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Get Ur Freak On

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dates of Production:

February 2002, January 2004, February 2004, April 2004, May 2004, November 2005.

Directed By:

Doug and Jay

The Movie:

Horny straight dudes have all sorts of ways to get their freak on. Watch and find out how these hot dudes get worked up and shoot their jizz.

Axe and Adam:

Axe (cute dude with short spiky blond hair and plucked eyebrows) and Adam (cute with shaggy blond hair and tall/slender build) are lying in bed watching a straight porno with a creepy blow-up doll. This doll looks like the Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror with tits. The dudes clown around with the doll fingering it's "pussy" and "asshole" laughing and cutting up. Adam sounds like a true surfer dude when he laughs. Axe pulls his hard cut tool from his pants and starts to jack off working the large pink knob. Daddy Doug (very sexy with short gray hair and goatee) gives Axe some excellent head taking that big cock down his throat. Doug fishes Adam's hard prick from his pants and toys around with it. Axe fucks the doll's face and the room is filled with the sound of her cheap battery operated mouth. The dudes strip down showing off their toned smooth chest and Axe's cool tattoos. Adam chuckles when he finds the doll's "clit".

The dudes lie back on the bed and stroke their hard cocks while watching the porn. Doug goes down on Adam's cock sucking his large purple knob and rubbing his nuts. Axe comments, "Look at that big mushroom tip!" The guys get up on their knees and begin to rub their tools together and jacking each other's cocks. Axe takes Adam's dong deep into his wet mouth bobbing up and down and nursing that large purple mushroom. Doug slides a condom on Adam's hard cock and Axe slowly sinks his tight shaved asshole down giving it a good but very short ride. To finish up, Axe fucks Doug's mouth and shoots a thick load on his face. Adam beats his meat and shoots jizz all over Doug's face and mouth.

Brady's Lunch:

Brady (very cute twenty six year old with short brown hair and goatee) is openly gay and waiting for the straight dudes to arrive. The guys show up and it's time for a Roll Call: Eric (cute with bleached blond buzz cut), Smoke (cute with dark buzz cut and tattoos), and Matt (cute boy-next-door type with short reddish-brown hair). The dudes file in, relax on the sofa, and watch some straight porn. They begin to rub their hard bulges and Brady looks a bit anxious to get the party started as sexual tension fills the room. Brady rubs Eric and Smoke's baskets getting Eric worked up to the point that he releases his large stiff cut cock with big knob and begins to jack off. Brady reaches over and sucks Eric's cock into his mouth giving an excellent blowjob jacking the hard shaft, sucking the knob, and deep throating that hard tool.

Smoke takes off all his clothes revealing lots of cool tattoos, toned/smooth chest, dark trimmed pubes, plump balls, and his cut cock. Brady switches over and sucks Smoke to full hardness swirling his tongue around the cock head and deep piss slit and jacking the shaft. Matt is now naked as well showing off his slender/smooth build, brown pubes, and large/fat cut cock. Brady wants a taste and deep throats Matt's hard prick all the way down. Eric begins to rub Brady's hard dick through his tight white briefs, pulls 'em down revealing Brady's big hard cut member, full brown pubes, and large hangy nuts. Eric gives Brady a good blowjob working that hard stalk and sucking like a vacuum.

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Eric and Smoke continue to pull their poles while Brady sucks Matt's dick. Eric sucks Smoke's cock making Smoke breathe heavily while he gobbles that hard prick. The dudes bend over on the sofa and offer their bums for Brady's butt hole buffet. Brady works his way down the line tonguing, licking, and eating each dude's tight hairy asshole and he totally digs it. Brady lies on the floor and jacks off rubbing his big hairy nuts and gooch. Matt stands up and shoots a thick load on Brady's face and tongue. Smoke is up next and dumps an extremely thick load of man pudding all over Brady's face and mouth. This is one of the thickest loads I've ever seen. Brady strokes off squirting a load on his brown pubes and on his stomach. Immediately afterwards, Eric shoots a thick load on Brady's face and tongue.

Mystery Guest:

Daddy Doug is in the bubbling Jacuzzi with a hot mystery dude who looks cute but is disguised with a baseball cap and blindfold over his eyes. Doug reaches over and begins to jack Mystery's cut cock and play with his plump balls. Doug gets down on that cock deep throating all the way to Mystery's brown pubes. Mystery turns over and Doug spread those bubble cheeks exposing a tight 'n hairy asshole. Doug continues to suck that cock my pulling it back between Mystery's legs. Mystery wants a taste and jerks Doug's large cut cock giving him some head. Now dried off and on the bed, the dudes jack their hard tools and Doug sucks the hell out of Mystery's cock. Doug has a very nice toned body and sexy hairy chest. Doug finger's Mystery's tight butt hole as he jacks him off making his pal sigh and moan with pleasure. Doug jacks Mystery to climax but we do not see his load. Doug beats his meat and shoots a thick load of spunk all over his hairy chest.


