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Daddy Flies Solo 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dates of Production:

August 2003, June 2006-October 2006

Directed By:

Chris Roma

The Movie:

Sixteen masculine Daddies between the ages of forty and sixty show the younger dudes exactly how they pleasure themselves when they're all alone and horny.

Alan Silver (featured on cover art):

This forty-five year old hunk has a handsome face, short salt and pepper hair with matching goatee, and a sexy toned body with hairy chest. He's sitting in an armchair completely naked showing off his full pubes and hard cut cock. Alan's wearing a cock ring so his balls are plump and have a purple look to 'em. He lounges back in the chair with his legs spread rubbing his pecs, pinching his hard eraser-tip nipples, and rubbing his nuts. Alan jacks his hard tool talking to the camera working himself to the point of no return and shoots a thick load of jizz on his hairy stomach. Hungry, Alan laps up some of his nut.

Jordan Garrison:

Jordan looks to be in his fifties with short salt and pepper hair and gray beard. He explores his hairy chest and pinches his hard pink nipples and asks the viewer, "Do you wanna milk me, boy?" Jordan gets all hot and bothered with that sex talk and begins to jack his hard fat cut cock and hairy hanging nuts. He works that fat fucker with his right fist flying back and forth over the shaft. Pointing the large purple knob at the camera, Jordan lustily asks, "You want Daddy's seamen?" and shoots a large thick load in the air that flies everywhere. For the showstopper, Jordan licks his seed.

Sam Everett:

This butch Daddy looks to be in his forties with a shaved head and gray mustache and beard. Dude runs his strong hands over his body paying close attention to his hairy chest, tattooed arms, full balls (with cock ring), and hard cut tool. Sam pulls out a large black dildo and works the toy up his tight hairy bum sliding the rubber pole in and out. Up next is a smaller dildo, which he lubes and crams up his hungry hole. Last but certainly not least, Sam produces a long strand of medium sized anal beads and works 'em up his man chute. He strokes his hard cock while slowly pulling the beads out one by one from his asshole. Wildly working that knob with his thumb and forefinger, Sam squirts a generous load of thick man juice through the air.

Jess Benton:

This good-looking Daddy looks to be in his forties with short salt and pepper hair/goatee and a toned chest covered with dark curls. Jess is no nonsense grabbing his large hard clipped dong pulling that tool as he pinches his nipples and runs his fingers though his full dark pubes. A nice amount of sticky precum oozes from his piss slit which he gladly scoops up and eats. Jess works his knob with a circular motion spreading his legs and paying close attention to his nuts. Playing his tight asshole sends him over the edge and Jess cuts loose with a small but quite thick load on his hairy stomach.

Jake Rowe:

Jake looks to be in his late forties with a gray buzz cut and dark beard. Jake feels his muscular/husky chest rubbing his tattoos and pulling on his pierced nipples. He squirts plenty of lube on his hot body pulling out his rigid large cut prick and big balls and goes to town. Jake jacks his big ol' dong focusing in on the purple knob with his right hand and yanks that shaft. He spreads his hairy legs, beats his meat, and shoots thick spunk on his hairy stomach and wrist. To finish up, he tastes his cum.


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Buck looks to be in his early fifties with a cool shaved head and plenty of tattoos. He has a hairy chest, brown pubes, cut dick, and nice nuts. Buck plays with his balls cupping and cradling them as he pulls his hard pud. He pulls and squeezes his nuts so hard that they turn purple. Switching back and forth between his left and right hands, Buck gives his stiff tool a complete workout wagging it at the camera and squirting a thick load that flies out of his knob. Some of his spooge lands on his hot nuts.

Bill Hagen:

Daddy Bill looks to be in his late fifties with reddish-brown hair and brown goatee. Bill works his hard man-tits and gets down to business jacking his fat cut member and yanking on his big balls. He grabs those balls giving them a tight squeeze while flogging his chubby. Bill works himself to a frenzy shooting a thick load out of his big purple knob onto his fist and full pubes.

Jake Mitchell:

Muscular dude Jake looks to be in his forties with a handsome face, shaved head, and salt 'n pepper goatee. Jake works the hell out of his long eraser-tip nipples pulling them and breathing heavily. He finally gets down to his large 'n fat cut pork jacking the shaft and making his big purple cock knob flare even large that it usually is. Dude has some hot big nuts that he caresses and pulls for his own pleasure. After working himself into a wild sexual lather, Jake shoots a thick load of spunk that flies all over the place with some landing on his stomach.


This attractive Italian-American dude looks to be in his fifties with dark hair and smooth chest. Carmine rubs his fingers though his full salt and pepper pubes and begins to stoke his cut cock and full nuts. He pulls his pole with his right hand with full deliberate strokes allowing his entire fist to encase his blood-engorged tool. Carmine pays close attention to his hairy nuts and ultra hairy gooch pulling those balls all the while staring directly at the camera. After jacking with his left hand and pointing his large purple knob at the camera, Carmine lets loose with a nice wet load.

