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Packin' Meat

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

November 2000, September 2001, September 2005, May 2006, July 2006, and August 2006.

Directed By:

Doug and Jay

The Movie:

Trusty horn dogs Doug and Jay are back providing ten sexy straight dudes who have no problems getting their nut in front of the camera.

Bryan and Guzzo:

Bryan (handsome twenty-one year old dude with short dark hair and beard stubble) and Guzzo (cute nineteen year old dude with short dark brown buzz cut) are relaxing in a hotel room watching some "homegrown pussy" on the television. The dudes strip down revealing nice toned bodies. Bryan has dark trimmed pubes, hanging nuts, and a big cut cock with a large knob. Guzzo offers up his dark pubes, cut cock, and plump balls. Guzzo leans over and sucks Bryan's hard cock bobbing his wet mouth up and down and jacking the stiff shaft. Bryan loves having his cock sucked and sighs loudly while guiding Guzzo's head with his hands. Guzzo gives his pal some good head as Bryan cups his nuts and rubs 'em.

Bryan fucks Guzzo's tight hairy hole from behind (with condom) slowly sinking his stiff dork in and working up to fast and hard strokes while Guzzo jacks his hard cock. Guzzo digs the action moaning, "Fuck yeah!" as Bryan drills his hole. He asks Bryan "You like fucking that ass?" Obviously, Bryan likes it and increases the tempo of his fucking. As the dudes near climax, Guzzo asks Bryan "Am I gonna make you cum?" Bryan pulls out, yanks his rubber off, and shoots a thick load on Guzzo's back. Guzzo beats his hard meat squiring a thick load of jizz on the bed sheets.

Dylan and Crow:

Dylan (cute with short brown hair and toned body) and Crow (very cute with dark military buzz cut and toned body) are lying on the bed watching straight porn. Crow is rubbing Dylan's hard bulging shorts while Dylan's large pink cut mushroom cock head peeks out. Crow reaches into Dylan's shorts pulling out that big stiff prick 'n large nuts and begins to give his friend some excellent head. Crow digs chowing down on that big dong stroking the shaft, slobbering up and down, and nursing the big knob. Dylan removes Crow's shorts revealing nice full dark pubes, plump cut cock, and big ol' balls. Dylan gets down on Crow's hard cock sucking and jacking the shaft as the dudes move into a sixty-nine. The guys gorge on hard cock and reposition themselves into a side sixty-nine.

Dylan fingers Crow's tight hairy hole with two making digits making Crow cry out in pleasure. Dylan fucks Crow in the missionary position (with condom) as Crow breathes heavily and sighs "Stick that cock in my ass!" Crow loves being fucked and Dylan porks that tight hole with fast hard strokes. There is just a little bit of brief kissing, as the dudes get lost in the moment. Dylan switched to fucking Crow from behind and uses the same urgent strokes that drive Crow wild as he pulls his hard pud. "Pound my ass!" There is a nice camera shot of Dylan's hairy hole as he drills Crow. Dylan strokes his hard dong and shoots a thick load on Crow's bum. Crow jacks his big dick working the knob in a circular motion shooting a large load on his stomach and pubes.

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Jeremy is a very good looking twenty year old who is six feet tall with brown hair, toned body, full dark pubes, large hanging balls, and huge cut cock. He takes a hot relaxing shower soaping up his chest, arms, thighs, butt, and big dong. Jeremy's cock grows to its full curved nine inches as he lathers. Once toweled off and in the bedroom, He watches straight porn (cool jazz instrumental) and poses for the camera. Jeremy digs pussy and loves to sixty-nine. Lying back on the bed, he begins to toy with his big dong and huge balls. Jeremy strokes his fully hard cock concentrating mostly on the knob while cupping and rubbing his low-hangers. He wags his tongue at the camera so we can see what he looks like while eating pussy. Jeremy lubes up and slowly works his tool getting on his knees and squiring a huge load onto a light blue towel. I counted six good-sized squirts of love juice. Hot!