Ray is a very cute dude in his early twenties with short brown hair with blond highlights and groomed eyebrows. He's laying back on the bed watching straight porn and rubbing the bulge in his blue jeans. Ray strips down revealing his smooth toned body, shaved pubes, and uncut cock. He stokes his cock to full hardness working the red knob and rubbing his nuts. Doug gets down underneath Ray and sucks his balls while Ray jacks off. Doug cannot control himself being that close to a cock and takes Ray's unclipped dong down his throat. Ray bends over and exposes his tight hairy asshole for the camera while finger fucking himself. Doug steps in and fucks Ray's hole with his middle finger. This heats Ray up as he begins an intense jack off session breathing heavily stroking his hard tool while Doug finger fucks him. Ray shoots a thick load on his chest while Doug dumps a big load on the bedspread.

Rod, Nate, and Vance:

Rod (handsome with short dark hair, smooth/toned body) and Vance (cute with dark hair, muscular/toned body) are in bed jacking off while watching straight porn. Rod reaches over and takes Vance's hard cut cock down his throat giving him an expert knob job. Rod takes his time enjoying giving head and tasting that cock. Nate (very cute with short dark hair and muscular/toned body) shows up and immediately begins to strip down joining the dudes in bed. Rod jacks and sucks Nate's large 'n fat cut cock jacking the shaft and cramming it into his mouth. Nate reaches over and begins to stroke Vance's stiff tool. Nate spreads his legs wide apart allowing Rod to finger his tight hairy hole and Vance to suck his balls. Vance roots around down below and eats Nate's tight hairy bunghole making his breathe heavily with pleasure.

Nate sucks Vance's rigid member fisting the hard shaft and paying lots of attention to his knob. Vance voices his approval, "Fuck dude! That's hot!" Nate switches over and jacks Rod's big uncut cock sucking it up and down as Vance sucks Nate and rubs his asshole. Nate really gorges himself on that unclipped cock. Nate holds his legs up in the missionary position showing off his tight hairy pucker allowing Rod to munch down and really give his hole a complete oral workout. Vance and Nate bend over on the bed to show off their assholes and have them eaten by Rod. Rod digs eating ass and chows down on both bungs. Vance loves it and exclaims, "It's nice, Bro!" Nate shoots a thick load on Rod's chest while Vance lets loose with a large thick load of jizz on Nate's back. Rod pounds that pud squirting a thick load filling his foreskin with nut.

Shaggy and Bunni:

Shaggy is fucking cute and looks a little like musician Beck with his longish light brown hair, goatee, and slender/smooth build. Shaggy's girlfriend Bunni is on hand to join in on the action. She's a very cute gal with a petite figure and dark hair who stays fully clothed. Shaggy gets naked showing off his very large fat cut cock, big ol' hangy nuts, and full bushy brown pubes. He sits back watching straight porn and jacks his hard tool. Bunni gets down to business and sucks Shaggy's cock getting about half of it into her mouth. Doug wants to see if he can take more and goes down on that big dong. Doug is able to get more of Shaggy's prick down his throat making them laugh.

Doug sucks Shaggy's toes while Bunni sucks his cock. Shaggy spreads his butt cheeks and exposes his tight hairy hole. Bunni chows down on her boyfriend's asshole licking the tight rosebud and he fucking loves it. He makes a very sexy cry/pout sound as Bunni eats his hole and he jacks that hard shaft. Bunni lubes her fingers up and slowly works one into Shaggy's snug virgin bung making him cry/pout with pleasure. Bunni has a few tricks up her sleeve and produces a pink vibrator that she lubes and slowly works in and out of Shaggy's bum. Shaggy frantically jacks off while Bunni fucks him with the toy and shoots a small but thick load. Bunni licks it up and kisses her boyfriend. Shaggy sucks his nut off of Bunni's tongue.



"Get Ur Freak On" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is mostly hand-held allowing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. When the camera is set on the tripod (in two scenes: "Ace and Adam, "Mystery Guest") there are not enough close-ups. For the most part, the picture quality is sharp and clear. "Mystery Guest" is a bit grainy as it's filmed in a darker bedroom.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes shoot the shit and breathe heavily as they become excited. There's plenty of straight porno sounds from the videos the dudes are watching and also some radio and other television sounds in the background that become annoying at times.


This bare bones disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and commercial for the Amateur Straight Guys website. There are no bonus features.

Final Thoughts:

Doug and Jay come through once again with more hot straight dudes who want to show off for the camera. Four scenes provide full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. Unfortunately, two scenes using the camera mounted on a tripod ("Axe and Adam" and "Mystery Guest") allows for too many medium/stationary shots and not enough close-ups. There are a couple of new switch-ups here with the inclusion of openly gay Brady and Shaggy's girlfriend Bunni. The dudes are all very appealing and the sex is energetic and hot. My favorite dudes are: Smoke, Nate, Shaggy, and Brady. I recommend for fans of straight dudes who will do just about anyting to pop a nut.

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