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Dark Meat

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/31/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dark Meat: Special Extended Edition

Evil Angel

Genre: Interracial

Director: Belladonna

Cast: Annette Schwartz, Rico Strong, Belladonna, Georgia Peach, Brian Pumper, Angela Stone, Lexi Love, Nat Turnher, Victoria Sin, Kapri Styles, John Strong

Length: 265.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/4/2006

Extra's: This three disc set had a lot of extras worth checking out, certainly more than most consumers expect these days. Disc one had some solid extras too. First up was a 51 minute long Behind the Scenes feature starring Annette Schwartz on a couch. Outside of the usual interview material, she engaged in some sexual activity with Rico Strong (Belladonna made an appearance too by the way). It was fun and her fans should consider the footage to be a must have selection of comments by the hotty. This was duplicated in a way by a second Behind the Scenes feature starring Belladonna herself, having sex with Rico too, who was allowed to make a plug for his work at Red Light District. I was happy that she was enjoying herself so much, the longer (though lightened) hair looking good on her compared to the POW look she sometimes goes for in her movies (and at conventions like the 2007 AEE Show). There was also a set of filmographies, a helpful cast list for the seven scenes on the three discs, and some website links. Disc two also had a copy of the cast list and some website links, but the Behind the Scenes features for Georgia Peach and Angela Stone were the best part. Georgia's lasted 38 minutes and included a lengthy bit with Brian Pumper and Bella, including foot fetish stuff and a lot of interview material. The part where Bella tried to get him to answer if he'd take a strap on dildo from her was hilarious but there were other anecdotes by the trio that were entertaining too. Angela's lasted 62.5 minutes, with a lot of nudity and sex footage deleted from the scene, with Bella and Brian adding some extra entertainment again. My biggest complaint about Disc three was that it came in a blue paper wrapper, unattached to the DVD case, almost like a throw away as it was unsecured in any manner. There was another cast list, website links, a lengthy photo gallery, a cumshot recap for the entire movie, 6 trailers to previous Belladonna movies, and Behind the Scenes features for Lexi Love, Kapri Styles, and a third one this time with Bella and Victoria Sin. Lexi's lasted a mere 7.5 minutes as she took on Nat Turnher sexually in some deleted footage. It lacked the entertainment value some of the longer clips had to be open about it. Kapri's BTS feature lasted a decent 30 minutes, containing some interview footage, masturbation material, and more sex with John Strong. Bella and Victoria's feature lasted a short 7 minutes with Bella hardly on it and the majority of time spent on Victoria and Nat getting busy. The DVD had a double sided DVD cover and held two discs on spindles with the third added in as an afterthought by the looks of it in a paper sleeve. In all then, it was a great selection of extras, rivaling the length of the three discs holding the movie (which lasted 95.5, 74, and 96 minutes respectively).

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Dark Meat: Special Extended Edition was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Belladonna for release by Evil Angel. I don't get many of her movies these days (one of my fellow reviewers adores anything she does so it makes sense for him to get the lion's share of her work) but I have long found her to provided very heated, if raw looking titles that were better on pairings than technical values. This was the case here as well with the home movie look of many scenes, the mixed level of lighting, and the resulting grain and video noise. Heck, at about 04:15 minutes into the first disc, there was a glitch that froze the picture up on my systems (plural because I checked it on three set ups) without any obvious mars on the disc itself. Still, the action was clear enough and fans of interracial will find the sheer amount of fuck for the interracial buck to be enough to largely compensate for the technical limitations. The camera angles weren't always favorable to the performers either, making some look worse than usual even as they actively handled the cocks in front of them, but Bella's movies have rarely been known for how good they look so I doubt fans are going to fuss loudly at this point in the game (for the record, I adore Bella and she always hugs me when I say hi to her). In any case, the audio was presented in a similar fashion with a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering that sounded hollow with no separation between the channels and no music to bore you with. There were some off camera noises at times and a few bits of vocal acting that could have been done over to sound better but the visuals were the worst part of this section.

