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Sex City 3

Studio: Private » Review by Colonel Mustard » Review Date: 2/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature
Length: Three hours minutes not including extras
Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Mya Diamond, Olivia, Vanessa, Betty Wong, Xenia Love, Monique Feiffer, Natalia Dimonv and more!

Body of Review: The final installment of Pierre Woodman blockbuster "Sex City" trilogy promises to fill in all of the answers from the cliff hanger ending in Sex City 2. As in the previous episodes, the colors are played with considerably going form full color to black and white and every feasible combination in between. Personally, after watching a little bit of the color changes, I stop noticing them. To me, it well establishes a fantasy world that is a little detached from our own. (As if pornography wasn't detached already). The story loosely follows a script resembling Frank Miller's Sin City. There is a slight lead in from Sex City 2, that mostly sets up the sex, rather than the storyline. Like the previous releases, this episode has over ten scenes spread out over three hours. I found some entertaining voice-over dialogue as an introduction to each scene.

Scene 1: "Show me what you can do."
Leaving just where we left off after the end of the second episode, we have the snitch hooker that has just double crossed the hookers of Sex City, leaving them in the hands of the mob has been triple crossed and sent to the underground for a life of sexual servitude. In a last ditch effort to save her butt, the fine little hooker, played by Mya Diamond offers to fuck her captor for her freedom. Mya has a body that could stop traffic, full breasts and long dark hair. She shows off her worth to her man, by getting on those knees and sucking his swollen member. The scene really heats up when she spreads her fine ass riding dick cow girl style. This sexy young thing even takes anal, ass to mouth and a dripping facial to set off the scene.

Scene 2: "I'm the boss, bitch"
Olivia is the leader of the hookers of Sex City. However, the mob has run over her band of girls, and now she has become property of the thick dicked black mob leader. Olivia is a slim short haired European woman with small natural tits and a gift for deep throating large cocks. She does just that in this scene. Her big black captor wastes no time jamming his dick down her throat and then hard up her ass. Scorching scene, as he bends her slim ass over and sodomizes the living daylights out of her until her once tight asshole gapes. As a good girl should, she takes ass to mouth and sucks on her man's nuts as he jerks off on her face.

Scene 3: "Are leeches enjoying your balls?"
A group of mercenaries have just intercepted a special delivery to the swamp and are prepared to celebrate with Vanessa's ass. Vanessa is a super slim European hottie with natural tits, long dark hair and an adorable face. The team of three guys and Vanessa jump into the back of a pickup to start their celebration. Vanessa gets on her knees in a circle of dick, working one in her mouth and one in each hand. Once again, the guys waste only a brief moment poking her baby maker, and move into her colon. This scene is very entertaining, with sweet little Vanessa having dicks in all three holes with some energetic double penetration. As a finale the three guys taking turns jerking off on Vanessa's cute face.

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Scene 4: "...this little Asian girl is fantastic"
Betty Wong is the Asian assassin working for the hooker contingency in Sex City. She's a very small woman, with nice tits and sculpted beaver. After rescuing her man, being the true romantic, takes his prize to a back alley filled with tires. She puts away her metal swords and takes out his sword of pork. She gets on her knees and does a very solid bit of felating, before he takes over and starts punishing the little spinner on a stack of tires. The highlight of the scene, has Betty bent over, taking some hardcore anal love in which you are sure the young thing will break in half. The scene ends with her pretty little face covered in demon seed.

Scene 5: "What would you like to do tonight?"
Xenia Love, one of my favorite women in the entire trilogy is up next with a little veggie love scene. She's paired with Sonia Carter, another slim brunette. The best part of this scene was the intimate kissing and long petting session prior to the inevitable labia lapping. It's always fun to watch two young slim woman in a extended 69 with close ups of lip locking. This is one of those scenes where the black and white portions actually enhances the sensuality of the scene.

