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Men of the Trade

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/27/07

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Year of Production:


Directed By:

Tony Allen


Brett Kenyon, John Gage, Josh Kole, Seth Handler, Ron Hunter, and Chuck Hanson.

The Movie:

"These blue collar workers are ready for red hot steamy sex on the job!"

The Dudes:

These Bears and Daddies are definitely not pretty boys but are hot and look to be in the thirties to forties with a mix of husky and toned builds. The dudes all have hairy chests, full pubes, and cut cocks.

The Plumber:

Husky Bear Brett (shaved head, goatee, pierced nipples) is having problems with his laundry room sink. Luckily, Plumber John (short dark hair, facial hair, pierced nipples) is on hand to replace the old pipes. As John gets down under the sink to do his job, Brett is watching while rubbing the bulge in his gray sweatpants. John catches Brett with a boner and the dudes get into some heavy making out with lots of wet tongue action. The dudes strip down revealing their husky and ultra hairy bodies and start pinching those hard pierced nipples. John is down on his knees sucking Brett's big 'n hard cut cock wrapping his fist around the veiny shaft and working his hot mouth up and down taking time to nurse the large purple knob. Brett is cock hungry too and takes John's stiff cut prick into his mouth deep throating all the way to John's plentiful dark pubes. The dudes continue to make out and pull/suck those hard man-tits in between sucking each other's cocks. Brett fucks John from behind (with condom) sliding in and out of that tight hairy hole with long slow strokes. John eggs him on to fuck harder and Brett happily complies really banging that butt. Brett jacks off and shoots a thick load on John's hairy nuts. John beats his meat and shoots a thick load on his pubes while sniffing Brett's underwear.

The Oil Men:

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Seth (good-looking with short black hair and beard stubble) and Josh (sexy dude with short dark hair wearing baseball cap) work in a warehouse somewhere in the rough industrial section of town. The dudes are hot, sweaty, and grimy from loading large oil drums into a truck. They take a break, which leads to Seth rubbing Josh's leg and bulging crotch. The dudes make their way into a back alley for some man-love. Seth pushes Josh against a brick wall and the dudes go at it hot 'n heavy with some deep tongue sucking and body rubbing. Josh lifts his shirt revealing a sexy hairy chest as Seth sinks to his knees and sucks Josh's balls that are hanging from a hole ripped in his tight blue jeans. Seth manhandles those hairy nuts pulling on them and sucking as hard as he can. Josh digs the action and pinches his nipples.

Seth unzips Josh's jeans, licks his dark pubes, and takes his hard cut cock deep into his mouth. Seth goes to town on that hard tool jacking and sucking making his pal moan with pleasure. Josh returns the favor sinking to his knees and sucking Seth's rigid clipped prick down his gullet. The dudes engage in some intense kissing, cock sucking, hairy chest licking, and tit pinching. They munch down on each other's hairy assholes (no good close-ups) filling the nasty alley with lustful grunts. Seth fucks Josh from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes as Josh goads him on to fuck harder. Seth really drills his friend's tight hole with hard man meat. Seth beats off and shoots a large thick load all over Josh's hairy chest and stomach. Seth licks his load from Josh's body. Josh pulls his pud and shoots a thick load on his chest and stomach mixing his seed with Seth's.

The Landscaper:

Landscaper Ron (tall dude with dark hair, receding hairline, cool sideburns and mustache) is planting flowers in the backyard. He becomes hot and unbuttons his shirt revealing a very hairy chest. Chuck (hot butch daddy with cool goatee and short dark hair) wonders outside and tells Ron he wanted the flowers in a different section of the yard. Chuck rubs Ron's hairy chest which shocks Ron making him exclaim, "I'm not that way!" Chuck isn't taking no for an answer and roughly kisses Ron cramming his hot tongue into the landscaper's mouth. Ron puts up a good fight but Chuck is much bigger and he must surrender. Chuck fucks Ron's mouth with his hard cock and soon Ron is no longer fighting. He takes that hard dong into his mouth slobbering up and down the hard veiny shaft. Being in a generous mood, Chuck gets down on Ron's rigid cut tool and deep throats him down to those full dark pubes. The dudes go wild licking hairy chests, sucking and pulling on hard man-tits, sucking cocks, and eating hairy assholes (without close-ups). Chuck straddles Ron as the dudes beat their meat and Ron slaps his cock head against Chuck's nuts. Chuck supposedly cums but I could not see it due to some cheesy slow motion effects and bad picture quality. Ron beats his meat and shoots a thick load on his full pubes and hairy stomach while pulling his nuts.



"Men of the Trade" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by is basic providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups with the exception of the butt munching which has absolutely no close-ups. The picture quality is not so good. It's grainy and has plenty of pixel problems.


The sound is hollow like it's been filtered through a tin can. The music is cool in a 1980s synth way.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, out takes from the movie with the dudes laughing and flubbing lines, a photo slide show featuring some nice publicity and action shots from the movie, web site information, and trailers for: "Palm Cruise" (with groovy organ music), "Studs of Southwest", "Country Bears in Heat", and "Extreme Furfest".

Final Thoughts:

Manhunter Video specializes in Bears and Daddies with extremely hairy chests. The dudes are appealing with a variety of husky and toned bodies, tattoos, piercings, and rough 'n tumble appearances. The sex is hot with plenty of cock sucking, tit play, and butt fucking. The movie's problems lie with the videography and picture quality. The movie sorely lacks any close-ups of the ass eating which is odd since the dudes munch down on plenty of hairy holes. The picture quality is poor with too much grain and pixel problems. The viewer can still see the action but the picture quality definitely brings the movie's rating down. I'll go with a Rent It for fans of butch Daddies and Bears with extremely hairy chests.

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