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Brandi Belle

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/7/07

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Brandi Belle

Bang Bros

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: Ivan H.

Cast: Brandi Belle, Brian, Amy Ried, Gianna Michaels, Chris; other males and females not credited

Length: 110.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/10/2006, 6/2/2006, 5/12/2006, 6/14/2006, 2/2/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the two short sections of outtakes lasting 6.5 minutes called Getting Ready and Sleeping Beauties. They weren't great but at least it was something different for the company (hopefully opening up a whole new world for the extras provided by Bang Bros). The only other extras were some trailers and stills from the scenes.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Brandi Belle was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Ivan H. for release by Bang Bros on his website, and then on this DVD. One of the trademark issues the scenes shot for this series have are that the technical values always seem on the low side, as if consumers of the website will shrug off any problems as being "good enough" for porn, but the occasional POV nature of the effort was handled fairly well. The lighting tended to be whatever ambient light was available, resulting in grain, shadows, and video noise as frequent visitors to the scenes released by the company. This impacts the accuracy of the fleshtones and can be an issue if you care as much about the technical aspects of your porn as I do. That said, the five scenes here varied more than a little bit in terms of picture quality but the general quality wasn't as bad as some of the company's previous works, skating by on the energy factor provided by the performers, several of whom were established professionals (not the amateurs others claim highlight the series). The movie was a showcase for internet legend Brandi Belle, a gal that has built up quite a following from what I've been told. The composition of the shots and the editing all served to provide a mixed bag too, making me wish the raw footage was handed over to a better editor to clean up a bit before being released on DVD. Still, it was better then a lot of their earlier work and the ladies had fun so I was largely forgiving of the many mistakes observed. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English, with the vocals on the really low end at times but not covered by droning music except for the very beginning of the scenes.

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Body of Review: Ivan H. has been one of the producer and go-to types at Bang Bros for awhile now, seeming to handle more of the facets of production all the time. As such, when directors aren't credited, I tend to look at him as the director in their movies, a stance that others seem to agree with from my inquiries. One of the things the company is known for is their presence online, having started off strictly as a company shooting for the internet before branching out to DVD's and more traditional means of distribution; taking advantage of the times better than many larger companies. By now, most of you have probably realized that the internet is the direction most porn seems to be headed as larger numbers of fans obtain their smut online (either for free as leaches or paying to get exactly what they want). One of the top names in this new world porn order is the lovely Dana DeArmond; a queen to her legions of fans that adore her largely thanks to her online presence. As in all things, other names rise from the myriad of pretenders to the throne, with a relative newcomer being a princess of the internet by the name of Brandi Belle; also the name for today's title I'm reviewing by the company. Brandi has a very active online presence and in what is reportedly her first DVD appearance, she appears in five scenes with a number of others, showcasing her for fans all over the world to see. I had not heard of Brandi previously so I took an interest in the title, wondering what it was that people saw in her since she did not seem to be a traditional porn hotty in the sense of the old world order. Here's a brief look at the five scenes included on the DVD for those still interested, noting that condoms were worn and fans of Brandi can skip anything I say and rush out to get a copy for themselves:

Scene One: #1 Fan: Brandi Belle, the female internet guru that has become one of the more recognized names online of late, was up first as she checked her emails and found an older guy named Brian who was going to be in town and wanted to meet her. Knowing how much better older, hairier men are in bed, she took him up on his offer and picked him up at the airport when he visited Miami. They went to a plain room and she showed him her ass, appreciating his admiration before the pudgy mope went down on her. She showed no emotional attachment or physical connection to him as he licked away, not even a groan of pleasure faked to make him feel he had an impact but he continued like a trooper. At least when she gave him head, he seemed to enjoy it. The guy looked like he might have been a cousin to the Baldwin brothers and we wisely wore a condom when she started pumping away on his average cock, actively riding him in a mechanical manner before he popped a load of population pudding into the condom.

Scene Two: MILF Mentor: Brandi Belle, this time in a motel room learning from a curvy MILF (with horrible implant scars) and a generic mope of a guy (a regular for the company?). The MILF was a brunette stripper that claimed to have two children, providing a decent show for a gal that must've been over twice Brandi's age but reasonably well toned for her age. Brandi gave a show after to display what she had picked up, not doing such a great job but at least displaying a playfulness indicative of her status before she started slobbing the guy's knob on the bed (the uncredited MILF wanted to see a demonstration of her oral skills). The teacher was more skilled at sex and showed how to perform during the giving of head, providing a solid experience in that regard by comparison. Brandi had youth and a willingness to learn but the MILF would've been my choice 99 times out of 100 from what I saw of the hummer. The vaginal ride showed a similar dynamic but at least in that area, Brandi seemed to be a quick study, learning to ride with a rhythm to give a better ride. The scene ended with a pop shot to the chest, rubbed in by the ladies, making it a fun scene regardless of the limitations.

Scene Three: On The Roof: Brandi Belle, wanting to do something crazy, had a friend of hers fuck her on the roof in a display of semi-public sex. He was nothing special and the sex showed the two happy with each other but not truly driven to any extremes as they sucked and fucked; laying out cardboard and a towel in a secluded area of the roof to do the deed. I admit that they had some chemistry together but the scene lacked in the danger factor needed to make it "crazy" as she put it and I guess it took place before she picked up the tips from the MILF since it was a mediocre ride at best. The police supposedly arrived at the end to break it up but I have my doubts given the way the duo hardly reacted when walking down the stairs. It ended with a mouth pop for those who care.

Scene Four: Strip Poker: Brandi Belle, hotty Amy Ried, and busty Gianna Michaels, joined a couple of losers at the poker table in a generic hotel room in the next scene. I liked the female costars a whole lot, especially Gianna, as they added a lot to the scene in some ways but the poker game seemed weak and the guys were two of the lamest guys I've ever scene in a flick (the James Deen wannabe was unable to get an erection with his tiny cock and the other looked like a fourth tier fill in hippy for Shaggy in the Scooby Doo series). I admit that I liked the idea of the truth or dare style dynamic employed when someone won a hand though the most that took place was some oral (culminating in a blowjob contest that Gianna clearly won with partner Shaggy). Amy licking the semen off Gianna's titties was hot but I wished more was done with the scene.

Scene Five: 2 Guys and a Girl: Brandi Belle, hanging out at a small Miami clothing store, was up last as she looked at clothes and eventually did Chris in the changing room. That was too cramped so they took the show onto the main floor of the store (towards the back), him banging her mechanically as she passively let him (all the oral having been done in the back). This lasted until he came with the condom breaking (oops!) at which time she harassed the clerk for more fun. He was yet another low level wannabe stud but at least he got some from her in a standard porn manner (oral and straight sex ending with a belly pop shot). She then prowled the store for volunteers to give handjobs to; unable to find takers so she had to pay for the stuff she wanted.

Summary: Brandi Belle by director Ivan H. for release by Bang Bros showed a gal that was not the best performer in porn but a sign of the times as she displays a freshness and openness to fans that appeals to a whole lot of people. I prefer curves on my gals but I can see why so many people enjoy her attitude, even if the DVD was only worth a rating of Rent It for me due to technical matters, mild sexual heat, and an uneven display of sexual chemistry. Still, I wonder what Brandi Belle will be like after she comes into her full range of sexual abilities, developing them as fans clamor to see the latest comments on her website. I wish her good luck in this regard, wondering how well she'll fare as others seek to move up the internet porn pantheon to challenge her position.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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