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Assparade 9

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Assparade 9

Bang Bros.

Genre: Gonzo

Director: JT & Cezar

Cast: Anell, Baby Jayne, Devon Lee, Carmen Kinsley, Julia Bond, Sandra Romain, Alayah Sashu, Lexi Love, Britney Stevens, Sasha Knox, Ariel Summers, various nameless mopes like Jay Mack

Length: 132.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/17/2006, 7/25/2006, 8/10/2006, 8/28/2006, 9/21/2006 (box); 5/19/2006, 9/6/2006, 9/5/2006, 9/7/2006, 8/22/2006 (credits)

Extra's: The only extras were some trailers and stills from the scenes.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Assparade 9 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by directors Cezar & JT for release by Bang Bros on their website, and then on this DVD. One of the trademark issues the scenes shot for this series have are that the technical values always seem on the low side, as if consumers of the website will shrug off any problems as being "good enough" for porn, but the occasional POV nature of the effort was handled fairly well. The lighting tended to be whatever ambient light was available, resulting in grain, shadows, and video noise as frequent visitors to the scenes released by the company. This impacts the accuracy of the fleshtones and can be an issue if you care as much about the technical aspects of your porn as I do. That said, the five scenes here varied more than a little bit in terms of picture quality but the general quality wasn't as bad as some of the company's previous works, skating by on the energy factor provided by the performers, most of whom are established professionals (not the amateurs others claim highlight the series). The composition of the shots and the editing all served to provide a mixed bag too, making me wish the raw footage was handed over to a better editor to clean up a bit before being released on DVD. Still, it was better then a lot of their earlier work and the ladies had fun so I was largely forgiving of the many mistakes observed. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English, with the vocals on the really low end at times but not covered by droning music except for the very beginning of the scenes.

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Body of Review: Bang Bros is one of those porn producers that started off on the internet and moved to offering DVDs for those who wanted something lasting. The movies they release are almost always weak on the technical levels but decent when the ladies used are looked at, with plenty of tease for guys like me to enjoy. They use directors like JT & Cezar a lot, each having their own style to shoot but following the basic tenants of the company so whichever one is in charge of a scene, you'll get a similar experience. Their latest release is Assparade 9, the sequel to Assparade 8; providing five scenes where the ladies spend a lot of time teasing the camera before having standard sex scenes with an assortment of third tier male performers. If that sounds good to you, you'll be happy to know that for all the rough edges the show provides, the quality of the tease and sex isn't bad at all. That said, here's a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used and the men were usually not named or otherwise credited:

Scene One: Anell, a hot looking brunette with a fantastic ass (I admired her up close and personal during the recent 2007 AEE Show) was up first as she sat on a barstool with her booty hanging off the edge beside another cute gal by the name of Baby Jayne, who also had a decent ass (though not as fleshy and fine as Anell's). The ladies were waiting for a guy to play with and they talked between one another (with the cameraman speaking once in awhile) but the built in microphone was really poor at capturing the sound. The gals teased some more; Anell in the living room and Jayne on the balcony, putting on a show for the camera that varied in terms of generated heat. The showering footage was best and a familiar face met them at the door, the gals taking him right to the couch to pounce upon his cock. His cock was small but the gals didn't care, slobbing his knob until it was time to start screwing. Anell got pounded first, moaning as her ass cheeks rippled while he tapped her cookie, Jayne picking up in some cowgirl actively as she impaled herself on his rod. He then rubbed out a load to their faces that they shared; a decent little warming up scene for fans to enjoy if not the best the movie had to offer.

Scene Two: Devon Lee and Carmen Kinsley, were up next as JT started shooting Carmen (with all the junk in her trunk fleshing out the screen nicely) first. She gave some tease that included booty bouncing and oiling up, leading to the familiar mope squad member joining her after sidetracking with a dog (allegedly from the chemical plant). He licked her ass and played with the cheeks, appreciating all she had to offer his cock. She started blowing them when a mailman (mail-woman?) Devon needed to get a package signed for. Of course the only package she wanted was his cock, getting in on the action after teasing the camera a little bit. She has a great ass too and soon enough, the gals were blowing him. They took turns sucking him off and then actively riding his meat stick, the usual condom coming out to play soon enough. The load of population pudding wouldn't populate a small fish tank but the tease was pretty decent even if the rest of the scene was weaker than expected.

Scene Three: Julia Bond, Sandra Romain, and Alayah Sashu, were up next after Sandra gave a short solo scene in the apartment. The scene then reverted to all three ladies on the roof wearing skimpy outfits that really showed off their assets. The gals were then given a chance to showcase themselves inside the apartment, displaying why they were perfect choices for an ass related show. The next thing you know, the ladies were playing with each other on the bed, JT kidding about jumping in to join them (also that their asses were so full that he wouldn't get his cock in their pussies). It was playful tease that l;ed to some nice lesbian antics (with toys even) before the generic guy joined in. The sex after that was pretty standard; oral and screwing, with Sandra doing a very active anal ride. In all, I liked the scene more than any of the others thanks to the way the gals worked each other over and provided tease; the male action adding a bit to the fun but only a little bit before the facial.

Scene Four: Lexi Love and Britney Stevens, both in red bikinis, were up next with Jay mack, the ladies slobbing his knob on a small power boat before moving to a small island where JT was waiting for them. Lexi was the light haired cutie and Britney was the fleshy brunette with the big, sweet ass; each gal adding something to the show as far as I was concerned. The tease lasted about half the show (the lame wind noise bugged me too) but the ladies seemed to appreciate his cock as they sucked him, titty fucked him, and otherwise played with each other before fucking him. The gals weren't the most active vaginal riders of the bunch but it wasn't a bad looking scene, regardless of the audio problems. It ended with her rubbing out a load to their faces and the gals smearing the moderate load on each other.

Scene Five: Sasha Knox and Ariel Summers were up last as they bent over the railing overlooking the large beach from the hotel (condominium or whatever). Sasha had on a blue bikini and Ariel was in a thong, both looking really hot as they displayed what fine genetics they possessed (as augmented by hard work of course). The tease then moved to the bedroom where each gal gave a lengthy show; Sasha offering the best footage but Ariel doing okay too. I enjoy tease footage a whole lot and the movie to this point offered up some of the best such footage you could imagine from an amateur release made for the internet, each ass serving up plenty of stroke value. The sex was oral and straight only, with a bit too much fake moaning going on but enough quality to elevate the score a bit too for fans of this kind of thing. The facial ended the scene but I was happy to report that both gals provided a different experience, making it a good scene overall.

Summary: Assparade 9 by directors JT and Cezar for release by Bang Bros was not the shining example of all that the company provides but it did seem to be worthy of a Recommended rating for all it provided in terms of tease and heat. The collection of ladies was top notch in almost every case and the raw energy they displayed transcended the handheld camera caught action's weaker points. If you want glossy porn, look elsewhere but if you're in the market for some seriously playful porn, Assparade 9 was a good place to start your quest.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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