking it through a straw before moving to the living room for wholesale quantities. I wish I had more to say but she did display a lot of appreciation for the bodily fluids and proved to be a world class cocksucker. In all, it was a great ending to the movie and fans will be pleased to note that she elevated the scene quite a bit overall, showing some of the others that she was terrific when it came to oral onslaughts.

Summary: Sperm Receptacles 2: Special Edition by director Mike John for distribution by Jules Jordan Video was clearly worth a rating of Recommended for most raincoaters and probably even more for fans of the director. The ladies were usually right on the money in regards to showing some talent, passion for cock, and a willingness to push their limits substantially in some cases to provide a solid show of hardcore entertainment. The technical matters were well done and the theme was clearly addressed in each of the seven scenes filling up the two discs. In short, Sperm Receptacles 2: Special Edition was exactly what it was advertised as being so there should be no mistaking this for a weaker show by a competitor.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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