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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 57

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

To celebrate Straight College Men's fifth year anniversary, the dudes have been invited to spend the weekend in a castle. Piling out of their vehicles into the cold thirty-five degree night, the dudes explore the castle, change into kilts and engage in some hot man-on-man sex.

Ashton and Caleb:

Ashton (handsome redhead with toned/smooth body and tattoos) and Caleb (cute dude with dark hair, tattoos, and smooth/toned body) are the first to volunteer for some man-on-man fun. The dudes are in a large posh bathroom making out with lots of wet tongue action as they grab each other's cocks through the fabric of the kilts. Ashton rips Caleb's kilt off sinking to his knees licking Caleb's cut cock. Ashton deep throats that tool all the way to Caleb's practically shaved pubes using a nice slow sucking technique as it grows to full erection. He gives an excellent blowjob taking his time working his wet mouth up and down the pole and sucking those balls making Caleb moan. Caleb gets down on Ashton's cut cock deep throating down to his red pubes giving a good knob job of his own. These dudes know how to suck cock.

The guys hop into a warm soapy Jacuzzi bathtub to continue taking turns giving each other head. The dudes chow down on those hard cocks using their deep throat techniques. Ashton tongues Caleb's tight shaved asshole licking the little pucker and making Caleb pant with desire. The guys sit back and enjoy the relaxing bubbling water washing each other's bodies in a very erotic fashion. Toweled off and now on a large bed, Caleb and Ashton fall into a sixty-nine gobbling those tools down their throats. Caleb slides on a condom lubing his tool and Ashton's hairy asshole. He slowly slides his hard prick up Ashton's tight asshole from behind. There is plenty of moaning as Caleb fucks Ashton with some very nice close-ups. To finish up, Caleb strokes off shooting a clear load all over Ashton's stomach and chest. Ashton does not cum.

Dean and Duke:

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Dean (handsome muscle hunk) and Duke (cute college-type with short dark hair and wonderful hairy body) are in the same posh bathroom used before. Dean lifts his kilt showing off his uncut tool playing with his foreskin saying it looks like a turtle. Duke bends over showing off his hairy butt spreading his cheeks and exposing his equally hairy asshole. The dudes joke around teasing each other and shooting the breeze. Dean removes Duke's kilt revealing his full dark pubes and cut cock. Duke pulls his kilt off as well showing his full brown pubes and unclipped tool. The guys head to the shower with Dean teasing that he's going to ram the soap up Duke's ass. Duke clenches the bar of soap between his hairy butt cheeks making the dudes laugh and cut up even more. As they soap each other up, Dean instructs Duke to wash his bum and "get in the cornhole!"

The guys continue their party on the staircase of all places. Dean lays back on a blanket placed on the stairs allowing Duke to deep throat his cock jacking the foreskin and working his wet mouth up and down the growing shaft. In a precarious sixty-nine, both dudes chow down on dongs. There are some lighting problems in the scene due to it being taped on the steps. Dean eats Duke's hairy asshole but we cannot see actual tongue to hole due to shadows. This problem presents itself again when Duke eats Dean's tight shaved starfish. The viewer can see that the dudes are actually eating ass but the shadows fuck up the close-ups. The guys make out with plenty of tongue sucking which is a huge turn-on. Duke pulls his pork shooting a thick load on Dean's face and in his mouth. Dean pounds his pud shooting a large wet load all over Duke's chest, neck, face, and in his mouth. Duke takes Dean's cum-slick cock knob into his mouth for one last suck. Hot!

Rocky and Jersey:

Ultra butch Rocky (handsome with dark hair and smooth/muscular/tattooed body) and Jersey (cute dude with short dark hair, tattoos, and pierced nipples) are in the bathroom where Rocky shows off his large cut cock and full dark pubes. Jersey follows suit lifting his kilt revealing his dark trimmed pubes and clipped prick. Jersey does a little dance flopping his cock and balls wildly back and forth like an exotic dancer. The dudes strip out of the kilts and head to the shower for soapy fun. Rocky washes Jersey's back standing very close behind him kissing his neck as the guys begin to jack their cocks. They make out sucking each other's tongues and stroking dongs. Rocky sinks to his knees deep throating Jersey's cock, sucking his plump balls, and giving an all-over good blowjob. Jersey chows down on Rocky's big dick wrapping his fist around the fat shaft and cramming as much cock into his mouth as he can.

Once toweled off, the dudes are in the sauna where they continue to engage in some hot soul kissing and cock sucking. Rocky bends over showing off his hot muscle bubble butt allowing Jersey to pull his hard cock and balls back between his thighs for a good suckin'. Jersey sinks down on Rocky's hard condom-covered cock and goes for a short ride. Rocky slides his hard tool into Jersey's tight hole from behind for a little in and out but the fucking is clumsy and does not last long. The guys engage in more knob bobbin' and jacking off. Rocky shoots a thick load of jizz on Jersey's face. Jersey lies back against Rocky beating his meat as Rocky kisses his neck and plays with his pierced nipples. Jersey shoots a thick load in a plastic cup half filled with a jack and coke. Rocky drinks the cocktail!


This short scene has all the dudes sitting around the campfire boozin' and shooting the shit. The scene is in black and white since Matt is using the night vision on his video camera. The guys are wild joking with each other, laughing, and cutting up. They get Matt a jack and coke and tease him about a dirty sanchez. The guys show off their bums and wag their weenies for the camera. Rocky rolls down a hill and into some dog shit which cracks the dudes up.



"Straight College Men 57" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen. The videography is hand-held and smooth providing plenty of close-ups of the action. The picture quality is nice and sharp.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they booze it up, joke around, and get down to sexual business.


The disc includes an interactive menu, chapter stops, and previews for "Rian", "Brett and Broderick", and "The Island Day 2". The second disc is a CD ROM with previews for: "Ashton Plus One", "Rocky and Ashton", "Brett and Broderick", "Dean, Brett and Trevor", "Paul, Dean and Ryan", "Duke", "Sonny and Caleb", "Damon and Luca", and "Reif". Also included is a full color catalogue for other Straight College Men releases.

Final Thoughts:

Volume 57 of the popular Straight College Men series is a celebration of the fifth anniversary. The dudes spend a weekend in a large castle were they wear kilts, booze it up, and pair up for sexual shenanigans. The guys really push the limits in this volume, which introduces ass eating and butt fucking into the mix. The dudes selected are some of my all-time favorites from Straight College Men with the inclusion of new dude Jersey. The guys are all open and willing to go "gay for pa"" and give hot energetic performances. There are a few problems. The lighting in Scene Two is good until the dudes begin to eat ass. There are simply too many shadows on the staircase to see actual tongue to butt hole although the dudes are obviously really munching butt. The fucking in Scene Three never really works out but I give the dudes kudos for at least trying. The soul kissing, cock sucking, and cum shots in these two scenes make up for the problems. My personal favorite scene is between Ashton and Caleb since there are no technical problems. I recommend to fans of the series as the sex is hot and the dudes give it their all.

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