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Unleashed vs. Freshly Slayed 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Unleashed Vs. Freshly Slayed 2: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Justin Slayer Productions

Genre: Gonzo, Compilation

Director: Justin Slayer

Cast: Melanie Crush, Justin Slayer, Julie Silver, Hunter Young, Allura Bond, Sky, Camelia, J. Monty, Avy Scott, Laura Lion

Length: 256 minutes

Date of Production: 10/2/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 32 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It was far too comprehensive to explain in a few sentences but it included a lot of material with extra nudity so I wasn't complaining. The other extras were light this time with a pop shot compilation from the scenes, filmographies, a cast list, a photogallery, a biography for Justin Slayer, and trailers to shows like Big Booty White Girls 1, Big Booty White Girls 2, Big Booty White Girls 3, Big Booty White Girls 4, Just Fuckin 1, Just Fuckin 2, Just Fuckin 3, Black Pipe Layers, Black Girls Get Nasty Too, and Big Booty White Moms.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Unleashed Vs. Freshly Slayed 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 full frame ratio as shot by director Justin Slayer for distribution by Evil Angel. The scenes were originally shot by Justin when he worked at Exquisite under the two series he shot for them several years back, this being a greatest hits, part 2 compilation. The material often looked inferior to his current work but still managed to show the kind of energy that attracted the attention of the so-called Evil Empire, so the limitations should be accepted as normal. The fleshtones looked moderately accurate thanks in large part to the fair lighting, which also limited the grain and video noise but wasn't always consistent. The composition of the camera angles wasn't always the best to enhance the look of the females, typically zooming in on blemishes or having the camera move around like someone was always losing their balance or in an unstable position to shoot. The overall visual look of the show was below average compared to some of Justin's latest works but I thought a lot most of the scenes were worthy of inclusion on the double disc set. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio was presented in the usual stereo English with the levels being a bit varied but you could hear what was said so most fans won't mind the lack of dynamic range or lack of separation between the channels. The music was kind of droning and lame during some of the scene openings but it was less intrusive here than in most of Justin's movies of the last year so I was again pleased at the improvement here.

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Body of Review: Justin Slayer has been around porn for a long time, working with different companies to get his movies distributed as best he can to the fans. Currently, he works with Evil Angel though he released a lot of titles under the banner of Exquisite before making the move. Like many other director/owners, much of his back catalog is out of print so he has been releasing a series of compilations to provide a lot of fuck for the buck that his newer fans can enjoy if they missed his earlier works. The second such compilation is titled Unleashed Vs. Freshly Slayed 2: Special Extended Set, a selection of eight scenes from Justin's Unleashed and Freshly Slayed series shot years ago. I've liked his stuff for a long time, although I'll be the first to admit that I wish he had more background in the actual shooting of porn like some of his peers. There was no new footage to enjoy but the double disc set offered up the majority of his work from the second volume of each series, completitists probably preferring her simply slap the old titles on disc at a lower price point for their consumption. If you're still interested in seeing a lot of interracial action, you'll find a lot to like here, primarily due to the quality of the sex over the way the scenes were captured. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Freshly Slayed 3: Melanie Crush, the attractive blonde featured on the top half of the front cover, was up first in what was advertised as her first scene on video back when this was shot; initially teasing in the sun on an expansive backyard. Justin Slayer didn't believe her age as being 22 but she showed ID and with a little language barrier humor, she went right to work on him as they sat on the couch. The fisheye effect used to capture the scene was a pain, as was the shaky camera, but it was an otherwise solid scene in terms of the raw energy and dynamic the couple provided during the oral and vaginal screwing. The anal was far tougher for her to easily handle so fans in search of seeing a performer's limits stretched will enjoy this one even more. It ended with a vaginal creampie and served as a nice starting scene for the compilation.

Scene Two: Slayer Unleashed 2: Julie Silver, the lean blonde on the lower middle of the front cover, was smoking as she was introduced to the camera by Justin Slayer, her accent elevating the heat a little but that fine figure of hers truly working magic in the red lingerie she wore. The thumping music sucked (doesn't it always?) but it stopped soon enough and the sex took place in similar fashion to the first scene, with the exception that she cleaned herself with the bidet. Justin went to work on her titties and neither did much oral before he started rubbing her down and screwing her perfect pussy. Thankfully, after getting some penetration from her, they both did get a chance to orally work one another, her oral skills proving to be very nice indeed. The contrast between their skin tones was stark in the sense that she was so lily white and he was so dark but that added something to the show and the lengthy scene continued as they moved on to screwing anally as well as vaginally with some taste testing. He did much of the work this time and that was the only real flaw but I think that they had some chemistry together as well. The scene ended with a pop shot most call an anal creampie, her rubbing the population pudding into her ass cheeks before the camera faded away.

