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Romantic Rectal Reaming 3

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/11/07

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Romantic Rectal Reaming 3

Anabolic Digital

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Rob E. Nice (AKA: Rob E. Digital)

Cast: Annette Schwartz, Steve French, Maya Hills, Talon, Sarah Sun, Sascha, Marco Banderas/Duato, Monica Breeze, Steve Holmes, Allison Pierce, Sandra Romain, Ben English, Chris Charming

Length: 126 minutes (not: "over 3 hours of romance, sex & ravaged rectums" as the cover stated)

Date of Production: 11/17/2006

Extra's: The best extra was a 44 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. Okay, if you are a fan of any of the gals except for Maya Hills, you're going to feel cheated since Maya was the focus of almost all of the footage. She looked great and had what amounted to one of the lengthiest solo scenes I've ever seen (Maya masturbating would have been a good sub-title for the flick) so her fans will rejoice (the limited material with others was still cute though). There was also a photogallery, a popshot recap, and a true (nice/naughty) double sided DVD cover too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Romantic Rectal Reaming 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Rob E. Nice for Anabolic Digital. The lighting was somewhat too low at times (too high in others, washing out the colors), adding some grain and video noise to the picture as well as some rare compression artifacts but the composition of the shots enhanced the look of the ladies at least a little bit in all the cases. From first glance at several of the scenes, it looked like Rob or whoever was helping him had shot several of the scenes for the internet on substandard cameras, which weakened the experience for me (I can get that stuff for free online) but the actual editing and composition of the shots appeared to be a slight step up. The fleshtones weren't perfect but the generic lighting did suffice with few major editing guffaws this time to catch my immediate attention. The audio was the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English with the option of no music if you choose; a pleasing idea that should become more common if other companies wise up. The vocals were on the low side much of the time but occasionally got too loud when the sometimes quiet gals all of a sudden cranked up their personal volume. I didn't get any separation between the channels but I didn't expect any either, nor was the dynamic range anything special since it was a gonzo release. The bright side was that the moans and dirty talk were easier to hear this time and that is all most people expect of such a release.

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Body of Review: Rob E. Nice is one of those guys that I've been told directs under various names for Anabolic Digital and others, a fact brought to my attention during the recent show in Las Vegas. To me, he's a guy with a lot of potential in need of some assistance with learning the technical side of directing, something he shares with some of the biggest "name" directors in the industry. His latest release is Romantic Rectal Reaming 3, the sequel to Romantic Rectal Reaming 2. The emphasis of the six scenes was to showcase gals having anal sex after a slight establishing bit of them having a romantic relationship with a man (or men in a couple of cases). In all, it was boilerplate gonzo but showed a lot of spark between many of the pairings, even if the technical matters weakened it too much for me to openly suggest as a superior product. If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Annette Schwartz, a very cute anal queen from Germany in a skimpy pink dress, was up first on the couch with Steve French; further proving that world peace can be achieved through porn. He gave her a red rose to prove his romantic intentions and was soon porking her perfect pucker to her delight. Getting right down to business seemed to be the order of the day so she did some ATM and they went back to ass fucking, with an assortment of related tricks as she bounced on his cock in virtually every position. Her level of dirty talk was light at first but she kicked it up a notch, always showing a great attitude unlike many others in the field. I could detail every position and every facial expression but the bottom line was that the two had a lot of energetic fun with enthusiasm, showing chemistry with one another before she swallowed the population pudding down with ease.

Scene Two: Maya Hills, the hotty on the front cover was up next on the couch with her purple undies on, appreciating the compliments given to her by Talon. The visuals threw me for a moment since they looked like it was a feed from an internet camera, but she did appear frisky with the guy and while he wasn't one of the top guys of the movie by any means, she seemed to like him. They didn't spend much time getting to know each other either, a good thing for many of you, and she dropped to her knees to slob his knob with great performing energy before he started tearing into her ass like a champion. She wasn't as active a rider as Annette was but she took all he had to offer with only a bit of grimacing (that looked like she was in pain rather than getting off). The vocals she gave were repetitive (mostly "oh yeah") but once she was stretched out and warmed up, she rode with a great deal of abandon on his cock as it ripped into her anal cavity with a pounding nature. In that sense, she got better as the scene evolved, and she seemed to enjoy doing some vaginal work as a break. The technical limitations aside, I have found her to be a major hotty in terms of her exotic appeal but your mileage may vary if you disagree with my assessment of her look.