Body of Review: Belladonna has long proven that not all porn stars are the glamorous types most of us associate with the industry, giving far better performances on average than most, if not all, of her peers over the years. There were those who thought that her taking up directing was a waste of talent and to be frank, I wasn't too sure she'd be able to pull it off myself when she first started out. Thankfully we were all proven wrong and Bella's ideas worked most of the time to provide some of the highest quality porn on the market for the extreme sexual circus act tricks she embraced in her flicks released by Evil Angel. She takes a lot of chances and that means some of her movies take on a hit or miss quality but she rarely leaves us fans hanging completely, as was the case with her latest title, Dark Meat: Special Extended Edition. The three disc, many hour, movie (and extras) focused on interracial scenes with a slight twist in the final scene, many of them providing some really heated match ups by talented ladies able to almost keep up with Bella herself. If you're still interested, here's a brief look at the scenes in question, noting that no condoms were used and only one gal shied away from anal:

Scene One: Annette Schwartz, a curvy blonde from Germany, was up first as she showed off more than the house she was trying to sell while dressed in her skimpy black & white outfit. She accidentally came across a glass dildo while giving Rico Strong the tour, managing to show her firm ass and sexual leanings as well in the process. While I would have greatly appreciated more tease footage from her, she started getting frisky quite soon, leading to her employing dirty talk while sucking Rico's large black cock (even using the "N" word with his permission). Her oral skills were as solid as could be, demonstrated by her ability to aggressively slob his knob as well as take his cock and balls into her mouth at the same time. She really got off on the act and I was almost surprised that she went to the penetrative sex with him the way she was getting into the oral, actively riding his rod in her pussy and ass in a variety of positions. The power fucking going on was a mix of different styles, him using her to full advantage as he tore into her perfect pucker. She seemed to enjoy the taste testing, especially that ATM, but always went back to the anal action she was so at home with. She ended it by swallowing his load down and it was a great way to start the movie off.

Scene Two: Belladonna, wearing a black bikini with her lightened, shoulder length hair, was up next in the kitchen as she got a drink. Rico Strong played her boyfriend's buddy and they flirted a little until she pointed out that he wasn't around. Getting the hint quickly, Rico took advantage of the situation to go down on Bella as she spread her legs on the counter. Her nipples stood erect and the bulge in his pants was unmistakably made for her mouth. She used her hand to gland style as she blew him, nearly rubbing out a load of population pudding before she messily continued on his cock with a sense of abandon. He throatfucked her and they soon were pounding away as he tapped that sweet cookie of hers. Arching her back to increase the levels of friction, she bent over the counter to get a bone of her own from him, rubbing herself as she enjoyed all he had to offer. They did a number of positions to hit the right spot on one another, soon switching to anal as she stretched her asshole to accommodate his meaty member. It was an active anal ride that few could hope to compete with, Bella using ATM to enhance the moment. The scene continued as she sucked his nuts to obtain the first nut of the day on her face. She licked herself clean when her boyfriend came back home, a short photogallery playing with crazy credits including an invitation to visit her website for more footage from the movie and a silly bit by Sploogy; the porn bear that was a funny way to advertise another movie.

Scene Three: Georgia Peach, a curvy blonde from Florida that was built more for comfort than speed, was up first on the second disc as she wrote in her diary about how much she wanted Brian Pumper. She was in bed and already playing with her ample breasts, teasing the camera with her huge booty until she played dress up with some black and red fishnet apparel. The fishnets looked good on her and enhanced her looks for me a lot as she crawled up to Brian who largely ignored her at the bar counter while he played on his laptop computer. She went to the couch to masturbate, eventually coaxing him over to get a taste of his cock in her mouth. She actively slobbed his knob and he appreciated it, moving to the vaginal cock riding in no time once he was as hard as a rock. The PTM led to him banging her ass, but while she was active there too, it wasn't as active as her previous work with the stud though she seemed to like doing ATM even more. It ended when she jerked out a load from his cock onto her face and titties, licking up the remains before the next scene started.

