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Trapped 1

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/30/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

October 2005

Directed By:

John Bruno


Mike Grant, Brad Rick, Brad Star, Derek Foster, Michael Soldier, Joey Milano, Kent Larson, Darren Phillips, Mark Hansford, Nick Mazzaro.

The Movie:

"A power failure traps a team of construction workers in the dark--leaving them to their own perverted devices!"

The Dudes:

The dudes are definitely a hot butch bunch with a variety of muscle-bound and toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut cocks.

Scene One:

Three hunky construction workers are trapped underground and attempting to reach the emergency light. Well, the dudes find the light but lug-headed Nick Mazzaro (handsome with short dark hair and muscular body) reaches for the fuse box, gets an electric shock, and is knocked unconscious. Co-workers Michael Soldier (good-looking with dark hair, hairy toned chest, and goatee) and Mark Hansford (tall/toned body with short brown/gray hair) are thankful the emergency light is on and that Nick is at least breathing...and has a huge bulge in his tight blue jeans. "The shock must have rushed all the blood to his cock!" Michael and Mark take the opportunity to give their homophobic co-worker a good feel with Michael taking Nick's hard cut cock from his fly and giving it a good ol' sucking. Mark joins in as the dudes take turns sucking Nick's stiff cock jacking that shaft and working those spit soaked mouths up and down the shaft.

Michael slips a condom on Nick's hard cock and slowly sinks his tight hole down on the rigid pole riding up and down while Mark watches and strokes his hard prick. Mark takes a turn on Nick's hard member bouncing up and down with gusto. Nick finally wakes up and immediately digs the action. He thrusts his hips upwards fucking Mark fast and hard. Michael wets his finger and slides it in Mark's tight chute along side Nick's dong. Mark sucks Michael's cock while Nick fucks him from behind (with condom) drilling his butt. Michael slips his hard condom-clad tool into Mark's hole from behind as he munches down on Nick's tight manhole. Michael shoots a thick load on his brown pubes and hairy stomach. Nick beats off and lets go with some thick love juice on Michael's balls, pubes, and hand. Mark watches the dudes get their nut and cums on his hairy inner thigh.

Scene Two:

Derek Foster (handsome muscle dude with short brown hair) and Brad Rock (another hunky dude with toned body and short dark hair) are attempting to get the elevator to work. Derek soon pisses Brad off with his constant button pushing leading Brad to kick his ass and throw him roughly to the floor. When Derek hits the ground, a medium sized butt plug falls out of his pocket. I wonder if many workmen carry a butt plug around? Butch Brad jumps on the situation, pulls Derek's tight blue jeans down to reveal his bubble butt, and smacks the hell out of those buns leaving bright red marks. Brad works that butt plug in and out of Derek's tight asshole using circular motions as he continues to give Derek a hot n' rough spanking. Derek digs the action and exclaims, "Come on! Do it deeper, man!" Derek becomes downright demanding barking, "shove it in there!" which Brad gleefully does.

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Derek spreads Brad's butt cheeks apart in the missionary position and chows down on that tight lightly hairy hole. "Oh fuck yeah! Lick that fuckin' asshole...my sweaty ass!" Obviously Brad loves to have his corn hole licked. Derek sucks Brad's hard cut cock and plump hanging balls driving Brad wild with lust. Derek pounds his hard clipped prick as he crams Derek's hard dong into his mouth. Derek sinks down on Brad's hard condom-covered schlong as Brad forcefully thrusts his hips upward to plow his pal's tight bum. "That big cock feels good! Ram my ass!" Brad switches up and fucks Derek from behind using the same hard immediate strokes to drill his friend. Derek squirts a huge wet load hitting his chest, chin, and the floor past his head. Amazing! Brad pulls his pud and squirts a thick load of jizz on Derek's dark trimmed pubes and stomach.

Scene Three:

Kent Larson (good-looking with very short almost shaved hair, muscular build, and beard stubble) and Mike Grant (hot muscle Daddy with short dark hair and beard stubble) are going stir crazy being trapped underground. Mike complains that he would love to be home fucking his wife with the sex toy he bought during lunch. Naturally, Kent wants to see what Mike purchased. Mike pulls a large flesh-colored dildo from his cooler. Kent takes one look at the rubber weenie, pulls his blue jeans down, bends over, and offers his bunghole to Mike. Mike gets down on his knees, spreads Kent's butt cheeks, licks that tight shaved hole and gets into some intense ass eating. Mike finger fucks Kent's tight pucker murmuring "Sweet hole". Mike slaps the hell out of Kent's bubble butt leaving bright red marks. Mike pulls his own blue jeans down and pulls his cut boloney pole, rubbing his full brown pubes, and pulling on his hairy nuts.

