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Big Rig: Extended Cab Premium Edition

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/10/07

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Date of Production:

June 2005

Directed By:

John Rutherford


Colby Taylor, Gus Mattox, Jason Crew, Brad Patton, Omer, Kristian Alvarez, Eddy Mataro, Blake Nolan, Brian Hansen, Tamas Eszterhazy, Alex Chandler, Danny Roddick.

The Movie:

Growing tired of his swinging "key party" boyfriend, Mark (Colby Taylor) hits the highway in his red convertible for a road trip through the desert. Cute and talky hitchhiker Trevor (Jason Crew) meets Mark in a convenience store and decides to tag along.

The Dudes:

There's a nice variety of dudes assembled here to satisfy everyone's tastes: the traditional muscle-bound and butch COLT dudes, tattooed guys in their early twenties, and the sexy college boy-next door types.

Scene One:

Colby (cute college-type dude with short dark hair, sideburns, toned body) is in the shower with a big ol' hard-on that needs attention. Too bad his boyfriend Eddy (handsome with short dark hair, toned body, hairy chest) is more concerned with worshiping himself in the mirror than getting down on that hard cut cock. Colby takes matters into his own hand and jacks his stiff tool to a thick climax shooting on the shower's glass doors. Once the dudes arrive at a key party, Eddy ditches Colby to fuck two other dudes. Colby gets back in his red sports car and zooms off. Eddy gets a three-way started with butch Blake (good-looking with short brown hair, goatee, toned body, hairy chest, and tattoos) and Kristian (handsome with short dark hair and smooth muscular build).

The dudes practically spill their cocktails high-tailing it to the bedroom for a sexual free-for-all. Eddy is on all fours in bed sucking Blake's big cut prick and switching over to Kristian's large uncut tool for variety. Eddy chows down on those dongs making the dudes moan with delight. Kristian removes Eddy's tight blue jeans rubbing his bubble butt, spreading his cheeks to expose his tight hairy asshole. Blake goes down on Kristian's dick as Eddy sucks Kristian's hard nipples and jacks his own hard cut dong. Eddy relaxes spread eagle on the bed while Kristian teases his hairy pucker with his digits finger fucking him.

Kristian fucks Eddy in the missionary position (with condom) sliding that fat unclipped cock in and out of that tight bum and banging him fast 'n rough. The dudes move around so that Kristian is screwing Eddy from behind while Blake fucks Eddy's face. Blake wants a piece of that manhole and porks Eddy in the missionary position filling the room with loud grunts as Kristian pinches the hell out of Eddy's hard nipples. Kristian is the first to reach fulfillment shooting jism on Eddy's hairy chest. This sends Eddy over the edge and he dumps a thick load on his fist. Blake cuts loose and produces a large thick amount of man juice on Eddy's stomach and hand.

Scene Two:

Colby stops in a convenience store and meets cute hitchhiker Jason (short dark hair, soul patch, toned body) who has a hilarious personality and wants a lift. At the checkout, Jason tries to trick Colby into paying for items in scenes reminiscent of the screwball comedy "What's Up, Doc?" Colby quickly tires of his new pal but finally concedes in giving him a ride since Jason is already in his car. Hours later, Jason is driving the sports car while Colby sleeps. Curious, Jason pulls Colby's hard cock from the fly in his blue jeans and plays around. Paying no attention to the road Jason almost makes a big eighteen wheeler run off the road. When the dudes stop for gas, butch truck driver Gus (fucking hot with short brown hair, muscular body, and plenty of tattoos)gives 'em a hard time.

Jason is intrigued with Gus and walks back to where hisrig is parked. Gus gets Jason in the back of his truck for some rough and tumble man-on-man action. Jason is down on his knees giving one of the best and energetic blowjobs committed to video. Jason works Gus's big cut cock jacking the hard shaft, sucking the pink head, and cramming as much of that man pole as he can down his throat. Gus fucks Jason's face getting off on the younger dude polishing his knob. Jason is all over Gus's hairy chest licking and sucking his hard man tits and hairy pits while Gus grabs onto the straps attached to the rig's walls. All worked up, Gus sinks to his knees and sucks Jason's large cut dong down his gullet beating that shaft, planting a tight lip-lock on the big knob, and taking the long shaft down his throat.