Scene Three: Freshly Slayed 2: Hunter Young, a pleasant looking blonde seen on the upper middle of the front cover (under the "R" of Slayer), was up next as she and a good friend (Avy Scott!) joined Justin Slayer and his cameraman on a road trip on the back roads of Cali. They stopped along the side of the road and the ladies began flashing, moving to a rest stop area for Hunter to begin sucking off Justin's hefty rod as people drove by. Avy smoked a cigarette as her friend slobbed his knob, the possibility of getting caught adding to the fun. They decided the risks were too great so they hiked down the mountain a bit to finish the scene, sucking and screwing before the scene was edited to a generic couch inside of a house like most of the others (they were about to get caught). He did most of the screwing work after that and the scene ended with her taking a huge facial. There was then an advertising message about bootlegs (Justin's works seem to be stolen a lot by pirates) before the next scene appeared.

Scene Four: Slayer Unleashed 2: Allura Bond, the redhead on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was up next in a scene from Unleashed 2, dressed in goth fetishware by the backyard pool that Justin's fans have seen so many times in the past. She wasn't nearly as attractive as the first three ladies but she seemed to confidently display herself as though she knew how to milk a nut with her all natural body so I gave her a chance. Justin Slayer was her partner and he directed her step by step as to what he wanted from her. Her deepthroat skills were pretty solid and she was always aware of the presence of the camera, turning him on with her English accent from the looks of things. It was a sloppy hummer and led to her getting in the pool with him to fuck, acting too passive for my tastes until they went into the house where she kicked in her skills. The ride was never the best of the bunch but she did seem to like working his long black dick inside of her lean lithe body. There was dirty talk and she took the vaginal creampie from his cock to suck clean at the end of the action.

Scene Five: Freshly Slayed 2: Sky, the gal on the lower left hand corner in her first and only scene, was up next after Justin Slayer and his pal had a discussion about how to get the best work out of her. They found her on the street in relatively modest clothing, bringing her back to the crib (the apartment) after some small talk. There was some up skirt action before they made it to the second floor apartment, the fisheye effect back as with several of the other scenes. She took a leak in the toilet before the tease footage took place, Justin appreciating her curvy figure more than average from his comments. Sexually, it was oral and vaginal with each giving the other head after some chemistry-connecting kissing, leading to the inverted 69 Justin sometimes likes to do. There was a lot of choking and she seemed to be just as actively participating in the action as he was, making it fun as the sweaty couple drove home the point about each getting their rocks off. It ended with a facial that she greedily slurped up, ending the first disc's action with a smile.

Scene Six: Slayer Unleashed 2: Camelia, the brunette seen on the middle of the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was the first act of the second disc, teasing the camera in the cramped apartment before tackling J. Monty in his natural surroundings. She wore all black and seemed cognizant of the camera that followed her around during the lame music, settling on the couch as she masturbated to readiness for him. Monty may not be as much a player as Justin but his rod was busting out and ready to show her a great time, the difference between the two men largely in that Monty doesn't seem to like going down on the ladies. She was a bit generic in her comments and too passive but lovely to look at nonetheless and able to take him in her mouth, pussy, and ass with about equal vigor. She even held his cock so that he couldn't go in too deeply, ending the scene with a crotch pop that she rubbed in afterwards.

Scene Seven: Freshly Slayed 3: Avy Scott, the beauty seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up next as she hooked up with Justin Slayer; him wanting to do the one that got away from the previous volume of the series. When they were in the wooded scene, she never did anything with them so they were back in her apartment to rectify the situation. Avy is one of those performers in the jizz biz that likes doing guys of all colors with the added background stuff of showing them comparing AIDS tests and driver's licenses. I liked the playful way they both worked together and each showed some incredible skills with the oral during the scene and she really got into his long black dick hammering away at her once they were suitably warmed up. The way her ass cheeks rippled when she was on top of his was sweet and they both looked to be evenly matched in terms of the dynamic of the scene. The technical matters of the scene (a lack of a C Light for example) were very mixed but it ended with the mouth pop and she was one of the ladies that I'd have guessed would have done him for free if the cameras weren't rolling. Whew!

Scene Eight: Slayer Unleashed 2: Laura Lion, the bent over brunette from the upper left hand corner, was up last and she was treated to some slow motion footage thanks to her perfect looks in the fishnet outfit and matching black thong. She was the only one of the gals to do both Justin Slayer and J. Monty, starting off with Justin on the couch after some short tease footage. I would have enjoyed seeing more tease (and at regular speed) but she was one of the gals that added a freshness factor to the work as well and it worked wonders after having watched so much footage for the double disc set. Justin didn't go down on her though and that sucked but she made up for it by taking an early DP. The sex wasn't as hardcore as some of the other scenes in terms of her actively working the men over but she licked up semen and took a vaginal creampie all the same. Her puffy pussy seemed made for large cocks and that was all she seemed to care about before the credits rolled. It was not the strongest scene to end on but served as a balancing point for the sex acts and physical attraction factors.

Summary: Unleashed Vs. Freshly Slayed 2 by director Justin Slayer for distribution by Evil Angel was easily full of the kind of fuck for the buck strokability that Justin probably hopes will combat pirates stealing his works online to warrant a rating of Recommended or better. Fans of quantity will find the value price of the set a treat since there was over four hours of footage here, nearly five if you include the BTS from Freshly Slayed 2. In short, fans of Justin Slayer would do well to pick up a copy of Unleashed Vs. Freshly Slayed 2 considering the amount of hot women, heated pairings, and general value, even if the technical values were a bit on the weak side at times.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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