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Young Men Just Wanna Fuck!

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/16/07

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Date of Production:

March 2001

Directed By:

Stephane Moussu


Robert, Bol Pierre, Crase Tom, Bald Archy, G. Thierry, Mitchi, Ball Jack, Hun Attila, Amor Lorenzo, King Carl, Cart Carl, Nain Bruno.

The Movie:

European muscle hunks get down to sexual business using their hard uncut cocks hooking up in disco clubs, airplanes, locker rooms, and auto body shops.

The Dudes:

These hunky European dudes have a nice mix of muscular and toned bodies, smooth and hairy chests, full and trimmed pubes, dark and blond hair, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Robert (cute with short dark hair, toned body, and cool tattoo--featured on the cover art), Bol (nice looking with short brown hair), and Crase (handsome with brown hair, cool sideburns, muscular hairy body) are kicking up their heels at the local gay club Chez Maggy. The dudes slurping down rum and cokes and listening to bad dance music. The booze is loosing the guys up as they make out and head out to find someplace more private. Back home the dudes start to feel each other up and moan loudly (although they are not really doing anything yet). Soon they are naked and kissing with lots of wet tongues. Bol gets down on his knees sucking Crace's hard uncut tool while stroking Robert's stiff unclipped prick. Bol slurps those hard dongs switching back and forth between the two.

Crace and Robert want a taste of cock as well taking turns sucking each other as well as Bol's uncut tool. Robert fucks Bol's tight hairy hole from behind (with condom) using fast but smooth strokes. Crace gets in on the anal action by sliding his condom-covered boner up Bol's bum in the missionary position. Robert works his foreskin back and forth over the slick knob squirting a load on Bol's shoulder and the top of his head. Talk about a cream rinse! Crace beats his meat shooting a thick load on Bol's stomach and hand. Bol flogs off and shoots thick jizz on his own stomach.

Scene Two:

Archy (very handsome with dark hair and muscular build) lands his airplane in the middle of a vacant field. He coaxes G. (cute with short dark hair) over for some pilot lovin'. G. takes Archy's hard uncut cock down his throat jacking the shaft and nursing the purple knob as Archy holds onto the airplane's doorway. Archy has full bushy dark pubes, hairy balls and gooch. G. chows down on that dong taking as much as he can into his willing mouth. G. pulls his long uncut tool out and begins to beat off while continuing his blowjob. Archy hops out of the plane and the dudes make out with plenty of tongue while jacking off. Archy lets go with some thick man juice hitting G.'s hairy stomach and pubes. G. shoots a thick load on his fist and onto the grass.

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Scene Three:

Mitchi (hot with short black hair and muscular body) must have seen what the pilot was up to. He locks himself in the office, slouches on the sofa, and begins to rub his bulge. Mitchi pulls his pants down his muscular thighs and starts to stroke his hard uncut prick. Making all sorts of odd faces from pleasuring himself and moaning loudly, Mitchi jacks that cock and rubs his small but full balls. Mitchi slides his free hand all over his muscular chest and thighs panting out loud and shooting a large thick load from the flared purple knob onto his chest, stomach, and pubes. Hot load!

Scene Four:

Ball (good-looking muscular dude with dark hair) is having a cocktail with Hun (cute with short dark hair and tall/slender build). Without warning, Ball roughly pushes Hun over a saddle barstool, pulls down his pants and fucks him from behind (with condom). There is no foreplay but Hun looks to be enjoying the rough fuck since his uncut cock is fully hard as Ball bangs away. Hun drops to his knees taking Ball's uncut tool down his throat for some quick head. Ball fucks Hun's mouth, pulls out, jacks his foreskin up over the knob and shoots a thick load on Hun's chest. Hun pulls his pud squirting a thick load on the floor.

Scene Five:

Locker room time! Amor (handsome with short blond hair and muscular body), King (cute with short dark hair and smooth/toned body), and Carl (good-looking with brown hair, sideburns, and muscular build) are changing clothes after a rough game of footie. King is simply lying naked on a bench as Amor begins to rub his smooth chest. Carl notices the action and joins in as the dudes feel each other's bodies. The guys form a daisy chain with Carl sucking King as King sucks Amor and Amor sucks Carl. The long and medium camera shots are horrible, as the viewer cannot see any of the action. Finally, there are some close-ups showing those hard uncut cocks being suckled and crammed down hungry throats.

Amor fucks King doggy style (with condom) with medium steady strokes as King gives Carl some descent head. It's a switch up as Carl slides his hard condom-clad tool deep into King's tight hairy chute in the missionary position as King gobbles Amor's hard dick. The dudes reach climax time with Amor squirting a thick load on King's chest, Carl squirting a large load on King's stomach, and King beating his meat all alone cumming on a towel.

Scene Six:

This is one of the best scenes in the movie. Mystery Dude (cute with muscular body and short brown hair--not listed in the credits) is underneath a car fixing some type of problem when Nain (handsome dude with short dark hair, slender/hairy body) sneaks up and begins to rub his crotch. Mystery's bulge is soon apparent leading Nain to pull that hard unclipped prick from the fly of Mystery's overalls and jack the foreskin up over the pink knob. Nain pulls Mystery's overalls off sucking that hard cock deep throat all the way to his dark trimmed pubes. Nain knows how to give good head and sucks that cock for all it's worth.

Nain pulls his own pants down jacking his uncut prick allowing Mystery to reach around and play with his hairy butt crack and balls. Mystery gets out from under the auto and lets Nain eat his tight hairy asshole. There are some excellent close-ups here as Nain's tongue does double duty on that tight pink pucker. The butt munch sends Mystery over the edge as he pounds his pork and dumps a thick load of jizz on Nain's face. Nain digs the cum bath milking his dong squirting a huge load on the floor. Big load!



"Young Men Just Wanna fuck" is shot on video and presented in full screen. The videography is a mixed bag as is the picture quality. The camera work in Scene Five leaves a lot to be desired with a daisy chain that the viewer cannot see. On the flip side, Scene Six contains some excellent close-ups of the butt munching. The picture quality in Scene One is grainy and not so hot while the others have a sharper appearance.


The sound is fine with plenty of dubbed in moans, groans, and grunts as the dudes get it on...and sometimes breathe heavily and moan loudly with no action at all! The music is a nice mix of bad disco and some cool techno and rock.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection for five scenes when there are really six, chapter stops, a stills gallery of model publicity photos that range from excellent quality to washed out, and trailers for: "Doggie Style", "Going Under", "Wet Palms", "Shameless Pleasure", "Jackhammer", and "The Hole".

Final Thoughts:

"Young Men Just Wanna Fuck" is an uneven movie containing some mediocre scenes that are poorly shot and hot scenes with full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. This off-kilter mix along with the fact that most of the scenes don't flow together leads me to believe that this may be a compilation. Some of my descriptions are brief because a couple of the scenes are too short. What saves the movie are the absolutely hot European hunks with their sexy muscular bodies and uncut cocks. All the dudes are appealing and give energetic performances. The best scenes are numbers Two, Three, and Six. I'll recommend a Rental for this one due to some lousy videography and grainy picture quality that plague Scenes One and Five.

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