Scene 6: "Give me the keys to your Corvette"
The pain train is coming for the man who was responsible for the death of a Marv's lover. In the meanwhile, the rich and powerful man is in bed with hot little blonde, Monique Feiffer, fully unaware that this will be his last fuck of his life. Monique has a great set of natural breasts and is donning a stunning see-thru bra and panty set, only slightly coving a well groomed twat. Great oral portion of the scene, taking her time and working the shaft in between her full lips. The senator gives her some spoon style sex and later a deep anal probing before dousing her cute little mug in cum. These two didn't have a whole lot of chemistry between them,

Scene 7: "A beautiful lady like you deserves a promotion"
Natalia Dimnov has been tasked with informing the senator that his brother has been murdered by a ruthless manic. Being the career minded officer, she knows her quickest way to a promotion is to get in tight with the powers that be. Since this senator is a scumbag, he knows that the best way to get laid is to use your power. Natalia is a cute brunette with a great little body. She goes down on the senator in full police gear. He unpeels off the uniform and reveals full breasts, and a nicely sculpted bush. The best looking portion of the sex has Natalia's fine butt bent over the couch and getting nailed doggy style. She even takes a little pussy to mouth for fun. The scene ends with a pop shot on the cop, and Natalia licking the senator's dick clean.

Scene 8: "Everything has a price in this city"
Sonia Carter is a slim European woman with a natural body, small breasts and the type of butt that could stop a man right in his tracks. In a weird dream like state, her and her lover appear buck naked amongst life size Oscar statues. It might be a few more years before a XXX movie will be nominated for an Oscar. With the acting in this film, it may be a long time. After a brief oral and vaginal exchange of body fluids, the scene goes right to anal sex, with all the ass to mouth trimmings. As in a lot of Private scenes, there is tons of eye contact with the camera. This mediocre scene ends up with two cum shots (from the same guy) on Sonia's mug.

Scene 9: "Suck me off, Bitch"
The Policewoman, Natalia is up again to show off her oral skills. Generally, I feel as though oral scenes are a bit of a cop out, (excuse the pun). In this case, since there are eleven scenes, a quick oral servicing feels like pure gravy. Nataila sucks well and is takes a little DNA down the throat as a reward.

Scene 10: "Oh Yeah"
Diana Gold, working as a waitress in the Cabernet bar is really working on a way to increase her tip income. In this scene, she's getting down and dirty amongst the urinals. Diana is a slim blonde with a solid body, a little more curvy than some of the uber skinny models on Private's payroll. She goes down and deep throats her customer quickly as if she needs to get back to work. The scene starts to really heat up, when Diana's butt gets bent over the toilet. Once again, the story is all about the anal sex. Diana takes dick in her toilet on the toilet, in the stalls and on all fours on the bathroom stall. This is a great scene for those who may have a bathroom fetish. The scene ends with Diana's asshole gaping and covered in cum. Solid scene, but it made me really hope that someone did a really detailed cleaning job before the scene.

Scene 11: "I won't scream"
Lovely cover girl Xenia Love stars in the final scene of the trilogy. She's captured by the murdering sex addict sociopath. She need to buy some time, for her rescuers to arrive. She's a lovely, very young looking woman with an athletic body and small natural tits. While only wearing a pair of chaps, her lovely assets exposed to the world, she gets on her knees and starts sucking her captor. Xenia's bald pussy, getting tagged from behind by a massive dick is one of the reasons while I like porn. Xenia, like pretty much every woman on the disk gets her brown eye penetrated with ass to mouth flavor saving as well. The hot scene, and remarkable DVD ends with a pop shot on her pretty face.

Extras: This Private Gold blockbuster release, for this episode was rather light on the extras It did have a very helpful guide to the stars performing in the feature, and some of their prior Private accomplishments. Like all Private features, the user has the option to listen to the sounds of sex in numerous languages and subtitles. Trailers for "Madagascar", "Porn Wars", "The Private Life of Liz Honey", "XXX 32", "Casanova" and "Gonzo Style" were also included. There is also a brief feature on some of Private's various market segments.

Summary: Pierre Woodman has created a surreal fantasy land of corruption, lust and power. The Sex City trilogy extends over 30 scenes and nine hours featuring an absolute murder's row of hot European female talent. This DVD, and the entire trilogy is well worthy of a Highly Recommended rating. This Private Gold release is shot in all of it's 16:9 Anamorphic widescreen glory. The entire DVD has a great feel and very high production values. This is a great DVD for couples and raincoaters alike. The only downside to this movie is the sloppy voice over. Outstanding work by director Pierre Woodman and talented cast and crew.


Colonel Mustard

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