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4 Finger Club 23, The

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The 4 Finger Club #23

Digital Sin/New Sensations

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Bryan Xin

Cast: Cayton Caley, Alektra Blue, Satine Phoenix, Ariel X, Tia Tanaka, Kaiya Lynn, Roxy DeVille, Gianna, Maya Hills, Riley Shy

Length: 140 minutes

Date of Production: 10/17/2006, 10/18/2006, 10/22/2006, 12/23/2006

Extra's: For many people, the 31.5 minute long Bonus Scene from Girls on Girls 9, shot in Budapest by director Tony Saenz/Vidson, will be the best extra. It wasn't a great scene but the gals seemed pretty good at what they did so I included a write up by my friend Saul below. I preferred the 28 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by production assistant Sun Chen since it gave each of the gals a chance to talk, provided some anecdotes, and had extra nudity. If you like the ladies of the show a lot, it will give some insight (the bit by Roxy saying how much she hated working for Bryan, kidding him of course, was especially funny). There was a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover, and some trailers for those who care too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The 4 Finger Club #23 was presented in the same 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Bryan Xin for release by Digital Sin/New Sensations. While I know Bryan has been bouncing around at a variety of companies in recent years as he tries to find the right spot for his particular brand of porn, I can't blame him for trying to pay the bills with mercenary contract jobs in the interim. This series is one of the type that has such a strict formula that Bryan's skills weren't going to be tested, something I knew going into it but I still thought he might be able to add something different. The lighting was pretty good, not great by any standard but still pretty good. This limited the amount of grain and video noise in most cases even if the focus and composition of the shots left something to be desired at times. The auto focus on the camera apparently gave him some trouble too but the biggest issue I had was how washed out some of the hotties looked here. I remember how some of the early volumes in the series looked picture perfect so this disappointed me a bit but at least the scenes were not shot with an artistic bent as I had anticipated, Bryan keeping the straightforward nature of the scenes intact. There were some minor compression artifacts at times and the overall visuals were quite acceptable so I wouldn't hold out on getting a high definition version of it, if you catch my drift. The audio was presented in a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English with no separation bewteen the tracks and a limited dynamic range but I could hear what the ladies were saying, even if the vocals were not mixed loudly enough into the audio matrix employed here (the same was true for the BTS feature).

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Body of Review: Bryan Xin is one of those directors that continues to evolve rather than provide a predictable style in his movies; both a blessing and a curse depending on how much you like the wide range he tries to offer. Lately, he has worked at several companies (I'm sure there's a reason for this but I don't care to dig into it given the unreliable nature of the rumors online) including Digital Sin/New Sensations. The first of his titles is The 4 Finger Club #23, the sequel to Four Finger Club #22 and earlier volumes, where a pair of ladies will make out, finger each other using at least four fingers, and then ride a Sybian though this time, the order of the action was mixed up a bit by the director seeking to end the formulaic nature of the series. The cover said it like this: "The 4 finger club is back and in full effect! This is the spot exclusively for naughty & nasty girls that love to take it 4 fingers at a time. Watch as they stretch & squeeze all 4 fingers inside each others juicy wet cunt. Tia Tanaka, Alektra Blue, Gianna, Roxy DeVille and more make a special appearance in this all girl stretch-fest that will rock your socks. And once they're done, these girls will prove once and for all that you ain't a whore until you take in four!" If that sounds interesting to you, and it should if you like seeing gals work together, you'll probably find a lot to like with the movie. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used (it's a lesbian flick you knucklehead):

Scene One: The Secret Admirer: Cayton Caley, a major hotty in porn these days, stalked cutie Alektra Blue, in the hallways of a large apartment complex to begin the scene. Alektra tried to run and Cayton caught up to her, demanding to know if the gal was running from her. Cayton opened the door and tossed her object of lust onto the bed, both gals getting turned on in the process. I admit that the set up was a notch above what some of the others have done in past volumes of the series even if the camera moved a bit too much in the process. The pairing of these two also seemed inspired and after the initial dominance of Cayton, both gals seemed to share power nicely (in a naughty way of course). The fingering, rug munching, and dirty talk were all well done; leading to a lot of taste testing and active toy use (including a strap on dildo and Sybian). I also liked the kissing they did, a step up from the lizard tonguing I see too much.

