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Candy Ass 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/28/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

May 2006

Directed By:

Keith Miller


Aaron Tyler, Zack Tanner, Tyler Lance, Alex Lynn, Cohen Jennings, Devon Ford, Jamie Blade, Prince Mykal, Cameron Phillips.

The Movie:

Cute Twinks bareback their way though a number of sexual situations achieving gratification in sucking cocks, eating assholes, and fucking butts.

The Dudes:

These young Twinks (all age 18+) are cute with a nice variety of looks. From traditional boy-next-door to cool/funky and finally androgynous, there should be something here to please everyone. The body types are all the same: smooth and slender...although Cohen Jennings does have a sexy slightly hairy chest. The pubes are shaved and trimmed and the cocks are cut and uncut.

Scene One:

Zack (cute with short dark hair) and Tyler (equally cute with short brown hair) are relaxing in the cool swimming pool on a hot sunny day. Zack makes his way over to Tyler who is on a large inflatable float. The dudes kiss using those wet tongues to explore the other's mouths. Zack climbs up on the raft and strips of his swimsuit revealing shaved pubes, cut cock, and plump balls. Tyler follows suit allowing his uncut prick and barely grown out pubes some breathing room. The guys settle into a side sixty-nine where they both suck those hard cocks jacking the shafts and cramming as much meat into their hungry mouths as they can. Tyler gives some excellent head as he deep throats his pal's dong.

Tyler sinks down on Zack's hard cock rocking back and forth, humping up and down, and filling his tight chute with Twink meat. I'm surprised that the float doesn't tip over from all the action. Zack switches to fucking his pal from behind pounding that hole with fast strokes as Tyler jacks his hard dick. The dudes relocate to the pool's edge where they play another game of sink/bounce while making out. Tyler wildly beats his meat and shoots a large thick load on Zack's stomach. Zack jacks off and shoots thick jizz on Tyler's face and in his mouth.

Scene Two:

Cohen (very cute with dark hair, sideburns, and facial beard stubble) and Alex (androgynous with spiked bleached hair and feminine plucked eyebrows) are in the middle of a full-on make out session on a groovy mod green sofa. The dudes remove their shirts with Cohen revealing a lightly hairy chest and Alex's smooth chest. Alex jacks Cohen's hard cut cock and goes down taking it deep into his mouth as Cohen guides Alex's head with his hands. Alex gives excellent head jacking that shaft, rubbing those dark trimmed pubes, cupping Cohen's plump nuts, and suckin' that dong. Cohen rubs Alex's bulging briefs, pulls out his hard cut cock, jacks that shaft, and deep throats that thang all the way to Alex's closely trimmed brown pubes. Both of these guys suck a mean dick!

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Alex fucks Cohen's tight butt from behind starting off with mid-tempo strokes that become faster making Cohen sigh, pant, and grunt with lust. Cohen sinks his tight hole down on Alex's stiff shaft riding his cock up and down while jacking his hard dong. Alex takes the lead and begins to thrust his hips in an upward movement to fuck his friend. Cohen strokes off and shoots a thick load on Alex's stomach. Alex jacks his prick and shoots a thick load on juice on his fist and near his own shaved asshole.

Scene Three:

Prince Mykal (nice-looking guy with short black hair and dark complexion. Perhaps of Middle Eastern descent?) and Devon (cute dude with brown hair) are lazing around on the bed making out using those wet tongues and feeling each other's bodies. Prince jacks Devon's huge cut cock with his fist, bends over and takes as much of that monster cock in his mouth as possible. When I say huge cock I mean it. It's fucking big! Prince strokes the fat shaft and nurses the pink knob. The dudes get into more making out with those busy tongues while Prince rubs his hard cut cock against Devon's body in an erotic dry hump. Prince is now spread eagle on the bed when Devon gets a hankering for a taste of cock. Devon goes down on Prince's hard cock bobbing his head up and down and sucking his pal's nuts. Devon moves down further and eats Prince's tight shaved hole fucking it with his thumb.

