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Dynamic Booty

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/25/07

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Dynamic Booty: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Alexander DeVoe Productions

Genre: Black, Gonzo

Director: Alexander DeVoe

Cast: Pinky, Mr. Marcus, Sydnee Capri, Jazmine Cashmere, Wesley Pipes, Mya G., Big Sid, Cherokee, Beauty Dior, Flower Tucci, Aurora Jolie, Sinnamon Love, Brian Pumper, Mone Divine

Length: 194.5 minutes
Note: The cover lists "4 hours and 10 minutes" but this was not the case unless a third disc was missing from my copy of the DVD set.

Date of Production: 12/1/2006 (box); 11/17/2006 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra was the 22 minute long Bonus scene with Mone Divine starring in it. I detailed it below and while it was not up to the standards usually expected of a scene in the Jules Jordan universe, it was a nice extra with some minor stroke value. I actually liked the 26 minute long Behind the Scenes feature more since it actually provided more sex in the climactic scene with Flower Tucci and others but your mileage may vary since not all of the ladies of the cast had equal access to the footage. There was some interview material as well and even the bonus scene was covered but only barely. The technical values were inferior to the movie by a wide margin but there was a goodly amount of raw energy worth checking out. There was also a photogallery, a cast list for the women (the men would've been nice additions), and a director's biography that really struck me as the product of a vivid imagination (though I wish him well).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dynamic Booty: Special Edition was presented in a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen color offering as shot by director Alexander DeVoe for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. This being the first such release for the director, I figured he'd pull out all stops and while there were a number of issues on the technical side, the appeal of anamorphic widescreen made me happy I tried it out. There was a bunch more grain than I prefer to see and the picture itself seemed kind of blurry, almost as if various filters were used to limit the visual flaws of the ladies, much like some of Alex's works at WCP where he directed most of his titles before this. Still, there was a lot of creative use of the visual effects much like John Leslie provides these days so if you're into that over straightforward gonzo visuals, you may enjoy it more than I did. There did not appear to be a lot of edge enhancement, compression artifacts, or other distinctive visual flaws outside of that but the lighting did manage to produce a lot of shadows and this was definitely an area in need of work. The camera angles employed showed the ladies with an emphasis on their asses, a mixed bag considering how much some of them appeared to be flabby (which certainly appeals to a niche audience but it's not the kind of audience that will allow Alex to grow as his biography seems to think he will). The audio was a sparse 2.0 with some music and vocals that were all over the place; probably the area in biggest need of attention. There were times when I was certain that the whispered voices were not supposed to be heard and other times when I'm sure they were important elements of a scene, perhaps indicative of an aspect that Alex will address in later movies better than this.

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Body of Review: Alexander DeVoe has been a prolific director at West Coast Productions and well known for his movies centering on black ladies and large booties. I've seen a handful of his titles and while they were decidedly hit or miss with little middle ground, most of them were awhile back and I have had people swear to me that he has improved his game. Well, apparently someone at Jules Jordan Video seems to think this is the case because they now have a distribution deal worked out as Jules adds some color to his roster. Whether Alexander is simply Jules' answer to Justin Slayer (an under performing director at Evil Angel) or a wise business move will be determined in the fullness of time but the first title between the two is Dynamic Booty: Special Edition. The movie is a series of scenes that follow a formulaic approach in that the women tend to do the same thing repeatedly, with little quirks tossed in for good measure. I like large TONED asses and some junk in the trunk is fine by me but too much tends to weaken a scene for me so keep this in mind before sending me hate emails. The quality of the scenes varied just as much as I remember Alexander's works doing in the past but there was a lot of material here so you can move on if you don't like a particular scene. That said, here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Tunnel Vision: Pinky, the gal with the weird hair on the upper left hand side of the front cover, was up first after some initial "bug-cam" footage with a blue tint. The camera moving about from the floor as though it were a cockroach really did little for me and to be frank, neither did the huge ass Pinky brought to the table. I like round, fleshy ass but there can be too much of a good thing and some time at the gym certainly wouldn't hurt Pinky. The neon green, "butt cup" holder shorts she wore were more like belts used to keep her cheeks from hitting the floor but if you like onion booty that is as loose as porridge, you'll find her appealing. She did various booty teasing exercises in the house until it was time for Mr. Marcus to take over as she was blindfolded on the pool table. She sucked him off well enough and he seemed to be willing to provide his usual brand of meat pipe service but the sex was mechanical for both of them as they appeared to be there just to pick up a check. One of the strengths of urban porn performers tends to be the way they often toss caution to the wind and let it all hang out but this was a decided step backwards where they followed a script and stuck to it with little regard for the fun factor as I often put it. That he didn't go down on her tells me what he thought of her taste and while she rode him hard, it was mechanically hard with repetitive vocals. In short, the scene was boring to me, ending with a facial of moderate portions after oral and vaginal sex. Yawn!

Scene Two: D.O.A.: Sydnee Capri and Jazmine Cashmere, were up next in the house that started with some fetishware barely covering Sydnee's bountiful booty before Jazmine was found struggling in a military style body bag. To me, that was a gruesome way to begin a scene, lowering the heat a lot, even though I like the two ladies in question. They engaged in lesbian action for awhile, including some toy work and a lot of licking, moving on to take care of Wesley Pipes; who was blindfolded in a chair on it's back in the next room. There was face sitting and the gals seemed to come alive at the prospect of sucking and fucking his big, black dick, regaining some of the heat lost in the first part of the scene. The women were dominant over him and they did display a deeper connection than the first scene in terms of passion for one another and spark. The gals actively rode his cock until it was time to pop on their faces but the camera work was substandard in that the lack of a C Light prevented the viewer from truly knowing which hole was being poked much of the time. The dirty talk was solid and I thought the scene was among the best of the movie once it was underway, though it still suffered from a weak beginning.