Scene Two: Here kitty kitty kitty...: Satine Phoenix and Ariel X, both wearing enough make up to try out for a movie version of the Drew Cary Show, were up next in a weird little dominatrix and pet cat scenario. One played the owner and the other played a cat, with a lot of tease and a leash involved. The owner brandished a riding crop and displayed her pet's ass and other body parts nicely as she spanked and roughed her up, though I'd point out that cat's don't bring leashes to masters in real life (the confusing dynamic would be reserved for dogs). The licking and toys came sooner this time, but the Sybian ride was limited and the face dildo went unused, making me think something went wrong with the scene. The chemistry wasn't as strong as the previous scene either but there was some present and it wasn't a bad scene, if not the best.

Scene Three: I Hate You!...do you like horses?: Tia Tanaka and Kaiya Lynn, both being exceptionally cute Asian gals, were up next as they walked along the street carrying their backpacks until they got to the house. This led to Kaiya acting totally irrational (like a teenage gals tend to act) and forcing Tia onto a Sybian after ripping her white panties off. Using the controller to dictate the speed of the action, that led to Tia getting all wet and being forced to go down on Kaiya in the living room. They started eating and fingering each other with Kaiya remaining in charge of the gal. A large stash of toys were brought in to play with but the role playing dynamic remained in force the whole time and seemed a bit off skew with Tia ending up a net giver to me. Kaiya did do some fine anal before riding the Sybian as Tia masturbated but the whole scene appeared to be overly directed.

Scene Four: The Rich Bitch and The Help: Roxy DeVille, the cutie on the right hand side of the tame version of the cover, and busty Gianna from the left side, were up next as a servant gal (Roxy in a great maid outfit) and employer (Gianna). A drink was served by the pool when the abrupt edit had them in bed making out, each seeming to have a tremendous amount of chemistry for the other in the process. I like both of them a whole lot and have seen them work with scores of people but they were lit up this time as they slowly worked each other over. They got rougher as the scene progressed but the mainstay action of the series was present at all times, from the kissing and fingering to the toys and Sybian. The dynamic of control wasn't as pronounced here but dissecting the action as deeply as I could (requiring a few more viewings) did not yield substantially better results so I have to say that it was a great scene with a lot of stroke and replay value. I only wish that Roxy would have rode the Sybian as Gianna did, leaving a huge wet spot in the process. Whew!

Scene Five: You're So Gay! Maya Hills, the exotic looking hotty on the upper half of the dirty version of the front cover, and Riley Shy, with her newly lightened hair and curvier body, were up next as Riley had man troubles that lesbian Maya had just the solution for. They pawed each other in undies on the couch slowly, Maya demonstrating the benefits she had been talking about. The action was slow for a very long time, with Maya's guiding hand serving her well as she tried to convert her pal to the joys of lesbianism, the emphasis this time being on kissing, cunnilingus, and fingers rather than toys. Each got to ride the Sybian an equal amount of time and the action was always tamer than the other scenes but it wasn't a bad way to end the movie as the gals appeared to be getting off for real (and the dynamic was decidedly more like lesbians in real life over the lipstick lesbianism in porn).

Bonus Scene: Girls On Girls 9: Saul put it like this: "Two gorgeous blondes, Sophie and Tiffany, meet Zafira on a bed in an apartment. Heavy petting and tongue flickering gets all three wet and worked so they begin stroking pussies through their panties. Then Zafira lies back and gets her pussy sucked noisily by the two girls. The three form a triangle on the bed and finger and lick snatch. The action moves slowly; there's not a lot of hard and fast finger fucking. The girls lick and finger softly, and come up for air and a kiss. A vibrator makes its appearance about 15 minutes in, and although it brings something to the scene, it doesn't heighten the excitement very much. Each girl has a go with the toy and Zafira enjoys a ass fingering and double play with 2 dildos. The girls are hot, majorly, and while I liked the slow paced, more subtle foreplay, the girls' moans seemed far too faked. I enjoyed watching the girls--and there are some incredibly nice close-ups of bare pussy and ass--but didn't feel the energy." (I concur with Saul's opinion for the most part so I give him full credit for the scene write up.)

Summary: The 4 Finger Club #23 by director Bryan Xin for release by Digital Sin/New Sensations was worth a rating of Recommended from me for the usually excellent pairings of gals that showed a lot of enthusiasm and chemistry. The women were some of the hottest working in porn at this time and the replay/stroke values were very high for a movie of this type in many ways. In short, The 4 Finger Club #23 was a nice way to revisit the series after a lengthy hiatus (which was already just back from a lengthy hiatus when Four Finger Club #22 came out. While not Bryan's defining piece of work, it showed he could add something different to the project, albeit something that didn't always work as well as it could have. Check it out and you'll see what I mean!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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