The ass eating and finger fucking drives Prince wild and his eyes roll back in his head. Prince is one brave dude to take on Devon's monster cock. Prince slowly sinks down on that dong filling his tight chute to the absolute limit. Prince rides that big dick up and down while sighing. There is a nice camera shot of Devon's hairy balls and butt crack as he thrusts up to fuck Prince. Devon switches to the missionary position and drills Prince's tight butt hole fast 'n hard while Alex jacks off and continues to moan. The dudes move to a side/missionary position where Devon slides his big beef stick up Alex's bum. Alex shoots a thick load while being fucked missionary style and Devon strokes that huge fucker squirting a big wet load on Prince's chest and stomach.

Scene Four:

Jamie (cool looking dude with long black and blond hair) is lounging on a sofa wearing low-slung blue jeans to show off his lanky body. Prince (from Scene Three) races in and the dudes make out with those eager wet tongues. Prince sucks Jamie's hard pink nipples and kisses his way down his pal's stomach to unseen treasures. Prince unbuckles and unzips Jamie's blue jeans, pulls 'em down revealing nice black pubes, large uncut cock, and hangy balls. Prince takes that plump cock into his mouth and sucks it to full hardness working his mouth up and down the shaft, jacking, and nursing that knob. Prince straddles Jamie allowing Jamie to suck his pal's hard cut meat. Prince fucks Jamie's face cramming his stiff dong into that warm wet mouth.

The dudes go for some sink/bounce action as Prince slowly lowers his tight Twink-pussy down on Jamie's fat rigid tool. Jamie grabs those butt cheeks and thrusts upwards fucking his pal's hole. Prince bucks up and down and rides that hog like a pro. Jamie pounds Prince's butt in the missionary position making Prince moan over and over "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" Prince pounds his meat while being porked and shoots a thick load on his stomach exclaiming, "Aaaah dude!" and "Dude! Keep fucking me!" Jamie fucks Prince from behind, pulls out, jacks his unclipped tool and shoots a wet load all over Prince's back.

Scene Five:

Aaron (cute with short brown hair) and Cameron (good-looking with brown hair) are playing dueling tongues when Aaron gets down on his knees and sucks his friend's long cut cock. Aaron pinches Cameron's hard nipples as he sucks dong. Cameron is hungry too so he sinks down to his knees and takes Aaron's hard fat cut cock down his throat. Cameron jacks that hard chubby stalk cramming that tool into his hungry mouth. The dudes take turns sucking each other's hard pricks. Cameron has an itch to scratch and only Aaron's fat cock can to the scratchin'. Cameron sinks his tight shaved pink starfish down on that big cock and slowly begins to ride up and down. Cameron gains speed and is soon riding up and down that hard sausage.

Aaron switches to fucking Cameron from behind using fast 'n hard strokes as he pounds that hole. Cameron wants to top for a while so Aaron sinks down on that hard pole and begins to bounce up and down while choking his chicken. Cameron thrusts his hips upward to fuck his pal's little hairy bunghole. Cameron puts Aaron through his paces by switching to the missionary position and then off to some doggy style all the while drilling his friend's pucker. Aaron jacks off and shoots a very thick 'n plentiful load on Cameron's chest. Cameron jacks his long dong and the jizz shoots from his big purple cock knob.



"Candy Ass 2" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Keith miller and Mason Coxx is professional providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is excellent with a sharp clean image.


The sound is nice and clean allowing the viewer to hear all the pouts, moans, sighs, and grunts as these Twinks pleasure each other.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a selection for jumping right to the oral, anal, and cum shots, previews for: "Candy Ass", "Bareback Boys of Castro", "Game Room", "Bareback Pick-Up", and "Bareback London". There is also a website address for ordering discs.

Final Thoughts:

As always mentioned when I review bareback movies, I'm a huge advocate of safe sex. That said, I do not allow that to interfere with my opinion of the movie. "Candy Ass 2" is a fun and entertaining watch filled with cute young Twinks (all age 18+). The dudes are definitely into the action and give very energetic performances. My favorites are Cohen Jennings, Jamie Blade, and Devon Ford (he's the on the cover). The production values are top-notch with Direction by Keith Miller, Videography by Keith Miller and Mason Coxx, and Editing by Chance Taffer. The Direction and Editing are spot-on creating scenes that are a turn-on, move along at a steady pace, and never become dull. I recommend for fans of frisky Twinks.

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