The General:

This Daddy looks to be in his mid sixties with a smooth barrel chest and short brown and gray hair. The General lubes up and pounds his hard cut dick pulling on his fat/long eraser-tip nipples for his randy satisfaction. Rubbing his full balls, allowing his hands to roam his body, The General squirts a large thick load high into the air landing on his chest and stomach. Big load!


Kuli is a very handsome dude who looks to be in his early fifties with short gray hair and goatee. Kuli explores his hairy chest pinching his hard nipples, and working his busy hands down to his erect clipped cock. Kuli's full pubes are a big turn-on as he jacks his hard cock concentrating on the deep red knob. Pulling that pork to the max, Kuli squirts thick cock snot onto his pubes and stomach.

Jeremy Steel:

Jeremy is a real hot butch dude with shaved head, black mustache, and muscular build. He pulls his stiff cut cock and yanks his full nuts wagging his pud for the camera. Jeremy is all worked up for the viewer exploring his lightly hairy chest, playing with his hard nipples, and pointing his large purple cock head at the camera. Jeremy rubs his gooch, balls, and chest while filling the room with heavy breathing. In no time at all Jeremy shoots a thick load on his fist and nuts.

Michael Burkk (featured on cover art):

Michael is a handsome fifty-four year old Daddy with sexy silver hair and mustache. He's dressed in an expensive business suit giving off the air of an attorney. Don't let the suit fool you, as Michael is a horny guy who ends up pulling his fat cut cock from the fly of his dress pants and fisting that pork. He takes off his tie and unbuttons his shirt revealing his smooth chest pinching his pierced nipples. Michael is totally into jacking off in front of the camera pulling his full plump balls and shooting a thick load out of his deep piss slit.

John Walters:

John's a nice looking guy with brown hair that looks to be in his early fifties. Rubbing his hairy chest and stomach, he works his way down to that cut cock with large purple tip stroking that member like someone is going to take it away from him. John looks directly at the camera and invites the viewer to suck his hard cock and balls. Wagging that large knob at the camera, thick precum oozes from his piss slit and of course he tastes it. John continues to talk to the camera and shoots a thick load on his shaved pubic area and stomach.


Jerry is a handsome Daddy with reddish-gray hair and a huge cut cock who looks to be in his late fifties. He pinches his long 'n hard eraser-tip nipples, rubs his fingers through his full brown pubes, and strokes that big dick. Jerry has a nice toned chest that he rubs with his horny hands for a little bit and then it's back down to that chubby cock and pulling those big balls. He squeezes his nuts so hard that they become purple. This seems to be something that the dudes in this movie love to do. He pulls the hell out of his pud concentrating on that large purple mushroom cumming and filling his hand with clear man-goo.

Michael Scott:

Michael is a real hot butch Daddy who looks to be forties with a muscular physique, shaved head, and salt 'n pepper goatee. He teases the viewer by slowly rubbing his toned hairy chest and pulling on his large eraser-tip nipples. Slowly working down to the prize: a cut cock, he strokes his tool and rubs his nuts while pinching those nipples. Michael continues to cup and work his balls while rubbing his hairy asshole and shooting a small but thick load on his stomach. Hot dude!



"Daddy Flies Solo 2" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Chris Roma, Javier Romero, Lawrence Elbert, and Leif Gobo is professional covering all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is clean 'n clear allowing for a sharp image.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to clearly hear the dudes as they talk sexy to the camera, breathe heavily and grunt loudly as they shoot their man-loads.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and interviews with Alan Silver, Michael Burkk, Jake Mitchell, and Sam Everett. There are trailers for "Real Men Services" and "Daddy Hunt Services". Finally, there is a cool slide show with plenty of high quality publicity shots of these sexy daddies.

Final Thoughts:

Pantheon Productions along with HotOlderMale.Com has produced an entertaining sneak peak of sixteen Daddies who are proud of their ages, bodies, and hard cocks. I say good for them, as the movie is a slap in the face to our youth-obsessed culture. Let there be no mistake: these dudes are hot! The direction by Chris Roma and editing by Javier Romera and Lawrence Elbert creates solo scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. This takes some talent as many solo movies I've watched become dull after a while with too much of one dude flogging his log. So, I'm happy to report this isn't the case with "Daddy Flies Solo 2". My personal favorite dudes are Alan Silver, Jake Mitchell, Jeremy Steel, Sam Everett, Michael Burkk, Jake Cole, and Michael Scott. I recommend to fans of Daddy Dudes pulling their pork and shooting thick loads.

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