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On The Downlow

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

October 2006

Directed By:

Jim Steel


Donovan, Luca Alexander, Jayden Holloway, Brant Moore, Trent Atkins, Jason Crew, Marcos Pirelli, Daniel Flynt.

The Movie:

Take a hallucinogenic trip down the rabbit hole to New York City where insatiable dudes dig frenetic sex.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all good-looking with a nice mix of dark 'n blond and long 'n short hair, slender/toned and muscular builds, full and trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

In the middle of New York City two sexy dudes, Jason (short dark hair with slender/toned body) and Donovan (handsome with short brown hair/blond highlights and toned/smooth body), make out in a large deserted loft. Two large florescent lights are pointed at the bed the dudes are getting their kicks on. Jason rubs Donovan's gray shorts pulling out a large hard cut cock that he sucks with gusto. Jason jacks that hard shaft taking Donovan's prick down his throat. Donovan wants to share the pleasure by sucking Jason's stiff cut tool pigging out on that big fucker as he slides his wet mouth up and down the stalk. The dudes switch back and forth sucking each other's dicks and Jason takes his pal's cock deep throat with ease.

Donovan lays spread eagle on the bed as Jason tongues his tight shaved asshole lapping at the pulsing pucker and making him moan. Jason fucks Donovan in the missionary position (with condom) roughly cramming his big dong in and out of that tight little hole. Donovan digs the action jacking his stiff tool and loudly moaning. Jason switches up screwing his pal from behind with the same pounding by pulling all the way out and plunging back in. Jason shoots a thick load of jizz all over Donovan's tattooed back. Donovan dumps thick spooge on his hairy stomach.

Scene Two:

Luca (hot fucking dude with long brown hair and smooth/muscular body) and Marcos (handsome with a cool dark brown pompadour and toned/smooth build) make out with lots of wet tongue in an Asian-themed room. There's plenty of soul kissing, basket rubbing, and nipple sucking, as the dudes get all hot and bothered. Luca gives Marcos' hard uncut cock some excellent head deep throating his fat prick all the way down to dark trimmed pubes and plump balls. Luca fucks Marcos' face with his large uncut cock that has a cool long foreskin nipple at the tip. Marcos chows down on that unclipped monster hungrily taking it down his gullet as Luca's plump hanging nuts flop back and forth.

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Marcos enters Luca's tight asshole doggy style (with condom) sinking deep with Luca working his bum back to fill his insatiable manhole. Marcos grabs onto Luca's butt cheeks and drills that ass using fast 'n smooth strokes. The room is filled with loud heavy breathing, panting, and slapping noises as Macros fucks Luca in the missionary position. Luca jacks that big cock shooting a thick load out of his heavily foreskin-covered knob hitting his chest. Hot thick jizz and a beautiful long overhang! Marcos cuts loose with some thick ropey cock snot on Luca's stomach. Marcos has a very hot foreskin as well.

Scene Three:

Donovan (from Scene One) and Luca (from Scene Two) are getting it on in a large room that resembles the wooden frame of an unfinished house. Luca is down on his knees deep throating Donovan's big cut dong taking it all as Donovan fucks his face. In another room, Daniel (cute dude with brown hair and toned/smooth body) is chowing down on Jason's (from Scene One) big clipped rod of correction filling his gob to the max. Donovan fucks Luca from behind (with condom) while both dudes stand and Luca clutches on a wood support beam for dear life. Trent (cute dude with brown buzz cut and muscular/smooth body) gets in on the action taking Jason's hard cut prick down his throat all the way to those full dark pubes. Luca pulls on his long uncut cock while Donovan continues to plow his bum. I love Luca's long foreskin!

Jason fucks Trent doggy style (with condom) pounding that hole with no mercy. Trent takes it like a man exclaiming, "Oh yeah! Fuck my hole!" Luca and Donovan finally join the rest of the dudes for some hot man-on-man lovin'. Daniel gives Luca some excellent head sucking that unclipped trouser snake into submission with his hot mouth while jacking his own cut tool and large purple knob. The dudes all switch up sucking each other's hard cocks cramming them deep into their hungry throats and jacking the hard shafts. Trent straddles Donovan's condom-covered tool as Donovan wildly thrusts into that tight bunghole. Trent rides the hell out of that hog while making out with Daniel and Luca. Donovan squirts his liquid love on Trent's chin and mouth. Jason shoots a thick dotty load on Trent's back while Luca cuts loose with thick man-cream all over Daniel's face. Daniel squirts his thick jism out of that big purple knob onto the carpet while Trent lets loose with a large thick load on the sofa.

Scene Four:

Brant (handsome with long brown hair and toned/smooth body) and Jayden (cute with brown/blond hair, cool sideburns, and smooth/toned body) are making out with wagging wet tongues on a large white leather chair. The dudes are totally into each other leading Jayden to suck Brant's large cut cock. Jayden slobbers up and down the beef stick and takes each large ball into his popping mouth. Not to be outdone by his pal, Brant deep throat's Jayden's clipped tool all the way down to his dark trimmed pubes jacking that shaft and giving it his undivided attention. Jayden spreads Brant's butt cheeks and eats that tight shaved pucker like a man half crazed with starvation. Jayden turns into a little sex-piggy eating that tight pucker making Brant loudly moan with lust. Brant fucks Jayden from behind (with condom) and pounds that tight bum with such force I though Jayden would pass out. Jayden digs the action gasping, "Oh yeah, right there!" In an interesting position with Brant drilling Brant from behind but facing the opposite direction, Jayden thumbs Brant's asshole. Jayden unleashes his thick nut all over his stomach and chest. Brant squirts a huge wet load all over Jayden. Hot!



"On the Downlow" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography by D3 is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is clean 'n sharp providing an excellent image.


The sound is clear with some very cool music mixing techno, guitar, and city sounds of sirens and car horns. There are also plenty of sex noises as the dudes pig out on each other.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, star index containing sex selections, a slideshow featuring high-quality photographs by Hot Rod Hank, internet information, and trailers for "Hard Up" and the gay classics "L.A. Tool & Die", "El Paso Wrecking Corp.", and "Kansas City Trucking Co".

Final Thoughts:

HIS and director Jim Steel have another winner with "On the Downlow". The movie is like a wild magic-mushroom induced sex romp through the looking glass. The direction, videography, lighting, and editing are like a hallucinogenic trip with slow motion, fast motion, trailing lights, and crazy camera angles. The movie is a huge fucking turn-on with fast-paced energetic sex accompanied by cool music and of course very hot dudes. These guys are definitely into the sex and give no-holds barred performances. All the dudes appealed to me but my favorites are Luca Alexander with his sexy long hair and big uncut cock, Marcos Pirelli with his cool pompadour, cute Daniel Flynt, and Jayden Holloway. I highly recommend for those looking for a unique tripped-out movie with plenty of hot sex.

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