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What An Ass! 4

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

What An Ass! #4

Digital Sin

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Tyler Scott

Cast: Carmen Kinsley, Ian Scott, Baby Jayne, Mark Ashley, Cody Lane, Mario Rossi, Jordana James, Britney Stevens, Lee Stone

Length: 144 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/19/2006, 8/2/2006, 8/16/2006, 8/23/2006

Extra's: For most of you, the 26 minute bonus scene from Nice Round Ass described below will be the best extra. Ava Rose and Erik Everhard are popular for a reason and the scene shows you exactly why this is so. I liked the 20.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature more but only because I've seen the scene in question a few times and the BTS was shot by various guys specifically for this DVD. There was interview, tease, and nudity footage, starting off with fellow Texan Carmen Kinsley and working through most of the female roster as it progressed. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, a fetish menu, and spam, as well as a true double sided DVD cover for those who care.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: What An Ass! #4 was presented in the same 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Tyler Scott for distribution by Digital Sin. The lighting was pretty good so the levels of grain and video noise were reasonable, with accurate fleshtones to boot but I saw a softness to some of the material that isn't common to movies released by the company, with attendant grain interfering as well. There were a few times when cast members were washed out by the flat lighting but this didn't happen often so I wasn't going to harp on it but figured to let you know. Otherwise, the composition of the shots enhanced the look of the ladies in most cases, making this a decent vehicle for them to shine in when the other factors aligned just right. I saw no compression artifacts or video noise either, marking this as a nice step forward for the series. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English soundtrack wasn't quite as good though. The vocals were soft in some case, the droning thump of the bass too loud at the beginning of the scenes, and the dynamic range limited (with no separation between the channels either).

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Body of Review: Tyler Scott has been directing porn for some time now at Digital Sin and while I feel no need to suggest his entire body of work is awesome, he has enough skill that when presented with a good cast of willing performers, he can do a very good job indeed. Such was the case with What An Ass! #4, the series I last explored with What An Ass! #2, that shows attractive young women teasing and pleasing in front of the camera. This volume was no different and the casting was top notch here, even if a performer or two are still reaching their full potential. That said, the tease alone was worth the price of admission so most of you out there will find this a solid entry in the series. If you're still interested, here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Carmen Kinsley, a beautiful Texan gal with a great ass (the rest of her is incredible too), began the movie as she teased the camera during a montage that suffered only from loud, obnoxious music. She was clean shaven and it didn't take long for Ian Scott to join her by the glass doors and feel her up, moving to a cozy spot between her legs to go down on her in no time at all. The audio was too low on the vocals, especially after the music, but she was looking great as he warmed her up, leading to her slobbing his knob in an aggressive manner. Rather than waste a lot of time, he began drilling her in doggy right away as she called for him to do, her all natural titties swaying back and forth in the process. They screwed in several ways, but she was an active ride in all of them, her ass cheeks rippling so very nicely when bent over the ottoman. In all, it was a great scene to begin with and served to remind me how solid a job Scott could do at directing; the facial ending the chemistry filled scene all too soon (leaving me wanting more). Whew!

Scene Two: Baby Jayne, a fetching gal with a nice face and sweet ass, was up next in the bathtub as she used the hand shower to wet her white underwear, giving her that hot look as she masturbated with clothing on. The thumping music again sucked donkey balls but I couldn't deny how great she was looking here, providing some intense visuals thanks to the way she was being shot and the editing. Mark Ashley joined her in the living room, pawing her body and massaging her cookie as he kissed her neck and the rest of her body. She then dropped to her knees showing a need to succeed, inhaling his meat pipe as though she wanted her face full of population pudding. The slow but sensual oral was the best I think I've ever seen her provide a guy and he reciprocated nicely on her to her delight. They didn't say a whole lot in their many positions (I would have preferred at least SOME dirty talk from her) but she actively rode his cock and looked as though she was enjoying herself, her t-shirt falling down on her breasts so very seductively. The talking then started up but it sounded like the director and then the scene ended when he rubbed out a load to her body and tongue. They also had chemistry and energy, making the movie two for two in my mind. Yum!

