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Porny Monster

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 1/30/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

The latest Burning Angel production is a kinda-sorta parody of the similarly named 2003 Macaulay Culkin film, Party Monster (which Joanna says is her favorite movie), but aside from a nightclub setting and the title, there aren't a whole lot of similarities to discuss. The plot is pretty basic – Chapel Waste wants to be Joanna Angel. She wants the glitz, the glamour and the cock that Joanna always seems to have going on and so she convinces Joanna to take her on as a protιgι. Joanna agrees and initially it's fun for both of them, until Chapel's ambitions get the best of her and student is competing with teacher for the hot spot. Throw in a sub plot with DJ Tommy Pistol screwing around at a nightclub (and contributing to the soundtrack!) and a few of the lovely Burning Angel alt-porn girlies, and you've got yourself a pretty slick, sexy and funny movie. Look for Troma's own Joe Fleishaker in a (thankfully non-sex) cameo role.

Chapter 1 – Pixie Pearl And Whiskey: These two girls find themselves a private room in the nightclub and start playing with one another's tits. Pixie fingers Whiskey and then she spreads her legs and eats her pussy. Tommy Pistol comes in and asks what's going on but they ignore him. He says 'okay, cool' and then splits so that they can get back to the action. After Pixie has given Whiskey a good work out with her tongue and her fingers, Whiskey returns the favor and slips a few digits into Pixie's pussy. The girls finger one another for a bit so that there can be some mutual satisfaction action, and Pixie works Whiskey's ass for a bit, rubbing it for her and working her pussy. They prod away with their fingers until they've both come and end a hot girl on girl scene.

Chapter 2 – Jade Jolie, James Deen And Alec Knight: James (who 'plays' Joanna's boyfriend in the movie) and Alec are selling ecstasy in the bathroom at the night club and Jade is interested in buying some. James starts kissing her and she lets him fondle her a bit. The guys suck her tits and she drops down and starts sucking their cocks. Legendary DJ Tommy Pistol shows up and invites them to his party, but they shoo him away. Jade sucks and strokes her playmates, and then James fucks her from behind while she blows Alec. The guys switch up and Alec fucks her pussy while she sucks on James' prick, then she blows Alec while James fucks her in the ass. Alec fucks her ass reverse cowgirl style for a bit then he fucks her pussy from behind while she gives James head. The guys pull out and jerk off onto her face and end the scene. This is a pretty hot fuck session with some good humorous moments in it as well, and Jade's Bowie-esque make up and outfit are a nice touch.

Chapter 3 – Joanna Angel, Chapel Waste, Some Guy: Joanna and Chapel go to the restroom and find a dick sticking out of a glory hole. Joanna shows Chapel how to suck a cock and she starts going down on it. Chapel gets a turn next, and she follows suit. The girls take turns sucking the cock until it's go time and Joanna strokes it off into Chapel's mouth, and Chapel in turn spits it into Joanna's mouth.

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Chapter 4 – Lystra And Tommy Pistol: Tommy's still running around inviting people who would rather ignore him to his party. Cut to Tommy at the DJ booth and we get to see him spin records and bust mad rhymes while club kids dance the night away. He gets covered in silly string and then Lystra (in a hot pink wig) tells him he's the worst DJ she's ever met. To convince him to change the song she grabs his balls, and soon she starts stroking him until he's hard. She takes his pants down and he agrees to stop the music and soon enough she's giving him head. After she blows him he pulls her skirt up and gets her on all fours in front of him so that he can eat her pussy and her ass. He fucks her doggy style then she rides him reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. She gets down on her knees and sucks his cock again, and then she rides him reverse cowgirl some more. He pulls out and she drops to her knees so he can stroke himself off onto her face. After that his boss comes up, wonders why he doesn't have any pants on, and fires him. This was another scene that was both funny and sexy, with Lystra looking super hot and sucking dick like a pro, and Tommy hamming it up for laughs.

Chapter 5 – Chapel Waste, Joanna Angel, Alec Knight James Deen, Tommy Pistol, Vince Vegan: Back at Joanna's apartment she and Chapel are hanging out. They put on some music and start dancing and soon they're topless. They decide to go out, where they hook up with James and Alec at a club. Joanna starts making out with James and Chapel with Alec. Everyone gets naked and they split off into couples with Joanna and Chapel sucking off their guts and getting their pussies eaten. The girls ride the guys cowgirl style, then missionary and after a while they're both riding their guys reverse cowgirl style, mimicking one another as they go at it. Chapel pushes Joanna off of James and starts giving him head, and Joanna runs away screaming 'porny monster' at Chapel, grabbing James and dragging him off with her. Tommy Pistol and Vince Vegan show up and stroke themselves, and soon the two of them are standing beside Alec and Chapel is sucking them off one at a time. Joanna and James go up to the roof to talk and James starts fucking her from behind. Chapel lets the guys take turns fucking her pussy and her mouth while Joanna takes James in her ass on the roof. James blows his load in Joanna's mouth while Chapel keeps fucking and sucking until it's time for some double penetration action. Once that's over with she gets on all fours and the guys jerk off onto her face and her perky little tattooed tits. This is a lengthy scene and Chapel looks genuinely exhausted when it's over with but it's important in the context of the story and it works well. The sex is long, but it's steamy enough to hold your attention – it would have been nice to see Joanna and Chapel fuck one another, but beggars can't be choosers.