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Jason bends over allowing Gus to fill his tight ass from behind (with condom). No sweet fucking here as Gus plows the hell out of Jason's bum with urgent hard strokes making Jason grunt loudly. Gus is caught up in the moment ordering Jason to "squeeze my dick with your ass!" Jason responds with "Shove it in my hole! Fuck Man!" Gus slams Jason against the truck's wall as Jason groans, "You're so fucking deep you big dicked motherfucker!" Jason shoots a generous amount of thick jizz on the wall and floor. Gus shoots a thick load on Jason's face, neck, and shoulder. Hot, rough, and intense!

Scene Three:

Colby and Jason stop at a motel with a cool retro neon sign for the night. Colby enters the office to deal with the wise-ass desk clerk and Jason heads behind the building to take a leak. Snotty motel dude claims, "I don't like anyone out back taking care of anything". I have a feeling he would be all for it if he was involved. As Jason pisses, he spies through an open window and watches Brad Patton (very hot with short blond hair and smooth muscular body) and Omer (nice-looking with short dark hair and muscular body) making love on the cheap motel bed. Omer is chowing down on Blake's big thick uncut cock cramming that dong down his gullet with gusto. Blake digs having his prick sucked and moans loudly. Blake reaches around, spreads Omer's butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved bunghole.

There's plenty of deep kissing with wet tongues as the dudes heat up making Blake eat Omer's tight bum. Blake is hungry for cock and gives Omer some good head sucking his hard cut cock deep throat and jacking his shaft. Blake lifts Omer's legs in the air and once again eats his pucker. Blake sinks his hard condom-covered hog deep into Omer's ass from behind with long slow strokes allowing his pal to get accustomed to such a fat cock. Blake's strokes are forceful but he keeps it at a nice steady pace. The dudes switch to a side/missionary position as Blake continues to bang Omer as Omer jacks his hard prick. Blake continues with the slow steady fucking driving his pal wild with lust as moans bounce off the low-rent motel paintings. Omer rocks and rolls on Blake's cock during a sink/bounce rocking back and forth and allowing Blake to thrust upwards filling his snug chute. Omer squirts jizz all over Blake's chest as Blake beats his fat fucker and shoots a thick load of goo hitting his own muscular thigh.

Scene Four:

Colby and Jason pull up to a roadside diner advertising "Home Style Cooking". While Colby goes in to get some grub, Jason stays outside and flirts with cute Aussie fry cook Brian (short brown hair, muscular/toned body). The dudes head behind the building where they hook up with Tamas (handsome with short dark hair, goatee, toned tattooed body). Jason exclaims, "I got an idea. Let's see each other's dicks." The dudes begin to rub their bulges making out using those hot wet tongues. Jason sits in an old rusty lawn chair surrounded by truck tires that have seen their better days. He jacks his large cut cock and watches as Tamas drops to his knees and takes Brian's hard clipped cock deep throat to his brown pubes. Brian needs a taste of cock as well and sucks Tamas's hard uncut tool all the way to his trimmed dark bush. The dudes get down and take turns sucking Jason's prick.

Jason switches back and forth sucking Brian and Tamas while jacking his hard dick. He fucks Brian's tight asshole from behind (with condom) using fast urgent strokes pulling all the way out and slamming back in. "Nice tight ass!" Jason wants a piece of Tamas's tail as well and fucks him doggy style (with condom) using the same pounding technique he used on Brian. Jason switches up again and pounds Brian's pucker in the missionary position while Brian strokes his hard tool. Tamas squirts a plentiful thick load on Brian's chest. Brian cums on his fist and inside thigh. This sends Jason over the edge and he shoots a thick load on Brian's hand.

Scene Five:

Colby is driving down the lonely desert highway fighting off sleep when he notices Gus's rig on the side of the road. Colby pulls over for some lovin'. Gus invites him to spend the night in his cab and the two start their tender lovemaking. The dudes slowly kiss deeply with plenty of tongue while feeling each other's bodies. The guys strip down and there is a nice contrast between Colby's slender/toned/smooth build and Gus's muscular/toned/hairy/tattooed body. Gus takes Colby's hard cock in his fist jacking the shaft and sucking his full nuts deep throating down to his brown pubes. Gus treats Colby to some very nice 'n slow head taking his time to pleasure his new pal in ways that only one man can pleasure another. Colby moans and thrusts his hips upwards to fuck Gus's mouth. Colby grabs Gus's hard cut prick wrapping his fist around the shaft and deep throating that thang. Colby takes that hard tool all the way to Gus's dark bush.

