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It's Big It's Black It's Jack #2

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/12/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

It's Big It's Black It's Jack #2

Vouyer Media

Genre: Interracial

Director: Jack Napier

Cast: Tia Tanaka, Jack Napier, Britney Stevens, Mia Freak, Roxy West, CJ Wright, Tommie Ryden, Tawni Ryden, Dick James, Kiara Marie (bonus core only)

Length: 182 minutes

Dates of Production: 9/29/2006, 10/2/2006, 10/20/2006, 11/6/2006, 11/20/2006, 11/21/2006

Extra's: The best extra for me was the bonus core scene between Jack and Kiara Marie lasting 18.5 minutes. I described it below but the 19 year old was a beauty and skilled at providing blowjobs, making it a fine extra that I'm glad was included. I also liked the 42 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage (called "cutting room floor" material) as it showed a lot of Vince's brand of humor (with Tia being the only one feeling out of place but his imitation of Jack was incredibly funny). The showering was cute and all the ladies had a chance to shine so it was well worth the space on the DVD in my opinion. There was also a lengthy photogallery, a cardboard protective sleeve, trailers to It's Big It's Black It's Jack, Frosty Finish, The Gauntlet 2, and a true double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: It's Big It's Black It's Jack #2 was presented in a letterboxed, non-anamorphic widescreen color with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.85:1 as shot by director Jack Napier, using cameramen Donnie Cabo & Vince Vouyer for release by Vouyer Media. The lighting was flat and even, still substantially better than that which you'll find in most gonzo porn and topping Vince's recent efforts at his company. There was little grain and the fleshtones were even better this time making me think that the HD picture might look even better on one of the newer high resolution formats, but only by a small margin given the look of the ladies thanks to his fine work shooting the scenes. The composition of the shots was such that the ladies were made to look as good as Vince could make them and given his level of skill developed over the years, he showed he still has what it takes to make hot women even hotter looking. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English but there was no separation between the channels and the vocals were on the low side in all but a few circumstances (at which times they were too loud of course). Still, the audio provided just enough of an extra boost to assist in making the scenes even better.
Note: I had some problems getting this one to play on my Power DVD program when writing the review so if you watch porn via computer, be aware that your mileage may vary for some reason.

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Body of Review: Jack Napier is best director for Vouyer Media after Vince himself and a guy that adds something special to all his projects by virtue of his sense of humor as much as the size of his cock. The company's 23rd release is It's Big It's Black It's Jack #2, the sequel to It's Big It's Black It's Jack #1, a title that a lot of people really seemed to enjoy recently. I had a chance to briefly talk to Jack at the 2007 AEE Show where he expressed his own dissatisfaction at the original volume of the series, pointing out to him that some of the most critical reviewers online found it very well made; substantially better than his body of work at West Coast where he had worked before. In his own self deprecating manner, he was pleased at the response to his persona and directing skills, noting that he had a lot of help to make it what it became and promising me that later efforts would be even better. Well, here I am with the second volume in my hand, writing a review for the show having watched every minute, noting that fans of interracial action will certainly appreciate it more than some of the low budget crud on the market. Here's a glimpse at the scenes of the movie, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Tia Tanaka, the boxcover gal from Frosty Finish, was up first as Jack Napier and Vince discussed how she was the hottest gal in the movie. While I disagree with their assessment, she has proven to be very prolific of late and Jack wanted to work with her really badly, scooping her up off her pedestal and kicking back on the couch with her as a result. She was frisky here, a lot more than in the BTS, and Jack stroked her as she masturbated; leading to her giving him some head. He was too large for her to comfortably handle orally but she gave it a try, concentrating on the head as her hand held his massive shaft. The vaginal sex was okay but he did most of the work and while it was impressive to see her take all he porked her with, it would have been a whole lot nicer to see her actively riding his meaty member. I was unconvinced that she wanted his cum in her mouth despite her wooden dialogue to that effect too, the end result being her mechanically taking his load of population pudding begrudgingly as he held her head in place.

Scene Two: Britney Stevens, a busty brunette that has been getting a lot of exposure lately too, was up in the back yard actively slobbing the knob of Jack Napier in her lifted white t-shirt and red shorts as she worshipped him on her knees. This led to a flashback where he gawked at her while she was jogging down the street, making me laugh as she went with him (moving back to her blowing him). While she couldn't handle a lot of his cock in her mouth either, at least she seemed to try with some enthusiasm; showing an appreciation for his black cock that few others seem to have outside of the monetary gain it offers. They went inside to fuck, jack feeling her up as he stripped off her shorts to reveal a sweet ass eating her thong. She had a lot of dirty talk coming out of her mouth, an aspect of the scene that continued as he porked her pussy. There seemed to be only one camera for the shoot so it continually moved about as something out of a pro-am flick might do (instead of relying on heavy editing), adding a level of spontaneity rarely seen in a contemporary gonzo movie. She actively rode his cock in various positions until he rubbed out his load to her face, the gal appearing to enjoy the taste of his joy juice in a playful manner. She was a gem here and far better than Tia, elevating my expectations once more after they were lowered in the opening scene.