Chapter 6 – Joanna Angel, Chapel Waste And James Deen: James walks in on Joanna and Chapel who are hanging out on the couch. Chapel starts sucking James' cock and Joanna kind of wanders off to the corner of the room and does her own thing. Eventually Joanna decides she wants her man back and so she starts trying to suck him off and pushes Chapel away but soon it turns into a three way. Chapel sits on James' face and then on his cock, while Joanna rubs her clit. Joanna then rides James cowgirl style but Chapel gets mad and tries to pull her off of him – she succeeds and hops back on, and Joanna sits on his face. Joanna gets on all fours and James fucks her from behind while Chapel tries to get him to fuck her again. He lets her blow him, but then goes back to fucking Joanna again. James fucks Chapel missionary for a bit, then once again goes back to Joanna, this time fucking her in the ass and not going back to Chapel, who is upset. Chapel tries to get James back but he pulls out and shoots onto Joanna's pelvis and ends the scene, telling Chapel that it was for her own good before he falls over dead – apparently fucked to death!

All in all, it's a nice mix of self-referential humor (look for Joanna's list of 'cool people') and hot sex. Tommy Pistol steals the show as DJ Tommy Pistol, hamming it up and providing some quality laughs in between his works as a woodsman. The girls all look fantastic – they're all nice, natural and pretty with plenty of interesting tattoos to look at. If you've enjoyed Burning Angel's output so far, you'll enjoy this feature as well as although it breaks a bit of new ground in terms of scope and storytelling (it's a little more involved and a little more complex but that's a good thing) it doesn't deviate far enough from the format to upset anyone. The acting is bad and the whole thing is completely ridiculous, but hey, it's porno – where fun and fucking come first and it's in these two areas that the movie comes up aces.


For the most part we have a nice, stable picture on a well-authored DVD. There aren't any compression issues or edge enhancement problems and the picture is clean, clear and quite detailed with nice color reproduction and decent flesh tones. A couple of the scenes are a little on the dark side in that they're not lit as well as some porno fans might want them to be, but given that these scenes take place in the nightclub it does sort of add an air of authenticity to them.


Thankfully the Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans and yelps and yells. There is no background music used anywhere during the feature aside from the opening credits and the levels do tend to fluctuate quite a bit from scene to shining scene but aside from that there isn't much to whine about here. The audio is fine and the soundtrack and score sound quite nice.


Not much to report in terms of extra features on disc one – we get a menu screen, a chapter selection option, and a star index that lets you go right to your favorite girl's scene.

The second disc in the set, thankfully, has a fairly substantial bevy of supplements beginning with a behind the scenes documentary called The Making Of Porny Monster which features some on set interviews with Joanna and the rest of the cast. We get a chance to check out the production from both in front of and behind the camera and most of the principal cast and crewmembers get a chance to give their thoughts on the movie. We also get a fairly good idea how much effort went into the lighting and set design on this picture, far more than you'd expect from a porno movie. We get to see the sex scenes being blocked and we get to see them being shot. Tommy Pistol continues to try and get everyone on 'his list' even when he's not on camera, playing up his character quite a bit and James Deen talks about the difficulties of shooting group scenes. At forty-four minutes in length it is a fairly in depth piece and it covers everything you'd expect it to.

Up next is Let's Talk About (ASS) Sex which is an informal interview with Joanna talking about anal sex, how enema's are important, and about why she likes anal sex while she's having her hair done. From here, most of the other actors from the movie give their take on anal, with James Deen telling a rather bizarre story about one of his experiences. This interview segment runs for just over six and a half minutes.

When Porn Stars Go Bad is a segment with Chapel and Lystra where a camera man comes in and finds that Chapel has Lystra bound and gagged in the kitchen and is wielding a butcher knife. From there we see Lystra get chased by Chapel after she makes her escape, but eventually they make up. This oddly humorous segment funs for five and a half minutes.

Also included in the fabulous DJ Tommy Pistol Music Video (where Tommy raps alongside a puppet and a Russian guy with a fake beard and wanders around a supermarket! Five and a half minutes in length), a slide show, some Hustler DVD trailers, some VCA DVD trailers, phone sex ads, a web link, and some menu screens.

On a side not, as pretty as Tiffany Taylor is, it would be nice to have the option to skip the stupid phone sex commercial she appears in which is forced at the beginning of each of the two discs in this set. The fact that you can't is annoying.

Final Thoughts:

The Burning Angel troupe is one of the few porno production companies out there that can effectively mix genuinely funny humor with sizzling hot sex scenes. Each of the girls in this production is a looker and the guys all give great supporting performances as well. The narrative is funny and reasonably interesting and the sex is steamy. Couple this with a pretty decent selection of extra features and it's not hard to see why Porny Monster comes highly recommended.

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