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Adventures of Shorty Mac #2, The

Studio: Black Market » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Adventures of Shorty Mac #2

Black Market

Genre: Interracial

Director: Xavier Thomas/Tim Von Swine

Cast: Jamie Elle, Shorty Mac, Mercedes, Charly Fire, Jasse Monroe, Jaylynn Sinns

Length: 140.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 9/2/2006, 9/6/2006, 9/25/2006, 9/26/2006, 9/28/2006, 9/29/2006, 10/1/2006

Extra's: The only extra on the DVD was a 8 minute long Behind the Scenes feature comprised largely of funny deleted footage with some extra sex included. The cover listed a cumshot compilation that was not on the DVD (while I don't care for either of those extras, I do care that the advertised material was not present) but there were some trailers and a photogallery. There was also a cardboard slipcase (often referred to as an "O-Ring") that was a duplicate of the cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Adventures of Shorty Mac #2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as credited to director Xavier Thomas for Black Market. Having watched the movie and the BTS feature, I have no doubt that the credited cameraman, lighting expert, and other production crew worker Tim Von Swine was the actual director or at least co-director (just like I believe Robby D. is the director for Celeste's movies, Mike Quasar handles the movies for Greg Alves, and a few other notable cases of directorial credits gone awry), a good thing considering how talented the guy can be (I've tried to confirm if the Xavier name is just an alias unsuccessfully). The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting solid enough in most cases to provide good visuals, and the composition of the scenes appeared to enhance the looks of the ladies in most cases. I saw no compression artifacts but the DVD seemed to be poorly mastered (when going back to fine tune some comments in my review, I had problems accessing portions directly, having had a similar problem in the first volume of the series too). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital with a little bit of rap music but largely dependent on the vocals to instill a sense of the fun and heat from the scenes. There was no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was moderate for those who care

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Body of Review: Tim Von Swine has been a force in porn as a director for some time now, bouncing around production companies as he attempts to find a place to call home. Lately, he has seemingly found a place to shoot for at Black Market, a newcomer to porn that was formed by a couple of industry veterans seeking to make it on their own. Tim's latest movie for the company is The Adventures of Shorty Mac #2, the sequel to The Adventures of Shorty Mac #1, where a short black man (Shorty Mac) with a large penis uses his verbal skills to convince women to come back to his messy bedroom to have sex. Each scene ends with the guys giving the ladies the boot in a comic manner, the scenarios being fake but amusing nonetheless. The idea is as basic as can be and has been done many times in the past but the series is growing on me as I watch more volumes (I have #3 here as well), since it is clearly a put on. If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by action and cast, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Jamie Elle, a young, cute white gal in a crop top (sporting the words: "boy toy") and blue jean shorts, was up first as she experienced car trouble in the lily white suburbs. Shorty Mac and director Tim were cruising for women and came to her rescue, eventually taking her home to hang out. Needless to say, the only help they ended up giving her was a heaping helping of hospitality in the form of Shorty's cock, wanting her to strip for them in order to pay for their help. That led to her giving them a show and Shorty joining her on the weak bed of the series, feeling her up before she attempted to handle his massive member in her little white mouth. She gave it a valiant effort, jerking him off as she sucked, with him licking her for a moment before they fucked vaginally. She was bigger on dirty talk than on active riding skills at first but she eventually showed herself to be really sexually aggressive; taking him in balls deep as she impaled herself soundly. After a few positions, he rubbed out a load onto her face, her swallowing his wad before they kicked her out to fend for herself (I'll admit that this is a mean trick to play, even in jest, but it was funny).

Scene Two: Mercedes, playing a hooker turning tricks along a less traveled street, was up next in her red shorts and thin leopard top as Shorty Mac went to get some from her for free. She had less of the freshness factor than Jamie did but that was befitting of the scenario as Tim poked fun at the situation, getting lots of footage of her curvy ass. The couple had a bet going on and the sexual play was similar to the formulaic approach of the series. She did a weak strip tease and started sucking his cock, showing little aptitude for the act with Shorty surprising me by going down on her for a lot longer than usual. She was a largely passive lay and it took him awhile to pop on her face as a result, ending one of the lamest scenes of the series that I've seen to date.

Scene Three: Charly Fire, a prime candidate for alt-porn with her pale skin, was up next as she walked her little mean dog and kicked back on a field of grass until Shorty Mac made his move. They went back to the crib and she saw the bedroom, wanting to back out of the play. He continued his verbal play (with Tim busting his balls) until she gave in and started to strip for him. That led to some minor foreplay and her dropping to her knees, taking a limited amount of cock into her mouth before he ate her and they bumped uglies. He did most of the penetrative work, her ass cheeks rippling when she was on top, but she did rock on him a little bit towards the end of the action. He came in her mouth and both of them had lost their breath by then, the weak pop shot finishing the sex for them to send her packing.

Scene Four: Jasse Monroe, a blonde gal with an all natural body, was the next customer of Shorty Mac as he drove around a college campus in search of trim. The method of verbal coaxing was not displayed this time, showing the guys bringing her back home to Shorty's messy bedroom. Shorty once again seemed at a loss of words to explain his wall of shame but the anatomy lesson continued as she took off her clothing (to display pierced nipples and enough baby fat to convey her youth). She concentrated her oral efforts on the head of his cock and he ate her out fairly well, leading to the usual bout of boning where he drilled her fairly well. She masturbated as he did so, elevating the heat a bit as she seemed to get off a few times. I would have preferred she be more active in the scene and have fewer blemishes on her legs, but I did believe that she really had a good time with him. The mouth pop was again pretty light and the dynamic of the guys kicking her out was present as always, making the scene pretty solid for the type of action it was shooting for.

Scene Five: Jaylynn Sinns, a brunette that was moving in to the rented house of Shorty Mac and gal on the front cover, was up last as she carried a large box inside his room. She wondered why he wasn't out of the house and he took the opportunity to make the most of the situation with the 19 year old, putting her through the paces as expected. She was lean and relatively inexperienced, resulting in a scene that wasn't overly heated but served to work as a cap to the end of the movie. He was way too large for her to handle and after the limited knob slobbing she gave him, he skipped doing any on her to bone away at her pussy. She wasn't very active but she gave a good show like she was getting off on the large black cock, eventually even riding him when she was on top. He was stretching her pussy a lot as she rode him, eventually getting him off on her face, with a switch in the usual plan as the guys bailed on her (rather than kick her out since she was the new renter of the location) while she begged him to stay.

Summary: The Adventures of Shorty Mac #2 by director Tim Von Swine for Black Market furthered the exploits of The Adventures of Shorty Mac #1 and while the series still has a number of rough edges, it warranted a rating of Recommended. The technical values were pretty solid, as expected from Tim's work, the ladies were a nice selection of new gals and established professionals, and the heat from the scenes proved to be slightly elusive in a few cases but definitely a factor in others. In short, The Adventures of Shorty Mac #2 was the best title from the company that I've watched to date, thanks to the combined efforts of those involved.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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