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Jason Adonis: The Collector's Edition 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Years of Production:


The Movie:

Hot muscular stud Jason Adonis is featured in this compilation of scenes from Jet-Set Team Productions "Jet Set Direct 2" (2005), "Wet Palms" (2004), "The Hole" (2002), "American Porn Star" (2005), and "Man of the Year" (2002).

The Dudes:

These good-looking dudes represent an appealing mix of muscular and toned body types, smooth and hairy chests, dark and blond hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Obnoxious pussy-hound Jason (handsome with dark hair and muscular body) and his Pal (cute with short brown/blond hair) are driving around blabbing about how much they like chicks and loudly yell, "Pussy here we come!" The dudes drive through "The Hole" (some type of vortex) and instantly become gay. The guys are now naked in bed showing off their smooth muscular bodies claiming, "Being gay totally rocks!" as they slowly make out with plenty of wet tongue. Pal sucks Jason's hard nipples as the dudes dry hump their hard cocks together. Pal works his way down sucking Jason's hard cut cock deep throat all the way down to those dark trimmed pubes. Pal works that hard cock jacking the shaft, sucking the knob, and cramming it down his throat.

Pal spreads Jason's hot bubble butt exposing his tight shaved pucker and begins to eat that asshole licking, spiting, and really chowing down. Jason slides his condom-covered prick in and out of Pal's tight bum from behind. Pal digs it and exclaims, "Fuck my ass, yeah!" Jason picks up the speed and plows his friend's bung as the room is filled with heavy breathing and moaning. Pal rides Jason's hard cock sliding his snug chute up and down that rigid member, rocking back and forth, and having his lustful needs completely filled. After some butt pounding in the missionary position, Jason shoots a thick load of jizz on Pal's back. Pal strokes his cut cock shooting thick man juice on his brown pubes.

Scene Two:

Jason and Rico (cute with dark hair and smooth/muscular body) are making love on a large bed while three judges grade their performance. The dudes are really into kissing deep and sucking each other's tongues. Rico pulls Jason's tight blue swimming suit down revealing his shaved pubes and big cut cock. Rico wraps his fist around that fat tool jacking the shaft with a twisting motion, sucking the flared pink knob, mouthing plump balls, and cramming as much dong down his throat as he can muster. Jason yanks Rico's lime green Speedo down releasing his hard cut cock and dark trimmed pubes. Jason takes Rico's prick deep into his gullet sucking with slow up and down motions getting a nice taste of cock.

Jason fucks Rico from behind (with condom) using slow but forceful strokes increasing the tempo until he's quickly sliding in and out of that tight manhole. One of the judges (good-looking blond dude with smooth/muscular build) gets so hot he has to join in. The dudes take turns sucking Judge's hard uncut tool licking his deep piss slit and stroking his rigid pole. The dudes make out with the Judge sucking hot tongues and breathing heavy. The decorations on the wall, which consist of cut out stars hung on the drapes, remind me of the prom decorations in the horror film "Carrie" (1976). I hope Carrie's cazy mama ain't lurking around sniffing out cheap roadhouse whiskey! Judge fucks Rico doggy style (with condom) using fast/hard pounding while sucking Jason's hard dick. Rico digs the action and demands to be fucked harder. Jason and Judge jacks off shooting thick spooge on Rico's chest and arm. Rico beats his meat squirting an enormous load surprising the dudes who are amazed at such a high shot. Hot load!

Scene Three:

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Mark (cute dude with blond/brown hair and muscular/smooth build) is daydreaming about a three way when he is suddenly transported into his fantasy. Mark pulls his tight blue swimming suit down exposing his brown pubes and cut cock as he watches Jason and another dude (handsome with short dark hair, toned/hairy body) getting it on. Mark gets down on his knees taking Dude's big fat clipped cock down his throat while Dude chows down on Jason's hard cut tool. Mark sucks Dude's big knob jacking the shaft and cramming the shaft into his gob. Dude switches up sucking Mark's hard cock deep throating down to his dark pubes as Jason whacks off and watches. Dude is soon switching back and forth between Mark and Jason's hard dongs.

The guys are now indoors fooling around on a large sofa with leopard print covers. Mark and Jason bend over the sofa allowing Dude to eat their tight assholes. Dude starts tonguing Mark's hairy hole and switches over to Jason's pink shaved pucker filling the room with loud wet licking and plenty of moans. There is a nice camera shot of Dude's tight shaved starfish as he eats those holes and Mark 'n Jason make out. Jason fucks Mark from behind (with condom) slowly sinking his large tool in and out making Mark grunt. Jason fills Mark's man-chute with plenty of tube steak as he sucks Dude's big cock. Dude gets in on the ass action fucking Mark from behind (with condom) while Jason slides his condom-clad prick into Dude's asshole. It's time for a sandwich! The dudes finish up by beating off: Jason shoots a small load on the leopard print sofa, Dude squirts a thick load all over Mark, and somehow Mark's money shot is missed. Although, I noticed some clear cum on his inner thigh.

