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Riding Hard

Studio: Falcon » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/27/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

August 2006

Directed By:

Chris Steele


Matthew Rush, Roman Heart, Scott Swann, Mason Wyler, Ken Browning, Carter Longway, Dean Monroe, Manuel Torres.

The Movie:

There's a horse thief on the loose down in North Carolina. He's been rippin' folks off and causin' all sorts of trouble. It's now up to a local muscle-bound Sheriff (Matthew Rush) to find the varmint and teach him a lesson.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all good-looking with an age range of early twenties to mid thirties, a variety of muscle-bound, toned/husky, and toned/slender body types, dark and blond hair, trimmed and full pubes, and uncut/cut cocks. The guys range from cute non-fem Twink (Carter Longway) to Butch (Matthew Rush) and Butch Daddy (Manuel Torres).

Scene One:

Ranch hands Roman (handsome with dark hair and smooth/toned body) and Carter (cute with short blond hair and tight/slender build) should be watchin' the boss's horse Fancy but have man-on-man lovin' on their minds. Roman starts the ball rolling by stripping off his shirt and jacking his hard cut cock while watching Carter sleep. Carter wakes up mighty fast and chows down on Roman's stiff dick sliding his wet mouth up and down and deep throating all the way to those dark trimmed pubes. Hungry for some cock himself, Roman takes Carter's large cut tool deep down his throat working that rigid shaft with his warm mouth. Horse thief Ken (good-looking with short brown hair and husky/muscular body) barges into the barn and politely asks if he may join in. Ken sucks Roman's dong gorging himself on some Grade A beef. Ken is busy switching back and forth sucking Roman and Carter's tools while jacking his own hard cut prick.

Ken bends over allowing Roman to spread his bubble butt cheeks and dive into his tight shaved hole. Roman goes wild on that pulsing pucker licking and tonguing while Carter fucks the hell out of Ken's mouth with his big dick. Carter gets a taste of that tangy manhole preparing Ken for a good fucking. Roman fucks Ken from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes and really pounding him. Ken grunts loudly as his tight chute is filled with Roman's pork. Carter fucks Ken in the missionary position (with condom) continuing the quick and powerful drilling that Roman started. Ken takes it like a man and beats his hard meat. Roman slides behind Carter and fucks him from behind (with condom) while Carter is busy pounding Ken. The dudes fuck the daylights out of each other. Roman jacks off and shoots a thick load on Carter's back licking/eating his own seed. Carter beats his meat and squirts a wet load out of his huge purple knob onto Ken's stomach. Carter licks up his nut. Ken reaches a climax and dumps a thick load on his stomach. Roman and Carter scoop up Ken's jizz and feed it to him.

Scene Two:

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Cowboys Dean (hot dude with short dark hair and toned/tattooed body) and Manuel (sexy with toned/muscular body and hairy chest) are relaxing by making out with plenty of wet tongue. The dudes strip down and Manuel gets a pail of water and a washcloth and begins to bathe Dean. Manuel caresses Dean's body and licks his hairy armpits sliding down and turning him around. Manuel kisses Dean's hot butt cheeks, spreads 'em, and begins to eat that tight hairy hole. He really chows down on that pouting pucker licking and tonguing it driving Dean wild. Dean wants to get in on the action and deep throat's Manuel's fat uncut tool sliding his mouth up and down the shaft and licking his foreskin. Dean gives excellent head sucking that tool and licking those hairy nuts. Manuel can't get enough of his pal and chows back down on his cock, balls, and asshole. Dean digs having his ass eaten and moans loudly. Dean adds to his pleasure by finger fucking his tight butt hole while Manuel eats it. Soon both dudes are sliding their fingers into that snug hole as Manuel continues to lick away. "Oh! Play with my hole!"

Manuel bends Dean over an old rowboat, spreads his butt cheeks, spits on that hole, and fucks him from behind (with condom). Dean makes some of the sexiest noises I've ever heard while having his hole plowed fast and hard. The noises are a mix of cries and pouts of lust. Dean is busy working his own hard nipples as Manuel switches to the missionary position fucking Dean with long slow strokes and then fast quick pokes. Dean sinks down on Manuel's cock and rides him like a bucking bronco as his hard uncut cock bounces around. Dean continues with those hot cry/pout noises as he goes for a wild bouncy ride all the way to the Mason/Dixon Line. Dean pulls his pud, cums on Manuel's hairy chest, and licks up his juice. Manuel pumps his cock and shoots a thick load on his pubes. Dean scoops up some of Manuel's cum and feeds it to him. Manuel hungrily sucks Dean's fingers.

