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Rub One Out

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

August 2003, March 2004, September 2004, March 2005, June 2005, July 2005.

Directed By:

Doug and Jay

The Movie:

Seven good-looking amateur straight dudes watch chicks getting fucked on television while jacking their hard cocks to climax.

Dawson and James:

Dawson (cute dude with short blond hair and smooth toned body) and James (cute with short dark hair, sideburns, toned body, and a little hair on his chest) are sitting on a hotel room bed watching porn and leafing though girlie magazines. Dawson wags his pierced tongue at the camera and tells Doug he likes to eat pussy. After numerous comments about chicks and some gal grunting on television, James remarks, "I'm kind of in the mood to give a back massage." Dawson's all for a back rub and lets James start on his shoulders. The dudes remove their shirts and Dawson lays face down reading "Big Tits". James lubes up his hands and rubs his pal's back. James is all horned up from the porno and strips down revealing his large hard cut cock and full dark pubes. He jacks off with one hand and rubs Dawson's body with the other.

James rubs Dawson's hard cut cock which is pulled backwards between his legs. There is a nice camera shot of Dawson's very hairy butt crack as James rubs those buns. Dawson turns over allowing James to stroke his hard cock jacking the lubed shaft up 'n down. Dawson strokes James's stiff prick while working his own. James straddles his pal jacking their cocks together and rubbing his cock against Dawson's shaved pubic area. The dudes lay back watching the porn, breathing hard, and stroking that meat. James cums on his chest and stomach. Dawson shoots a thick dotty load on his stomach.


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Jason is a very handsome eighteen year old dude with caramel toned skin and short dark hair. He has a toned body, is six feet two inches tall, and weighs 200 pounds. Jason has a friendly easygoing personality laughing and making small talk with Doug. He watches the straight porn with one hand thrust down his blue jeans rubbing his unseen tool. Jason claims that he likes to eat pussy "with a fork and spoon", likes chicks to deep throat his cock, and has had a gal lick his asshole. He pulls his jeans and boxers down revealing shaved pubes, full balls, and a long cut cock with a dark circumcision scar. Jason lubes up and jacks that big dick with his right hand switching from slow 'n easy to full on fast strokes. He plays it up looking directly into the camera whispering to the viewer, "you like watchin', don't you?" Jason wags his big tool, rubs his full nuts, and works that cock shooting a thick load of jizz on his trimmed pubes and hand. As a last treat, he shows off his bubble butt and tight hairy asshole.


Twenty-three year old Luke is from New Jersey with a cool accent and short dark hair. He's five feet eight inches tall and weighs in at 173 pounds. Luke loves pussy, football, working out, and chillin' with his friends. He lays back watching the straight porn and rubs the bulge in his gray sweatpants. Luke strips down revealing a nice toned smooth chest, full balls, shaved pubes, and plump cut cock. He wags his growing cock at the camera toying with his tool while it grows to full hardness. Lubed up and horny from what he's watching, Luke spreads his legs, strokes his hard cock, and rubs his nuts. The harder he jacks the more his plump balls bounce. Luke stands up working his hard cock while breathing heavily dumping a load of thick man juice on the bed.


Nate is a hot muscular marine with short dark hair who's appeared in a number of Amateur Straight Guys videos. He's relaxing in the Jacuzzi stroking his fat cut cock, rubbing his full hangy nuts, and watching straight porn. Nate sits on the edge of the whirlpool jacking his hard tool, working those nuts, and rubbing his shaved pubic area. Nate is definitely one of the hottest dudes Doug and Jay know. He looks directly into the camera as he pulls his stiff pud and rubs his hairy butt crack. Nate works himself into a frenzy rubbing that crack squirting a thick load of hot marine juice on his muscular inside thigh.


Sean is a very cute dude in his early twenties with short red hair, goatee, and smooth/toned body. He's outside to exercise and jogs down a path in the Arizona desert. After an impressive amount of push ups, Sean heads back to the hotel with Doug for a different kind of work out. Sean digs chicks and also loves to watch himself as he jacks off. He stands in front of a large mirror keeping one eye on the straight porn as he strokes his fat cut cock, trimmed red pubes, and plump nuts. Sean is a real hottie and confesses he doesn't mind Doug watching him and in fact digs jacking off in front of people. He chokes that big fat chicken rubbing his nuts and totally getting into pleasuring himself in front of the mirror. Gulping for air, Sean shoots a thick load of jism on the mirror and rubs it in with his pink knob. He shows his bubble butt and tight hairy hole to the camera and then videotapes Doug eating that load off the mirror.


Handsome twenty year old Tom has longish dark hair with blond highlights. He's five feet eleven inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Tom likes pussy and hasn't had any in about a week. This is his first time in front of the camera and he's definitely shy. Tom lays back on the hotel bed watching some gal get fucked on television. He simply sits there for quite some time with arms folded watching the porn. Finally, Tom begins to rub the bulge in his pants, strips down to reveal his toned smooth chest, shaved pubes, large cut tool, and plump hanging nuts. He slowly jacks his cock spreading his leg and giving his pink knob a real workout. He uses an interesting masturbation technique with his fingertips to work his cock head. Lubing up and fisting his entire shaft, Tom spreads his legs farther apart and begins to thrust his hips upward to fuck his hand. He pounds his meat and shoots a very plentiful thick load on his hand, arm, and stomach. While showering off, Tom exposes his tight hairy butt hole for the viewers.



"Rub One Out" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean with just a few pixel problems that last mere seconds.


The sound is clear to hear the dudes as they shoot the breeze with Doug and Jay. The sexy sounds of lubed jacking can be heard clearly along with the dudes' heavy breathing and the gals getting fucked on television.


This bare bones disc has an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and a commercial for the Amateur Straight Guys website.

Final Thoughts:

My favorite horn dogs Doug and Jay are back with more cool straight guys for "Rub One Out". This no-frills production features seven very appealing dudes who have no problems stripping down and beating their meat for the camera. The hand-held videography by Doug along with a clean picture quality covers all the action and provides plenty of close-ups as the guys jack off to straight porn. All the dudes are hot but my personal favorites are Jason, Sean, Nate, and James. The movie is a big turn-on and I highly recommend to fans of amateur straight dudes.

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