Scene Three: Sarah Sun, a gal next door blonde with some great legs, was up next as she immediately went to work on Sascha's meaty member on the couch. He told her what he wanted to do and she complied like a sport, orally focusing on him when Marco Banderas/Duato took her from behind doggy style. She kept up a nice rhythm through it all, doing her best to deepthroat one while the other drilled away like crazy (not easy to do when a guy Sascha's size is tickling your tonsils), the men swapping positions to each get a turn on the front and back of the gal. She did a DP with them along with all the other stuff, including fair amounts of taste testing, but her dirty talk was minimal so if that's what gets you off, you'll hate the scene. It should be noted that when she was working one of them in her pussy or ass, she was very active but this dynamic varied substantially since both of the men wanted her enough to never let up. By the time they were through with her, her make up was runny and she looked totally worn too; indicative of a gal that doesn't care how she looks as long as she gets off. The two popshots ending the scene went mostly to her face but she played with it instead of swallowing.

Scene Four: Monica Breeze, a skinny brunette with pretty eyes and a big smile, was up next with Steve Holmes; the couple skipping the romance angle except to kiss a bit, Steve going crazy as he tasted her all over. She gave up some nice vocals during this part of the scene, always seeming like she was performing but doing so better than several of the others by a wide margin. She masturbated a little and teased him with her ass, loving the fact that he enjoyed sucking on it before he started spanking her. Her blowjob was one of the best of the movie, ending too soon before he hammered away at her asshole at her assistance. She might have been doing it for the camera but she knew that a lot of guys would fantasize about her as she spoke some of the dirtiest talk of the show. On the flip side, she didn't actively ride his cock until she was on top, a common occurrence in porn but a limitation for those of us that like to see a gal tear into cock the whole time during a scene. This continued with some intermittent oral until she clamped down tightly during the facial. He gave a decent sized load and the camera faded away.

Scene Five: Allison Pierce, a very lean blonde with a coed look to her face (some minor blemishes that humanized her, making her more accessible over the glamour queens of porn), was up next in a pink & black striped bikini as she walked into the standard room where Sascha and Steve French were playing a game to decide who would fuck her ass first. Sascha won the best two out of three in "rock, paper, scissors" so she blew him first and soon found his cock in her ass as she took care of Steve. She wasn't able to get much dick in her mouth but the guys pushed hard to rectify that (pun intended) when tapping the other end of her body, resulting in her newness showing. If you like gals that can't handle a cock too well (the opposite being those who handle them so easily that they bore you), she'll give you a lot of stroke material, even though her vaginal work was superior. The DP consisted of one guy actively hammering while the other stood still but she turned up the vocals and apparently liked that a lot so while it failed on technical merits, it worked in terms of her pleasure being conveyed. The scene ended when they blasted her face and mouth with joy juice, swallowing some of it easily.

Scene Six: Sandra Romain, looking fetching in her black dress, was up next as both Ben English and Chris Charming tried to woe her with roses. Ben played her husband and found out she had been cheating on him, leading the three to engage in an unlikely (outside f porn at least) style scene that showcased her fine ass and other body parts. The bonus to this scene was that it was shot in a technically competent manner, elevating the quality of the action for me even above what this trio is known for providing. She initially blew Ben's big rod while Chris planked her ass from behind, leading to them swapping around several times. Sandra was clearly the top anal queen of the movie (some would suggest in all of porn itself) but her oral was excellent too; the gal giving them a sweet ride all around in the scene. She did appear to like sucking off Ben more than Chris but she was the most fluid, dynamic, and enthusiastic performer, ignoring their orders to do as she pleased but giving them free access to do as they wanted as well. It was a lengthy scene that included anal, DP, ATM, and lots of other acronyms; ending the movie with two decent facials. Had the other scenes been shot this well, the movie would have been far more likely considered for a great rating.

Summary: Romantic Rectal Reaming 3 by director Rob E. Nice for Anabolic Digital had a lot going for it and I wanted to rate it higher but all I could fairly assess it was a rating of Rent It since the technical matters were so poorly handled in several scenes. The BTS/solo scene alone made it a must have for fans of Maya Hills and some of the others were really hot despite the mixed messages put out by a few gals but ultimately, I have seen Rob do a better job and the gals were not all equally skilled, making Romantic Rectal Reaming 3 weaker than Romantic Rectal Reaming 2.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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