Scene Three:

Hunky muscle-bound Sheriff Matthew is hot on the trail of horse thief Ken and finding him in the woods tied to a tree Matthew unties Ken and orders him to strip. Ken takes off all his clothes showing his husky/muscular build and sucks Matthew's large cut cock. Ken chows down on that big fucker taking it deep down his gullet and jacking that hard shaft. Matthew orders Ken down on all fours, slaps that hot bubble butt, and eats his tight shaved hole. Matthew's tongue is busy licking that winking starfish as Ken's moans fill the wilderness and probably scares a few animals. Matthew fucks Ken from behind (with condom) sliding in and out using fast 'n hard strokes. "Oh yeah that sweet hole!" Matthew switches to the missionary position and continues to teach the horse thief a lesson in man-love. The dudes are quite vocal and both grunt loudly as Matthew porks Ken. Matthew jacks off and cuts loose with a very thick load on his fist and pubes. He tastes his load. Ken shoots a large thick load on his stomach. Matthew takes some of that thick nut from Ken's knob and feeds it to him.

Scene Four:

Mason (very cute with short blond hair and toned body) is enjoying a bath in the trough. Sexy boss man Scott (nice looking with short brown hair and tall/toned build) rides up on his horse (Fancy) to get a better look. Mason stands up revealing his large uncut cock and the dude begin a slow 'n sexy make out session with plenty of wet tongue. Scott jacks Mason's hard cock making his foreskin cap and uncap that pink knob as he sucks tongue. Scott kisses his way down Mason's body and takes that big dick deep down his throat. He feasts on that cock taking as much as he possibly can and stroking the stiff stalk. Mason digs the blowjob and pinches his own hard nipples while moaning. Scott works those full nuts and Mason jacks his own tool. Mason gets down on his knees and sucks Scott's hard cut cock. Mason nurses Scott's large purple cock head jerking the stiff root and Scott grunts 'n groans.

Scott fucks Mason's mouth while Mason produces a large amount of spit and makes loud gulping noises. The dudes move into a sixty-nine where they can both enjoy that tasty man meat at the same time. Scott lifts Mason's legs in the air and eats his tight hairy asshole flicking his wet tongue all around the pink rosebud. Scott munches that butt until Mason is begging him for a hard fuck. Scott is happy to please his pal and slides his hard condom-covered tool deep into that chute missionary style. Scott pounds the holy fuck out of Mason's little hole making him grunt, moan, and fill the woods with the natural sounds of man-sex. The dudes get into a hot sink/bounce with Mason bucking up and down on Scott's rigid shaft like a wild man. After some side/missionary and doggy style, Scott jacks off squirting a thick load from the gaping piss slit of his bulbous knob. He's hungry after such a frenzied fuck and eats his own load. Mason pounds his pud and shoots a thick load on his fist and full brown pubes. He gets a nice taste of his jizz from his cum-filled foreskin.



"Riding Hard" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is excellent as usual providing full coverage of all the action and wonderful close-ups. The picture quality is nice and sharp.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to hear the old-time western dialogue and plenty of lusty noises that echo through the woods (especially from Dean Monroe with that sexy cry/pout).


The bonus features are plentiful and cool including an interactive menu, scene selection (with choices of: oral, rimming, anal, and orgasm), chapter stops, cast photos with physical stats, a behind-the-scenes photo gallery featuring the photographs of Greg Lenzman and Mick Hicks, a thirty-minute "Making Of" featurette on location in Greensboro North Carolina, alternate titles for the movie, a Daguerreotype photo gallery, and a sex-only cut of the movie. The bonus features also include previously unavailable scenes: "Fuckin' Farmhand" and "Breakdown" that look to be from the late 1970s and early 1980s, and previews for: "Dripping Wet", "From Top to Bottom", "The Velvet Mafia", and "Big Dick Club".

Final Thoughts:

Falcon Studios proves once again while it's one of the top contenders in the world of all-male erotica. "Riding Hard" is one hell of a hot movie with top-of-the-line production values that include excellent direction from the hunky Chris Steele, videography by Ross Cannon, and editing by Lief Gobo. There is a fun old-time type western movie plot involving a horse thief and a kidnapped cowgirl (in a non sexual role). The sex is sizzling with the dudes being completely into the heavy tongue kissing, cock sucking, wild face fucking, asshole eating, and butt pounding. The scene move along at a nice steady pace never becoming dull thanks to the direction and editing. The dudes are all handsome with a mix of toned and muscle-bound body types. My favorites here are Matthew Rush, Dean Monroe, Mason Wyler, and Scott Swann. Lastly, the disc is loaded with cool extras. I highly recommend this one. It's a huge turn-on!

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