Scene Three: Cody Lane, a sexy brunette with pretty eyes, was up next as she masturbated in her white panties in the bathtub as water poured over her. The thump of the music was lame as always (why can't Digital Sin provide a second audio track that loses it or at least reduces it greatly ran through my mind) but she seemed perfect for the role as she had a combination of innocence and seductive beauty that worked wonders for my libido. Her partner was Mario Rossi, a decent enough guy if not a top tier meat puppet, and they did the foreplay routine fairly well if not as solidly as the previous couples. He dry humped her leg before spitting on her pussy, then rubbing her before going down on her. She looked good from that position too and he stayed awhile until it was her turn to display some super oral skills as she gave him a messy blowjob. The vaginal screwing wasn't as good as the previous gals but I liked the way the junk in her trunk shook when he tapped her. Thankfully, she employed dirty talk and while I wish she rode him more actively, it ended with a large load to her ass cheek, finishing up with some post coital sucking by the cutie.

Scene Four: Jordana James, the cutest looking gal of the day was clearly this one as she teased in her white top and pink plaid skirt, displaying her ass with some weird panties that allowed ass access with ribbons. I won't harp on the music this time (blah!) but the technique used to capture the scene worked well enough and the montage worked nicely to showcase her overall look. By the time Mark Ashley joined her, she was already demonstratably wet from rubbing herself, and fans of new gals will love the way her limited oral came across like she was very inexperienced (the others were great cocksuckers but she lacked the polish they provided, lending a completely different dynamic to the scene). It wasn't a terrible hummer, just different and her enthusiasm led her to enjoying his limited oral in return. The vaginal sex was pretty sweet too, though she took a long time to warm up to the size of his shaft boning her throne. In fact, she never actively pushed back or rode him but she was so darned cute that I look forward to seeing her learn a few moves in this sense. The scene ended when he dropped his load onto her bent over pussy and ass, rubbing it in with his cock.

Scene Five: Britney Stevens, the curvy gal on the front cover (if you have the dirty side facing you; Jordana was on the nice side), was up last and while she may not be a classic porn beauty, her superior curves lent themselves to the theme of the movie ever so well. The montage seemed to flow slower this time as she rubbed herself in tight black panties. The make up gal did a fine job of making her look her very best and as the thumping ending, the massive Lee Stone appeared out of nowhere to get his erection sucked. She took to his cock like she wanted it to last forever, taking larger amounts inside her mouth as she got used to him throatfucking her. As expected, he lifted her in the air to do a standing 69, continuing to work his shaft as he snacked on her crack. The lighting and camera work weren't as good this time, struggling to keep the active couple in focus and in the framed shot but she took him better than most gals her age have been able to over the years, enjoying herself in the process. Her remaining baby fat served her well too (she looked like she lost some weight from previous movies though) and her ripples as she got poked seemed nice to watch. When he finally exploded on her face, he didn't have to endlessly jerk off, it came right out (like he almost lost it) and she never shied away, continuing to suck him off when the camera faded out.

Bonus Scene: Nice Round Ass"Ava Rose, an all natural newcomer to porn with a sweet little ass worth stroking to, was up first as she effectively teased in her red lingerie on a bed before taking on Erik Everhard. He watched her act and was sporting wood on the couch, kissing her when she walked over to him to begin the fun. They pawed each other and she blew him as though she wanted more than a taste of what he was offering with him returning the favor in kind. She rode him fairly actively, meeting him pump for pump when on top, and he seemed as lost as ever when hammering away at the tight pussy of hers as they verbally coaxed each other on. She did some PTM between positions but this was probably her best scene of late in terms of how much she was into it. She even gave a little waterworks show at one point, with him rubbing out a load to her face to close. They had chemistry and passion, making it a solid scene to start the show."

Summary: What An Ass! #4 by director Tyler Scott for distribution by Digital Sin was a nice ride for me as the ladies (Carmen, Jayne, Cody, Jordana, and Britney were all beauties that fit the ripe round rump category; four of them very talented sexually too). The technical matters were great in terms of the visuals as the camera work and editing provided great stroke footage with lots of replay value and while the music sucked, it didn't last long enough in any scene to kill the whole thing for me. In short, there was enough fuck for the buck to drive this one all the way up to a rating of Highly Recommended, thanks in small part to the anamorphic transfer and decent extras. If you enjoy tease, erotic build up leading to solid sexual scenes, and a lot of chemistry between the performers, What An Ass! #4 surpassed even What An Ass! #2 in terms of delightful amounts of fine fucking. Good work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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