Scene Four: Angela Stone, a lean blonde in a metallic pink bikini, was up next with Brian Pumper as he prepared himself in the bathroom. She wanted to take over the main spot in his life instead of being relegated to a stand by status, increasing her desire to show him exactly how good she could be. She dropped to her knees to start aggressively blowing him, displaying a passion for black cock that transcended her previous scenes in the genre. The hand to gland action enhanced the oral she provided him, getting him ready for the active ride she gave him with her throbbing pussy. I'd prefer her look if she had a couple more pounds on her frame (maybe not as many as Georgia though) but she impaled herself on his cock vaginally and then anally in her first interracial anal ride to date from what I was told by the director. The inclusion of "squirting" was a bit of a shark jump but it worked in the context of the scene. She got better as time marched on, doing ATM and rubbing out his load at the end of the scene. She loved the taste of his semen and the population pudding slid down her throat with ease before the scene closed out to the same credits, and more action by Sploogy the porn bear nailing Sasha Grey.

Scene Five: Lexi Love, a lean but skilled blonde in a short skirt and otherwise sexy outfit, was the first scene of the third disc as she came over to make a booty call on Nat Turnher. He buzzed her inside the house and started playing grab ass when she dropped to her knees to start choking on his big, black cock. Claiming never to have had a black man before, she spit on his dick and began jerking him off, switching to mouth action really quickly. Her aggressive blowjob caused him to sport wood in no time, leading to him bending her over and boning away like crazy as a result. She yelled out at the rough way he was pounding on her cookie, spinning around to do some PTM before round two. This dynamic continued for about a half hour, her always riding him very hard. While she didn't do anal (the only gal in the movie that could claim that fact), she probably provided the best overall ride of the ladies in most ways (and some of them are far higher on my list of favorites). The scene had chemistry and tons of enthusiasm, ending when he jerked off to her crotch and she ate the remains.

Scene Six: Belladonna, looking sexy on the bed as she worked on her laptop computer, was up next in a scene with Victoria Sin and Nat Turnher. Nat played her boy toy and she orally serviced him in order to keep him from interrupting her while she was working. The hummer was very energetic but she was called away before finishing him off. He called Victoria over, a lean brunette in a tight black dress, who picked up where Bella left off; slobbing his knob. Her oral wasn't in the same league as Bella but it served him in a pinch, allowing her some time to play with his cock with her feet before riding it vaginally. She was frisky and rode him in several positions with PTM as a side treat, ending up showing him her anal skills as well. She was just as good riding his cock in her ass as her cookie, with his meat stretching her tiny pucker to the limit from the looks of it. He jerked off a load to her mouth for swallowing, ending with some post coital sucking before she was told to clean up and leave (before Bella got back).

Scene Seven: Kapri Styles, a sexy black gal in red lingerie, was up last as she met studly John Strong at the door of her apt. He was the landlord and her husband wasn't present so she started sucking him off as a form of payment for the large place she was living in. She wrapped her pretty little lips around his cock and worked him over, this time the gal providing the "dark meat" of the title in a turn about. She was too lean for my tastes and her skill level wasn't up to par with the rest of the bunch but it was a nice change of pace for the lengthy movie and she was quite flexible. He ate her in return and they started banging away hard on each other, showing that interracial doesn't have to mean one particular dynamic. She was more active during the anal sex but even then she did not meet the standards of quality the other gals had to offer up, weakening the movie as a whole more than a little bit. Maybe if Bella had cracked a whip or made a better choice about female performers here, the scene would have gone better (I've seen John truly go to town on higher quality gals of color so it wasn't his fault). Her repetitive vocals aside, the scene was tame compared to the others and I was happy when he popped his wad into her mouth.

Summary: Dark Meat: Special Extended Edition by director Belladonna for release by Evil Angel had weak technical values but a solid cast of ladies and extras that most companies would have sold by themselves given the amount of sexual play in them. The action was often great and the weaker portions were compensated for to such an extent that I almost raised the level of the movie a notch, settling on a Recommended after factoring everything in. There is no doubt that an improvement in her crew would yield substantial results in terms of how her movies look but Dark Meat: Special Extended Edition did manage to show that more isn't always better unless all the factors are aligned just right. Fans will love it nonetheless and there was a lot of strokability and replay value here so adjust the rating according to your own standards knowing full well that Bella still provided a lot of fun here.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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