Colby takes Gus's condom-clad weenie for a test drive rocking back and fourth and sliding that tight pucker up and down the hard shaft. Gus grabs Colby's butt cheeks thrusting up to fuck that snug chute. Gus switches up and fucks Colby in the missionary position slowly sliding his schlong into Colby's man-channel as Colby plays with his big ol' dong. Colby shoots thick jizz on his own stomach. Gus beats his tool and cuts loose with a thick load on Colby's stomach.

Bonus Disc Scene One:

Gus's rig has shot its wad. He heads to the gas station john to take a leak and is cruised by Alex Chandler (good-looking with cool shaved head, toned smooth body). The dudes roughly make out with lots o tongue and basket rubbin'. Back in Alex's office, the dudes get down to brass tacks as Alex chows down on Gus's stiff cut dick deep throat all the way down to dark pubes. Alex is into the blowjob especially when Gus fucks his mouth. Hungry for cock, Gus gets down on his knees and sucks Alex's hard clipped cock deep throat. Alex Grabs Gus's head and fucks his face with lust-filled thrusts. With an appetite for a little something more, Gus slaps Alex's bubble butt and chows down on his tight shaved butt hole.

Gus slides on a condom, lubes his cock and Alex's hole and fucks that tight bunghole making Alex moan "Give it to me!" Alex is a cock pig frantically hunching his pucker back on that hard hog. Gus digs it and encourages Alex. "Ride that cock, boy!" Alex pulls his pud and shoots a thick load on a desk and laps it up. Gus works a thick load on Alex's bum.

Bonus Disc Scene Two:

Colby eyes Gus's rig at a truck stop and hits the head. Seeing a pair of feet under the stall door, Colby confesses his lust for Gus. Well, it ain't Gus on the pot. Danny (very cute with dark hair, toned/smooth body) opens the door with a big smile plastered on his puss. Danny drops to his knees taking Colby's hard cut cock down his throat. Danny is a talented cocksucker deep throating that love-prong to some nice brown pubes. The dudes make the most of their restroom romance with Colby devouring Danny's cut dong all the way down to his brown bush. Colby pulls the hell out of Danny's nuts and sucks that hard cock. Danny holds onto the stall's wall as Colby thumbs his tight shaved hole. To drive Danny crazy, Colby slides two digits in and finger fucks his new friend.

Colby teases his pal rubbing his hard cock against the tight starfish. He fucks Danny from behind (with condom) with long slow strokes. The dudes heat up by Colby stepping it up and drilling for oil. Danny rides that member grinding his hips and humping up 'n down. Danny flogs his log shooting a big ol' thick load on the floor. Colby waxes the floor with his own thick load of man gravy.



The movie is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Max Phillips is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clean and crisp allowing for plenty of dialogue, a cool original score, and lots of hot sex talk, moaning 'n groaning as the dudes get it on.


The bonus materials include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and cast photo gallery featuring the photography of Jeff Burton, John Conroy, Mick Hicks, and Greg Lenzman. There's a cumshot reel and previews for: "Beyond Perfect", "LeahterBound", "Buckleroos I", and "Buckleroos II". A second disc contains two additional full scenes shot for the extended cut with an option of watching in wide or full screen and in high definition on your computer. A sixty minute "Making Of" feature takes the viewer through a behind-the-scenes look at each scene during the eleven day shoot, and interviews with director John Rutherford and his cast/crew. Watching the "Making Of" feature shows all the planning and hard work that goes into the creating high quality adult entertainment.

Final Thoughts:

Law! This is one hell of a movie! COLT Studios and Buckshot's top-notch production features strong directing by John Rutherford, Videography and Editing by Max Phillips, lighting by Marty Brown, and original score by Rock Hard, Nicholas Pavkovic, and Sharon Cane. The movie features beautiful desert shots with some of the most impressive being at dusk with the various sky colors and Joshua trees. The dudes are all sexy with a nice variety of butch muscular daddies, tattooed love boys, and hot college-type dudes. The sexual performances are energetic and the guys are definitely into the action. The non-sexual performances are strong with Colby Taylor showing how vulnerable someone can be who's in a bad relationship, Gus Mattox as a butch trucker with a hidden sensitive side, and Jason Crew who rocks as the mischievous and very likeable hitchhiker. The stand out scene is Number Five featuring Gus Mattox and Colby Taylor. The dude's tender lovemaking is a huge turn-on with cool blue lighting that compliments to the tone. The Extended Cab Premium edition contains two additional scenes shot nine months after the original production wrapped. The additional scenes are just as hot as the first five with the same top quality production values and sexual performances. I highly recommend "Big Rig Extended Cab Premium Edition" for those who enjoy hot top-quality man-on-man action and a variety of sexy dudes.

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