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Studio: Latino Fan Club » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dates of Production:

April 2006-August 2006

Directed By:

Brian Brennan


E-Money as "Angel", Tato, Freeman, Q.T., Alejandro, Rhythm, M. Vic Mann.

The Movie:

Angel is a college freshman by day and hot hustler by night. He's entered the world of sex for cash needing money for textbooks.

The Dudes:

These appealing Latino dudes represent a nice mix of ages from early twenties to thirties, slender, toned, and muscular bodies, full, trimmed, and shaved pubes, and uncut/cut cocks.

Scene One:

E-Money (very cute with dark hair in cornrows, a little facial hair, smooth/slender build) is at work when he gets a hankering to get a nut. He pops a straight porno into one of the office DVD players and relaxes for a nice wank. E-Money pulls his shirt up revealing a flat tattooed stomach and begins to rub the bulge forming in his boxers. He pulls the shorts down allowing his large uncut cock, trimmed pubes, and plump hangy balls a breath of fresh air. E-money jacks his cock working the heavy foreskin up and over the pink knob squeezing the head for some slick precum to moisten things up. He jacks that hard cock and shoots a thick load of jizz on his fist and wrist creating a hot cum-filled foreskin.

Scene Two:

E-Money has been fired from his job and "auditions" for Tato (handsome dude in his thirties with short dark hair) to become an escort for other men even though he "loves pussy". Tato wants to see the goods so E-Money strips off his shirt revealing his slender/toned/tattooed chest and pulls out his large unclipped tool. Tato is quite impressed getting down on his knees to get a better look at that cock. E-Money smokes a cigarette as Tato is down below smoking cock. Tato gently strokes the member playing with the foreskin capping and uncapping the moist knob, jacking the shaft, and sucking to full hardness. Tato gives excellent head taking that hard prick deep throat to E-Money's shortly trimmed pubes slobbering up and down. E-Money beats his meat dumping a thick load of spooge on Tato's plaid shirt.

Scene Three:

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Hustlers Alejandro (good-looking with almost shaved head) and Rhythm (cute with short dark hair) are hanging out on the sofa watching television. There is a cool pop-art painting of a topless Marilyn Monroe on the wall. The dudes are curious about what each other have "to work with" so curious hands begin to pull baggy blue jeans down and rub bulging boxer shorts. Before long, the boxers have been pulled down revealing full dark pubes and big cut cocks. Alejandro goes down on Rhythm's tool taking the hard shaft deep throat and working his wet mouth up and down. Rhythm returns the favor sucking Alejandro's fat cock stroking the shaft and cramming as much as he can into his hungry gob.

The dudes get into a classic sixty-nine on the sofa gorging themselves on hard meat filling the room with loud sucking and popping noises. Rhythm straddles Alejandro's condom-covered cock working his bum back and forth, riding that dong and filling his tight asshole. Alejandro grabs onto Rhythm's butt cheeks thrusting upwards fucking his friend fast 'n hard. Alejandro switches up and fucks Rhythm from behind pounding his pal and exposing his own tight hairy asshole. Alejandro's fist flies up and down his cock shooting a thick load on Rhythm's butt. Rhythm cuts loose with a thick load of jizz on his fist.

Scene Four:

E-Money is on his first "assignment" with Daddy M. Vic Mann. He puts on a "pussy video", lights a cigarette, and lets M. Vic go to it. M. Vic plays with E-Money's uncut cock retracting the foreskin exposing a nice slick knob jacking and sucking the tool to a big ol' stiffy. This Daddy knows how to give an excellent blowjob deep throating that hard tool, fisting the shaft, cradling those hangy nuts, and working his wet mouth up 'n down. E-Money keeps his gaze fixed on some gal getting fucked and busts a huge thick nut. The load is so big M. Vic excitedly exclaims, "A gallon of milk here!" Daddy offers to pay E-Money an additional $100.00 if he shoots another load so the dudes get busy with M. Vick suckin' and jackin' making him dump a second thick load.

Scene Five:

Roommates Q.T. (good-looking with goatee, tattoos, and toned body) and E-Money are in the dorm room studying. Q.T. wants to know what his roomie has been up to at night since he now has plenty of money for schoolbooks. E-Money reluctantly tells his that his big uncut cock is his moneymaker and pulls it out for Q.T. to see. Q.T. claims to be interested in a job doing the same and takes that cock down his throat sucking it to full hardness. Q.T. gives good head deep throating, sucking nuts, and running his pierced tongue around the flared pink knob. E-Money beats his meat and shoots a thick load of juice on Q.T.'s black tee shirt. Q.T. jacks his big hard cut cock dumping a thick load of cock snot on his fist and shaved pubes.

Scene Six:

Now that Q.T. has the lowdown, he "auditions" for Freeman (very handsome with long hair tightly pulled back, beard stubble, and muscular/tight/smooth body). Q.T. plays with Freeman's big uncut cock sucking the tool to a big woody while fisting the shaft and working some plump nuts. Freeman fucks Q.T.'s mouth filling his throat with hard unclipped meat while holding onto his head. Freeman fucks Q.T. roughly from behind (with condom) porking him with fast 'n hard strokes filling his tight man chute. Q.T. breathes heavily as Freeman drills him like an out of control jackhammer. Freeman pulls out and shoots a large wet load all over Q.T.'s hairy butt crack and buns. Q.T. does not cum and now wonders if he's cut out for this line of work.



"Angel" is shot on video and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography is smooth allowing for full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is clean and sharp with just a tiny bit of grain from time to time.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes' sexy New York accents, heavy breathing,loud sex noises, and the natural sounds of the city.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and a bonus interview "Confessions of a Real Life Hustler" with sexy Julio Nieves who tells about his younger days trading sex for money. There is a short clip from "Ruffneck Workout 2" starring Julio where we get to see his hot tight body, full dark pubes, and big uncut cock.

Final Thoughts:

The Latino Fan Club along with Director Brian Brennan has created an entertaining movie featuring hot newcomer E-Money. The dude is fucking hot with his handsome face, slender/smooth body, tattoos, streetwise attitude, and big uncut cock. The movie follows his exploits as college freshman "Angel" as he beats off and gets his tool sucked by a number of different men. The sex is hot and all the dudes are appealing. Along with E-Money, my personal favorites are Freeman, Q.T., and Tato (who I wish would have stripped down as he's a good-looking dude). The hand-held videography is smooth allowing the viewer a good look at all the action with plenty of close-ups. The direction and editing are tight providing a series of fast-paced scenes that never become dull. I recommend to fans of hot Latino dudes and big uncut cocks.

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