Scene Three: Mia Freak, a perky and cute gal that was hired for her Spanish speaking skills as much as her 21 year old North Carolinian body, was discovered to lack the necessary language skills so she hastily showed Vince that she had other attributes worthy of porn. It was her fourth scene and she found Jack Napier to be the kind of sexy stud she wanted so they kicked back on the couch as they rubbed each other; impressing Mia at the size of his meat. She tore into it orally, displaying abilities far beyond those of moral women, Jack rubbing her ass as she went to town on him. When it came to him boning her sweet little cookie, she took awhile to warm up but showed that she was an active rider that also liked PTM and dirty talk more than a little bit. Some of the vocals were obviously porn performance material but she was impaling herself on his dick like she was getting off, boosting the heat as she took care of his needs. She showed a lot of skill and I hope to see more of her, especially after the way she "completely and totally drained" jack to swallow his load; Jack making fun of the way she finished him off. The chemistry between them added to the fun, as did the humor, once again.

Scene Four: Roxy West, a lean brunette gal from Montana, was up next as she came into town fantasizing about working with a certain performer (Jack). Donnie tried to get him on the phone and that resulted in her working with CJ Wright and Jack Napier, both men appreciating her willingness and desire to enjoy their attributes. The dynamic of the scene was that Roxy wanted Jack and would do anything at all to get him, even do CJ and take the show to a different spot as a result. Roxy did some masturbation in the studio as well as in the car driving down the public roadway, warming up for a Jack Attack of the first order. I'll admit that her whining was getting old by the time the guys came into the new location and she really wasn't top notch talent to begin with but I held out, figuring that her outfit changes were enough to keep me going. The reunion was a happy one and Jack seemed to be happy that Roxy wanted him so badly. The sex included the usual foreplay, oral, and penetrative sex with Jack mugging the camera at just the right times. I did think she liked working with him more than a little and I did get the vibe that his ego appreciated her willingness to cater to it though some of the time, her porn acting ability seemed a bit underwhelming in terms of convincing me she was there exclusively for Jack's use. There was a lot of oral though and she adored his cock, riding it fairly well as she was able. CJ joined in to assist (Jack had some minor erection problems for some reason) and she took it in stride that she got to work with both of them, taking the facials at the end for swallowing.

Scene Five: Tommie Ryden and Tawni Ryden, a couple of sisters that like sex and black cock, were up last with Dick James and Jack Napier. Jack was chilling at Erik's pad, house sitting for him, when he took advantage of modern cell phone technology to get both gals to meet at the house for a family reunion of sorts. I liked Tommie's look better but Tawni seemed to be as enthusiastic about visiting so I figured that together they'd be really good. They arrived at the same time and Jack used his "mac daddy" skills to get both of them in the mood for meat rather than in the mood to beat (him silly). It was a cute send up to the way some men are and the women so dopy to go along with whatever gets suggested to them by a pimp daddy type. Admittedly, the wannabe black girl attitude the gals displayed was over the top but the sharing is caring philosophy added enough to overcome the goofy stuff, with the ladies showing Jack a great time. They orally double teamed him before taking turns actively riding his cock vaginally. Tommie was the more sexually aggressive of the two gals but each added a little different dynamic to the fun that ensued. When Dick joined them, Tawni took him first as Tommie continued to handle Jack, eventually showing booth gals getting facials by their respective partners. It was an interesting scene full of strokable material even if handled a bit weirdly for my tastes.

Bonus Core Scene: Kiara Marie, a very cute gal with a love of big, black cocks, was up in the extras section with a formerly reluctant Jack Napier after Vince told the man he needed some bonus core footage in the form of a blowjob scene for the movie. They had just finished the final scene of the movie fifteen minutes prior and Jack was wanting to kick back and relax; that is, until he took one look at Kiara. She was a hotty and knew her way around a meat stick, sucking and stroking him for the majority of the 18.5 minutes the scene lasted. The mouth pop ended the action with some swallowing and I hope to see more of her in the future.

Summary: It's Big It's Black It's Jack #2 by director Jack Napier for Vouyer Media expanded the boundaries of the first volume of the series in some ways but fell short in other ways. The casting included some very physically appealing women but a couple of them were not up to the standards set by the director and company, resulting in okay but not very satisfying action in all ways. The technical matters also seemed to rely on a single cameras too much so your mileage will vary depending on what you personally care to see happen but the movie was worth a Recommended nonetheless. The looks and skills of the gals, the amount of strokable fuck for the buck and replay value, and the extras made it close to a higher rating but It's Big It's Black It's Jack #2 wasn't as consistently heated in terms of raw energy as It's Big It's Black It's Jack #1 so while some might like it more, others will like it less. In any case, it was a good offering from the director and I hope to see the technical matters worked out in future efforts.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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