Mike crams that dildo up Kent's butt giving that hole a full workout. Kent reaches back and fucks himself with the dildo forcing it in and out of his ass with fast strokes. Mike fucks Kent's willing mouth sliding his hard cock in and out of that wet mouth, slapping Kent's face and tongue with the blood-engorged tool and sucking Kent's hairy balls. Kent deep throats Mike's dick with absolutely no trouble at all. Mike gets a hankering for some meat and takes Kent's hard cut tool into his gob stroking the hard shaft and slobbering up and down. The dudes stand up and make out while dueling those wet tongues and rubbing their hard members together. Mike fucks Kent from behind (with condom) drilling that butt like the butch Daddy he is. Kent loves the action and begins to forcefully hunch back to fill his insatiable hole with more tube steak. After some missionary position with Mike porking Kent and slapping that butt, the dudes finish up with a nice wank. Kent shoots a thick load of man gravy while Mike pulls that tool and squirts a thick load that flies onto Kent's spider web tattooed stomach.

Scene Four:

Joey Milano (handsome muscular dude with longish dark hair) and Brad Star (very hot with short blond hair, little soul patch, and toned body) are growing increasingly impatient with being trapped. Brad need to take a piss and is tired of holding it. He unzips his blue jeans, pulls out his long cut cock, and takes a slash into someone's cooler. Joey is turned on by the sight of such a strong yellow stream that he pulls his own hard cut cock out and begins to jack off. Once Brad is finished, the guys beat their meat stroking each other's hard tools. The dudes have a cockfight rubbing their stiff "privates" against each other. Joey sinks to his knees and gobbles Brad's dick down his throat sliding his hot mouth up and down the stiff root.

Muscle Dad Mike Grant (Scene Three) enters the room and immediately joins in on this all-man sexual free-for-all. Mike gets down on his knees and takes Brad's dork down his throat giving some good head sucking and wagging that dong. Mike stands up, releases his hard cut cock, and fucks Joey's mouth with no mercy. Joey is definitely up for the action and hungrily takes that prick down his gullet. Joey becomes quite busy switching back and forth between Brad and Mike's tools. Mike eats Joey's tight lightly hairy asshole licking and thumb fucking his pucker. Brad gets in on the ass play spreading Joey's butt cheeks while Mike eats that chute and finger fucks Joey.

Derek Foster (Scene Two) and Darrin Phillips (nice-looking blond dude with slender/tight body) make their way into the room to get in on the action. Mike yanks Derek's pants down and eats his tight shaved butt hole and sucks his hard cut tool. Darrin makes himself useful on his knees sucking Joey and Brad. Mike fucks Joey in the missionary position (with condom) drilling him with hard strokes. Darrin and Derek take turns munching down on Brad's snug shaved hole and sucking his cock. Mike switches to fucking Derek in the missionary position (with condom) while Brad fucks Darrin (with condom) in the same position. Both dudes pound their partner's bums. The scene turns into an orgy of toned and muscular writhing bodies demanding pleasure that only a man can provide. The dudes finish up by beating off with Darrin squirting a huge load that flies though the air with great force, Derek shoots a big thick load on Joey's chest, Brad cuts loose with generous thick jizz on Joey's other pec, Mike squirts a thick load on the floor, and Joey cums on his inside thigh.



"Trapped I" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by John Simms is professional providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is excellent with a nice sharp and clear image.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear these frustrated butch dudes as they argue, curse, kick each other's asses, and get down to some man lovin'. The score by Randy Rocks! is a cool mix of hard techno and industrial.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection (with choices such as oral, rimming, dildo, anal, orgasm), chapter stops, model photos with physical stats, "Fluffing": a behind-the-scenes featurette, outtakes, and a photo gallery of Greg Lenzman and John Eastman's professional publicity photographs and action shots.

Final Thoughts:

Mustang Studios has another winner with "Trapped I". The movie is a huge turn-on with ten hunky dudes featuring a mix of muscle-bound and toned bodies enjoying the pleasures of man-on-man sex. The guys give strong energetic performances and are quite believable as being trapped underground brings out their no-nonsense rough and tumble emotions kicking ass and bullying each other. The sex is damn hot as the dudes release their tension by getting their nuts. The direction by John Bruno, editing by Jim Rhatt, and videography by John Simms is top-notch allowing each scene move along at a steady pace never becoming dull with plenty of close-ups. My personal favorite dudes in the movie are Mike Grant, Brad Rock, Kent Larson, and Brad Star. I highly recommend to fans of butch dudes who know how to suck a mean cock and throw a hard fuck.

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