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Bait Bus 4, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/5/07

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Year of Production:


Directed By:


The Movie:

The Baitbus is back and the gang is looking for fresh straight meat to trick into some gay sex.

Christian and Abraham:

The Baitbus gang is cruising around a Florida college looking for an unsuspecting straight dude to trick. Along for the ride is Abraham (a handsome muscle stud with short dark hair), Mel (a pretty gal with large natural boobs), the spiky haired driver, and the female Director/Camera-Operator Tyler. Tyler tells Mel to get her boobs ready and Mel replies, "They're always ready and love attention." The gang spots a cute dude named Christian (short brown/blond hair and toned body) near one of the dorms and lures him in. Tyler interviews Christian and finds out he's a Biochemical Engineering student from Michigan. Mel gets the show rolling with those large itty-tuggas by playing with them and pulling on her hard nipples. Before long, Christian is blindfolded and Abraham is chowing down on that hard cut cock. Once the blindfold is removed, Christian is pissed off but Tyler and Mel sooth his rattled nerves. Mel makes an offer he simply cannot refuse: fuck Abraham in the butt and then he can fuck her. Christian drills Abraham from behind (with condom) plugging that tight hairy hole. Christian switches up and screws Abraham in the missionary position while Abraham jacks his hard uncut cock and Hip Hop tunes play on the radio. Christian beats off and shoots a large thick load on Abraham's stomach.

Johnny and Jamie:

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That wild Baitbus gang is at in again driving around Florida looking for fresh meat. Cute dude Jamie with brown hair and a fun sense of humor is along for the ride with sexy Mel and her big boobs, the spiky haired driver, and the always-dependable Director/Cam-Op Tyler. Tyler spots a very nice-looking Latino dude named Johnny, chats him up a bit, and lures him into the bus. Tyler claims to be filming a documentary on porn and Mel works her magic and gets Johnny all hot and bothered. Once the blindfold is in place, Jamie gets to work on Johnny's dark uncut cock and nice balls. Jamie knows how to suck a good cock jacking the stalk and deep throating all the way down to Johnny's dark brown pubes. Of course, Johnny freaks out when he finds out Mel ain't suckin' his dong. Johnny's pissed off and wants the gals to pull over. Fortunately, they on are a highway and can't safely stop the bus. After some sweet-talking and flirting from Mel and Tyler, Johnny agrees to fuck Jamie's butt. Johnny bangs Jamie from behind (with condom) using fast/hard strokes. He switches to the side/missionary position where he continues to plow Jamie while Jamie strokes his big hard cut cock and moans with pleasure. After some bumpy sink/bounce due to driving the entire time, Johnny pulls his unclipped pud and shoots a load on Jamie's chest.

Jamie and Enrique:

The gang has a new plan today. Jamie's straight friend Enrique (very hot Latino dude with short dark hair) is in town and Jamie has promised to show him a good time. The gang drops Mel off as the others head over to where Enrique is staying. Once in the bus, Jamie tells his pal that he's gonna get him laid. The gang picks Mel up just in the nick of time as it's about to rain. Mel turns on her charm and her big hooters much to Enrique's delight. Mel blindfolds the horny dude and Jamie chows down on that cut cock, nice nuts, and brown pubes. As mentioned before, Jamie knows how to give some excellent head and sucks his friend to full hardness. Naturally Enrique flips out when he discovers the gang's little secret and tries to attack Jamie. Luckily, Tyler and Mel have plenty of experience with calming dudes down and before long, Mel had talked him into getting fucked by Jamie. Jamie slowly slides his condom-covered dong deep into Enrique's tight butt and fucks him nice and steady. Jamie's hangy balls slap against Enrique's bum as he fucks him from behind. Another bumpy road and sink/bounce ensue and Jamie jacks off shooting a large thick load on Enrique's stomach and pubes.

Jesse and Jamie:

It's raining again and the gang is cruising around looking for a cute straight dude to dupe. Insatiable Jamie is along for the ride claiming he hasn't had any straight cock in three weeks. Mel is on hand looking pretty as usual along with the spiky haired driver and the ever so cool Director/Cam-Op Tyler. They set their collective eye on a cute dude with short dark hair named James (referred to as "Jesse" in the credits and on the cover art). James is by far the easiest dude to talk into the bus. He's lived in South Beach for three years and is originally from New York. James readily agrees to let Mel suck his cock after he gets a good look at her ample bosom. He quickly strips out of his clothes revealing a nice toned body, hairy chest, brown pubes, and an uncut cock. Again the blindfold is used and Jamie gets down on that unclipped dong stroking the shaft and sucking to full hardness. Dude is pissed off with a capital P when he discovers a dude has been sucking his uncut pork. He gets quite nasty in his name calling and acts like a real douche bag. The gals should have just kicked him out on the highway. Well, the chicks work their charm and James agrees to fuck Jamie for $2,000.00 if he can fuck Mel afterwards.

James slams Jamie's tight butt in the missionary position (with condom) fast and hard and claims that "It's not so bad." James' hangy nuts are slapping against Jamie as he plows that bum. Jamie jacks his large stiff cut tool as James drills him in the side/missionary position. James jacks off and dumps an incredibly thick load on Jamie's back.



"The Baitbus #4" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography by Tyler is for the most part descent with coverage of the action and plenty of close-ups. There are times that the shots are not that great due to the confines of the constantly moving baitbus. The picture quality ranges from sharp and clean to dark and grainy.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the gang's conversations, schemes, ideas on how to lure straight dudes in, the bus in constant motion, and all the noises of sex as the dudes get down.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection with chapter stops, a gallery of photographs from each scene, website information, and trailers for the straight movies: "Assparade 8", "Ball Honeys 5", "Busty Adventure 1", "Bang Bus 13", "Big Mouthfuls 11", "Monsters of Cock 9", and "Tug Jobs 9".

Final Thoughts:

"The Baitbus 4" is an entertaining and fun watch for one viewing. The guys are cute and the gals are good-natured with Mel being quite pretty. I'm still not sold on the reality of the premise: picking up random straight dudes and talking them into fucking and being fucked by another guy. The sex is fine but there isn't a whole lot of room in the back of the bus. This poses a problem for Director/Cam-Op Tyler who does the best she can in the cramped quarters. The picture quality ranges from sharp and clear to dark and grainy depending on where Tyler has her camera pointed. That said, there are plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex. I'm going with a Rent It for this once since each scene has the same set-up and becomes a bit monotonous at times. The movie would be a cool rental for fans of straight guys.

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