John and Aaron:

John (handsome All-American Football type dude with short light brown hair, toned body, and very hairy chest and stomach) and Aaron (cute dude with shaggy brown/blond hair, round glasses, pierced nipples, and sexy average build) are sitting in chairs watching straight porn (groovy 1960s organ music). Aaron pulls John's blue jeans down revealing his Scooby Doo boxer shorts! I wonder of Velma is under the bed looking for a clue? Aaron pulls his cut cock out and plays while rubbing his full brown pubes. He yanks John's boxers down revealing trimmed pubes and a big cut prick. Aaron takes his glasses off, jacks John's hard cock, and takes it deep down his gullet. Aaron really digs sucking that tool. He pulls the rigid stalk, slobbers up and down, and sucking the cock head.

The dudes are completely naked now watching that porn and jacking their hard cocks. Horn dog Jay (cute 'n with brown hair) gets in on the action stroking and sucking John's tool and jacking Aaron. The dudes get comfortable on the bed lubing their hard cocks, jacking off, and rubbing each other's hairy butt holes. John takes Aaron's hard dick into his mouth stroking the shaft and bobbing up and down. Aaron sighs deeply throwing his head back obviously loving the blowjob. Aaron fucks John's tight hole (with condom) in the missionary position sliding in and out with a steady tempo. Aaron switches to the side/missionary position and continues to fuck his pal with deep slow strokes. John shoots a thick load on his fist and left hand. Aaron dumps thick love balm on his fist and John's hairy thigh.


Gawd! Kai is one hot dude and is featured on the cover art. He just turned thirty, has short bleached hair, goatee, muscular tanned body, and plenty of tattoos. Kai is smoking a cigarette, watching some straight porn, and talking about his birthday party with all the lap dances he received. He pulls his blue jeans off and rubs his hard dong though gray boxer briefs. Kai works his tool to full hardness in his briefs. What a tease! Doug lends a helping hand by pulling Kai's big fat cut cock out and jacking it off. Kai digs the hand job and begins to breathe heavily and sigh. Jay takes over double fisting that big fucker and playing with those nuts. Kai instructs Jay to concentrate on the tip. Jay strokes that fat thang to climax making Kai shoot a large thick load out of his big purple cock knob. Hot 'n thick man juice covers Jay's fists.

Marcus and Nate:

Marcus (very cute dude with short brown hair, slender/toned build, and plenty of tattoos) and Nate (very cute guy with short dark hair, muscular/toned body, and tattoos) are sitting on the sofa shooting the breeze and watching straight porn. The dudes rub their bulges as some unseen gal on television mewls. Marcus pulls his large cut cock and full balls free from the confines of his blue jeans jacking the hard shaft and rubbing his full brown pubes. Nate follows the lead releasing his fat cut dong, plump balls, and closely trimmed almost shaved pubes. The guys beat their meat while watching that pussy.

Nate has a very cool masturbation technique of rubbing his sensitive pink cock knob against his thigh. This is a huge turn-on to see. Nate grabs Marcus's big dick in his fist, jacks it, and takes the tool into his willing mouth. Nate gives excellent head fluttering his busy tongue around the knob, nursing the head, and cramming as much as he can into his throat. Marcus is so turned on that he sucks his first cock. He slides Nate's fat stiffy down his throat and works his lips up and down the hard shaft. Nate digs the head and begins to breath heavily. Nate chows back down on Marcus's dong bringing him to climax. Marcus shoots a thick load on Nate's hip. Nate beats off and cuts loose with some thick jism on Marcus's thigh. Hot dudes!



"Packin' Meat" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Doug and Jay is hand-held and tripod allowing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. For the most part the picture quality is sharp and clear. Once in a while, the picture has a little bit of grain.


The sound is clear which allows the viewer to hear the dudes as they talk about their lives, the chicks they dig, the groovy porn music from the straight movies they are watching, and plenty of moans, sighs, and grunts as they get down to business.


This bare bones disc has an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and website commercial. There are no bonus features.

Final Thoughts:

Amateur Straight Guys provides more sexy dudes who dig chicks with "Packin' Meat". The production is stripped down/no-frills with mostly hand-held videography that gets right in the middle of the action and provides plenty of close-ups. The dudes are all very appealing and give hot performances be it a solo jack off or fooling around with each other. The guys who don't mind getting down with another dude have no problems jacking and sucking those hard dongs and taking it in the butt. All the dudes are hot so it's hard for me to select favorites. I'll go with Bryan, Crow, Aaron, Kai, and both Marcus and Nate. I highly recommend for fans of straight dudes. The movie is fucking hot!

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