Scene Three: Closet Freaks: Mya G., a gal with a fat ass and an all natural body was up next as she was displayed in a unique fashion (much like some of the Celeste work done by Robby D. at Digital Playground) in the form of a film loop appearance. The creepy hand that started the flick out by feeling various under garments was then playing with her, soon to be found belonging to Big Sid. Sexually, the tease footage was probably the best part of the action but I really didn't care for the over use of the special effects in a gonzo production; perhaps best saved for a feature horror flick or something other than this genre of porn. The majority of the scene showed her grimacing at the cock plundering her pussy, and the oral was okay but neither act showed any significant amounts of chemistry between the two. It was better than the first scene but only marginally unless you like to see strangers hitting it for money. It ended with a facial and some choking, providing about as much erotic entertainment as a low end gonzo shot in record time.

Scene Four: The Hard Way: Cherokee and Beauty Dior, were up first on the second disc as the bondage-lite themes were again explored by gals in fishnet attire. I like booty tease as much as anyone and both gals were appealing in their own way but the way the footage was shot and the formulaic mannerisms of the gals (let's face it; if every scene has the same basic dynamic and action, it gets old really quickly) weakened it too. The lesbian action was minimal and perhaps that would have been a good area to expand upon and Big Sid once again provided the meat for the ladies to dine on. Sid may not be the next Lexington Steele, Jack Napier, or even Shorty Mac, but the gals seemed to appreciate him just the same as they took over double teaming his dick orally. The use of noises by the gals and rump shaking as they were drilled by him provided some stroke value but your mileage will vary thanks in large part to the way they all seemed infatuated with the camera. They did some taste testing between the positions and ended it with a facial the gals shared but I again found myself thinking they were simply performing to a script rather than enjoying the action.

Scene Five: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry with Nutz: Flower Tucci, Aurora Jolie, Sinnamon Love, and Brian Pumper, were up last as they finished out the second disc in a scene with something for everyone. I admit to picking up the DVD because it had Flower in it and she has rarely let me down in her scenes of the past. She throws herself into her work with a sense of abandon, never caring about skin color, age, or other factors as she simply comes across as loving all cocks. The scene began with her ass being stretched by an anal plug, Flower tasting it during the tease before the others had a chance to showcase their respective talents in other rooms. The solo action was decent and just when some lesbian pairings would have worked best, Brian jumps in to give them the cock they all wanted so badly. He was looking buff and I could see why the ladies were stoked to work with him, each trying to get some of the dick he had to offer up. The oral was messy and each gal seemed to offer a slightly different experience with her mouth, adding to the replay value as a lot was going on at the time. Aurora's anal only ass tricks aside, the scene seemed to ebb and flow with the gals babbling in a barely coherent manner throughout the penetrative sex but I couldn't deny that each of the ladies in the scene were champions in one way or another. The only thing that detracted from the heat for me in a consistent manner was the pissing/squirting show but that was not nearly as expanded upon as some of Flower's work for Elegant Angel so I wasn't too put off. If anything, it showed me that the director had a lot of untapped potential that I hadn't given him credit for in the past, and providing reason enough to seek out some of his better works (as long as the casting was okay). The ending used an anal creampie and served to provide what some fans want to see, although the shitting of semen out has never been something I care for.

Bonus Scene: The Gift & The Receiver: Mone Divine, an attractive gal with some serious curves in her corset and neon colored fishnet stockings, was up in a scene added on that showed her tied up and trying to escape. She made it out of the initial room, up the stairs, and then managed to free herself by climbing into a large trash receptacle. She was somehow wrapped up in saran wrap when the container was opened by one of the usual black guys (there were no male credits and I don't know his name). He unwrapped her and the sex began in earnest with the expected oral and screwing showing she had a decent command of the junk in her trunk, black marker words on her frame to point out the obvious for anyone dumb enough to not know (yet still able to read). He was lean and moderately well hung and she rewarded him with his knob slobbing for saving her. He quietly directed the action by her but she seemed to be doing it all on her own just the same, leaving slobber trails and a messy wake as she worked him over. The vaginal pounding showed she could be active at riding and the anal took forever for her to warm up in the 22 minute scene but it ended as expected with the facial and served as a decent bonus that didn't quite cut it to make the main movie.

Summary: Dynamic Booty: Special Edition by director Alexander DeVoe for distribution by Jules Jordan Video was strictly a Rent It for me due to the uneven way it was made, the way some gals were far better than others, and the lack of heat in several of the scenes. There was enough decent material here to show that the director had potential to be worthy of placement on the team led by Jules Jordan but I could list off a dozen other directors that have demonstrated more consistently appealing work as contract directors in the field so something special much have happened to make this deal happen. In short, while your mileage may vary from mine due to personal tastes in women, Dynamic Booty: Special Edition really wasn't that big a leap forward for the director from his last job. He has improved but not to the elite level inspired by the likes of Erik Everhard, Jules Jordan, and Mike John; each of whom are indisputably leaders in the field.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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