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American Bi

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

July 2006

Directed By:

Panama Jackson


Shy Love, Mark Slade, Scott Wilde, Tory Lane, Jason Crew, Josh Carter, Isabel Ice, Riley Morgan, Venus, Park Wiley, Roxy Jezel, Adam Gabriel, Jean Val Jean.

The Movie:

"Just when you thought a blow job couldn't get anymore exciting we went and changed the formula on you. Take a sexy persuasive girl and her boy friend. Mix in a hungry male mouth and you have a brand new recipe. We guarantee you haven't seen these girls do anything like this before."

Scene One:

Mark (sexy husky muscular dude with blond hair and corn-fed good looks), Shy (pretty gal with long dark hair and slender figure), and Scott (good-looking dude with short dark hair, toned/tattooed body) are sitting around discussing football when the conversation turns to sex. Shy wants to get "kinky" and lets the secret that Scott has kissed another dude slip from her gorgeous lips. Shy and Mark begin to make out with tongue as she rubs the bulging basket in his blue jeans. Shy admits the idea of two dudes kissing turns her on and to entice Mark, she removes her shirt revealing a yellow bra bursting with big firm boobs. Mark and Scott tentatively kiss and to show her appreciation, Shy removes her bra and begins to play with her big tits pulling on those hard nipples.

Mark sucks those jugs as Scott watches pulling on his hard cut cock. Sky chows down on Mark's fat veiny cut cock giving one hell of a blowjob complete with deep throat. Scott joins Shy and the two share Mark's big dong nursing the large purple mushroom head, sucking balls, and cramming that thang hungrily down their throats. Mark fucks Shy's tits sliding his cock between the two large melons and thrusting back and forth as Scott sucks that big knob. Mark jacks off dumping a large thick load onto Shy's tits. Scott beats his meat squirting a big load on Shy's boobs. Shy squeals in delight having her pups covered with cum.

Scene Two:

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Riley (slender dude with spiked brown/blond hair) is raking the back yard when bossy British bird Isabel (good-looking gal with short blond hair and nice figure) struts her stuff outside with cocktail in hand and tells Riley to work faster. Isabel hands the drink to her boyfriend Jean (we don't see his face but he has a nice toned body). Isabel flirts and asks, "I wonder if he'd mind if I blew you" while rubbing Jean's bulge. Isabel sinks to her knees and takes Jean's hard cut cock down her throat. She stops giving head for a moment to complain about Riley being too nosy! Ha! Isabel continues to gobble that dick while exposing her voluptuous bum, which is barely covered in see through panties. She finally invites Riley to join the party by revealing her natural tits and ordering him over. Riley immediately hops into action sucking Jean's tool jacking the shaft and slobbering up and down. Isabel and Riley share that hard cock taking turns deep throating and sucking those nuts. At one point, the two cock hounds suck that tool at the same time making out and diggin' on that dong. Jean fucks those mouths and sprays his jizz on both faces. Isabel and Riley look quite content with Jean's nut covering their smiles.

Scene Three:

Tory (hot gal with long dark hair and great figure) is working out on a treadmill wearing extremely short Daisy Dukes and a tight tee shirt that reveals her large firm breasts and hard nipples. Tory saunters over to where her boyfriend Jason (cute dude with short dark hair and tall/toned body) is getting exercise tips from Josh (cute dude with short dark hair, toned body, and tattoos). Tory turns on her charm flirting with the dudes and rubbing Jason's bulging crotch. Tory gets down and takes Jason's large cut cock into her mouth giving one of the best blowjobs I've ever seen. This gal knows her way around a hard dick! Tory teasingly tells Josh, "Don't be shy...don't be jealous" and invites him to join in. Josh settles in next to Tory as the two share Jason's hard cock by deep throating that thang all the way down. Jason titty fucks Tory sliding his hard tool between her big boobs. Josh continues to suck Jason's cock while Jason eats Tory's pussy (no close-ups). Tory moans, "Deep throat his cock, honey! Deep throat my man's cock!" Jason rubs Tory's pussy making her moan out more directions, "Rub that clit honey while he sucks your cock. Baby yeah, jack him!" Jason jacks off and shoots a large thick load on Tory's face and tongue. Josh and Tory take turns sucking Jason's cum slick cock knob as jizz drips off her chin.

Scene Four:

Mark (beefy hunk from scene one) and Park (cute dude with blond hair and toned body) are practicing boxing when Venus (pretty gal with long black hair and nice figure) slides into the ring lookin' for some lovin'. Venus rubs Mark's hefty bulge, pulls out his big cut cock, and takes that monster down her throat. Venus takes a short break to show off her large natural tits with big areolas and hard nipples. Venus grabs that big dong and crams it into her mouth. Watching the action has Park all turned on and soon he's on his knees deep throating Mark's beefy dong sharing it with Venus. These two are starved for hard cock and totally get down on Mark's member. At one point, Venus grabs that cock from Park exclaiming, "Give it back!" while laughing. Mark fucks Venus's tits sliding that big shaft between her pups as Venus sucks that huge purple mushroom. Park beats his meat and squirts a thick load all over Venus's hooters. Park and Venus share jacking/sucking Mark to climax and he cums on their tongues. The two kiss sharing that nut and take one last turn sucking Mark's cum slick cock.

Scene Five:

Roxy (a pretty Asian gal with long black hair) sucks her sleeping boyfriend's hard cut cock. Roxy looks directly at the camera, smiles, winks, and crams that cock down her throat. Soon, Roxy is joined by Adam (nice looking dude with brown hair, smooth/toned body, and tattoos). Roxy removes her shirt revealing a nice pair of tits and the two chow down on that hard dong. Both Roxy and Adam suck a mean cock deep throating boyfriend Jean (again, we do not see his face) all the way down to his dark trimmed pubes. These two are definitely hungry for man meat and work well together tag teaming Jean's hard tool jacking the shaft, sucking his knob, and licking those nuts. Jean squirts a huge wet load completely covering Roxy and Adam's faces and they love it!



"American Bi" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography is hand-held with steadycam providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of excellent close-ups.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dialogue (there are some damn funny lines) and all the moaning and slurping as these gals and guys gets down on those dongs.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection with choice of jumping to blowjob and cum shots, chapter stops, an extensive gallery of high quality photographs of the gals and some action shots from the movie. There are also plenty of straight previews for other Pulse releases including: "Face Pounders 2", "Blacklight Beauty", "Anal Aristocrats 2" (chicks with strap-ons jacking their "cocks" while wearing high heels), "Come to Mommy" (!), "Obedience School", and "Dollface".

Final Thoughts:

Pulse Pictures has a winner with "American Bi". Although I'm strictly a dude who digs dudes, I found the movie to be a huge turn-on. The gals are all very attractive with pretty faces, nice figures, and big boobs. These chicks are wild and give excellent deep throat blowjobs. Of course, the dudes are hot as well and know all about sucking hard cocks. The hand-held semi gonzo videography is cool and very smooth providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. The sex is very energetic with the gals and guys worshiping those hard members. Each scene moves along at a fast pace thanks to the direction of Panama Jackson and editing of H.P. Loveshaft (love that name!) The standouts here are definitely Mark Slade with his hot husky/muscular body and big cock, the sexy Tory Lane who gives a wild performance, and Jason Crew who I recognize from all-male movies. While the focus is not on the gal's pussies, the viewer gets a good look at their ample breasts and there are some quick camera shots of their Mounds of Venus. I highly recommend for folks who are bi curious.

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