Scene Four:

One of my all-time favorite dudes Rod Barry (hot with short dark hair, toned/hairy body) is being blackmailed by Jason for some amateur porn he did in college. To get the tapes back, Rod must do the wild thang with Jason. Jason is completely naked spread eagle on the hotel room bed as Rod climbs between those muscular thighs and goes down. Rod sucks that big dick to full harness. Rod strips down revealing his toned hairy body, full dark pubes, and big uncut cock. Rod sucks Jason's hard nipples, slapping Jason's rigid tool against his face, and gobbling that cock deep into his mouth. Rod gags and coughs as he takes as much of that prick down his throat as he can. The sex is hot and intense. Jason gets a hold of Rod's hard unclipped prick sucking the pink knob and jacking the hard stalk. The dudes get into a sixty-nine and gorge on hard man meat.

Jason fucks Rod's tight hole from behind (with condom). Rod begs him to go slow...and he does at first...then plows that bung with fast 'n hard fucking. Rod cries out in anger mixed with lust as his blackmailer pounds his bunghole with aggressive strokes. The dudes roughly kiss sucking each other's wet n' willing tongues as Jason porks that butthole and Rod flogs his unclipped log. Jason plugs Rod from behind using the same fast/hard fucking. Jason shoots a large thick load all over Rod's hairy chest, hand, and arm. Rod frantically pulls his pork cutting loose squirting a large thick load of cock snot on his stomach. Rough and hot!

Scene Five:

A good-looking dude with brown hair and smooth/muscular body wants to win the Man of the Year contest and will do anything Jason wants to make sure of it. Dude gets down on his knees grasping Jason's hard cut cock and giving him some good head. "Your cock feels good in my mouth!" Jason pinches his hard nipples as dude chows down on his dong. The dudes take a quick break from cock sucking to make out with plenty of wet tongue action. Dude teases Jason's tight shaved asshole by gently rubbing his finger over the pink rosebud and lapping with his hot wet tongue. Jason orders Dude to bend over the desk and eats that hole slapping his butt cheeks, licking and finger fucking that hole. Jason pulls Dude's cut cock and balls back between his legs and chows down. Jason remarks, "I didn't realize you had such a cute ass until it was in my face."

Jason screws Dude from behind (with condom) leaning him over the desk and using long steady strokes. Switching to the missionary position, Jason picks up the pace and fucks that butthole fast 'n hard as Dude loudly moans and jacks his hard cock. Jason lets loose with a thick load shooting all over Dude's balls. Jason is so turned on that he beats off for a second time and gets another thick nut on Dude's balls. Dude is very turned on as he spanks the monkey shooting a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Six:

Bored rich dude (handsome with smooth/muscular body and blondish-red hair) is pissed that he's jacking his big cut pierced cock but can't get off. It seems that nothing turns him on anymore. Frustrated, Dude looks though his telescope and spots Jason wearing blue briefs and cleaning the neighbor's swimming pool. Jason appears fully naked behind dude in all his muscular glory and nuzzles up against our pissy pal. Dude reaches behind him and starts to stroke Jason's hard member. Dude sucks Jason's hard nipples as they beat their hard cocks together. Dude makes his way down Jason's body licking his hard cock and full nuts. Dude teases that cock and finally takes it deep throat all the way to Jason's shaved pubes. Dude goes crazy on that cock rubbing it against his face and repeatedly taking it deep throat. Dude bends over exposing his tight shaved butt hole and pierced nuts for the camera.

Jason is spread eagle on the table as Dude feasts on his tight shaved asshole rubbing his fingers to tease the pink starfish and lapping with his busy tongue. Jason fucks Dude from behind (with condom) sliding in and out with smooth strokes that become faster as he gives that one-eyed kitty a good ol' workout. Both dudes fill the room with their loud pants, moans, and grunts. Jason switches to the missionary position to pork Dude and pinches his own hard nipples as his hips thrust back and forth. Jason sprays a huge load all over Dude. It's a fucking fountain of man juice! Dude pulls off shooting a thick load on his stomach.



"Jason Adonis: The Collector's Edition 2" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is professional providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean throughout the entire movie.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear plenty of the usual sex noises as the dudes engage in man-on-man lovin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a small photo gallery of action shots from the movie, a cumshot review, and previews for: "Doggie Style", "Going Under", "Wet Palms", "Shameless Pleasure", "Jackhammer", and "The Hole".

Final Thoughts:

Jet-Set Team Productions has picked some extremely hot scenes for their Jason Adonis compilation. The movie is a complete turn-on featuring excellent direction, videography, editing, and picture quality. Jason Adonis is fucking hot with his handsome face, muscular body, and big cut cock. He's a top when it comes to fucking but gladly sucks cocks and eats those tight butt holes. There are no credits so I'm unable to identify the other dudes with the exception of the always-hot Rod Barry. All the dudes are good looking with muscular bodies and give energetic performances. Although all the scenes are hot, the real standout here is Scene Four featuring rough 'n tumble sex between Jason and Rod. Intense sex! This is a must for fans of Jason Adonis and I highly recommend to guys (and perhaps gals) who dig muscular dudes.

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