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Farmer's Son, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

August 2006

Directed By:

Chris Steele


Erik Rhodes, Jason Adonis, Jessie Zane, Logan Steele, Steve Boston, Blu Kennedy, Jamie Donovan, Zackary Pierce, Patrick Fisher.

The Movie:

When butch muscle-bound Erik Rhodes' truck breaks down in Greensboro North Carolina, he encounters of a number of horny dudes including an overprotective butch Daddy and his hot son.

The Dudes:

All the dudes are good-looking with a nice age range of early twenties to forties, muscle-bound and toned bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Three cute dudes in their early twenties are having a good ol' time goofing off in a sparkling blue swimming pool. Patrick (short dark hair with slender/toned body), Steve (short brown hair with smooth/toned build), and Zackary (short dark hair with toned/smooth body) strip out of their swimming suits to skinny dip. Patrick hops out of the pool and lies on a lounge chair stroking his hard cut cock. Steve gets out of the pool showing off his stiff clipped dick and trimmed pubes and immediately goes down deep throating Patrick's cock to his full dark pubes. Zackary watches his buddies and joins in by fucking Patrick's face with his large cut cock with big purple mushroom head. "Suck that big dick!" Zackary forces Steve's head down on Patrick's tool with his hand fucking Patrick's mouth. "Suck that fuckin' cock!"

The dudes make out with lots of wet tongue taking turns sucking each other's hard dicks. Steve sinks down on Patrick's condom-covered cock bouncing up and down as Patrick thrusts his hips upward to pound his pal's tight bunghole. Zackary fucks Steve's face cramming his big dong in and out. Steve switches to riding Zackary's condom-clad prick with Zackary wildly pushing upwards filling that tight hole. "Ride that cock!" "Fuck my ass!" Patrick enters Steve's bum from behind (with condom) for some double penetration. Steve loudly cries out in pleasure as he's double fucked by his friends demanding, "Shove it in deeper!" Patrick shoots a thick load of jizz on Steve's chest at the same time Zackary busts a nut hitting the same target. Steve beats off and cums on his dark trimmed pubes.

Scene Two:

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Mechanic Jason (hot muscle-bound dude with black hair and smooth chest) is repairing Erik's (hot cocky muscle-bound dude with short brown hair and smooth chest) truck. Erik walks out to the front yard to see how Jason is coming along and to flirt with him in the thick North Carolina humidity. Erik rubs Jason's basket pulling out the mechanic's hard cut cock and deep throating to his shaved pubic area. Erik gives excellent head taking that hard tool down his throat as Jason pinches his own hard nipples. Erik licks and sucks Jason's sweaty nuts while he jacks his own hard uncut prick. Jason wants a taste of unclipped meat taking Erik's monster cock deep throat to his trimmed brown pubes, working his hot wet mouth up and down the rigid pole, jacking the foreskin up over the knob, and slobbering on his balls. These dudes dig hard dong! The guys make out with plenty of tongue sucking as they rub each other's hot muscle-bound physiques.

Jason bends over the truck and Erik chows down on his tight shaved hole tonguing the pink pucker in hot detailed close-up. Erik eats a mean ass making Jason moan with lust. Jason slowly sinks down on Jason's cock (with condom) as his tight sphincter grabs that pole. Jason carefully rides up and down Erik's big tool getting used to being filled up increasing the tempo of the fuck. Erik hunches up using long/smooth strokes as the dudes breathe heavily and dig the action. Erik fucks Jason from behind sinking his hard dick deep into that tight chute and switches to the missionary position for more long/fast strokes pounding that hole. Jason jacks off while he's being porked and shoots a thick load on his fist and shaved pubic area. Erik strokes off shooting a thick load on his thigh and hand.

Scene Three:

Butch Daddy Logan (fucking hot dude with short hair, muscular/hairy body, tattoos, beard) heads out to the woods for some huntin' when he comes upon Blu (cute with red mullet and toned/smooth body) and Jamie (cute with dark hair and slender/smooth body) fooling around. Logan startles the dudes at first but quickly puts them at ease by pulling his hard cut dong free from his tight blue jeans and fucking Blu's mouth. Jamie chows down on Blu's large cut cock sliding his wet mouth up and down the shaft and jacking him. Logan feasts on Jamie's tight hairy asshole tonguing the pink touchhole in clear close-up. Logan spits on and slaps that hole giving it a complete workout with his wet tongue. He sucks Jamie's hairy nuts and crams that hard cut dick down his throat returning to that tangy hole for another taste

Logan leers,"You wanna get fucked up the ass, boy?" Blu enters Jamie's little asshole in the missionary position (with condom) sinking that big dong all the way to his bright red pubes making Jamie cry out as Logan pinches the hell out of his hard pink nipples. Blu uses long smooth strokes filling his friend's bum as Jamie jacks his own hard tool. Logan fucks Jamie's face while Blu continues to plug that ass. Logan fucks Blu from behind (with condom) as Blu fucks Jamie. Those tight holes are pounded with hard lubed cocks filling the woods with the sounds of hot man love. All three dudes are hot and dripping sweat as Jamie plays some sink/bounce with Blu. Jamie cuts loose with thick spooge on Blu's stomach, Logan cums on Blu's chest, and Blu squirts a thick load on his arm and fist.

Scene Four:

Erik is driving Butch Daddy Logan's truck down a gravel road when Logan's son Jessie (cute with short brown hair, slender/toned body with lightly hairy chest) races out from the bushes totally naked and hops in. The dudes make out with heavy tongue action and Erik goes down on Jessie's hard clipped cock deep throating him to his trimmed brown pubes while Jessie pinches his own nipples. "Yeah! Suck my cock! Go all the way down!" The dudes climb into the back of the truck to continue their love fest with Erik stripping down revealing his beautiful muscle-bound body and large uncut tool. The guys sit across from the other and watch as they beat their meat. Jessie grabs Erik's big dong working that fucker with his mouth taking as much of the fat shaft down his gullet as humanly possible. Jessie jacks that cock working the foreskin and sucking Erik's hot nuts.

Jessie bends over allowing Erick to spread his butt cheeks revealing his tight little hairy asshole and tonguing the rosebud in full close-up. Erik chows down on that butt hole making Jessie pout with pleasure. Erik fucks Jessie from behind (with condom) making him cry out as he fills his hole with hard unclipped man meat. Erik slides in and out of that bum with a smooth but forceful rhythm. Jessie pulls his stiff pud and moans while being fucked. He's one hot little dude. Erik switches to fucking Jessie in the missionary position teaching him a valuable anal lesion and then plays a bit of the ol' sink/bounce with his new buddy. Jessie wildly yanks a thick load all over Erik's hot chest. Erik cums on his fist slapping Jessie's hairy crack with his cock.



"The Farmer's Son" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dialogue and all the heavy breathing and sounds of man lovin' as the dudes get it on .


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a cast gallery that contains publicity stills of each model by Greg Lenzman and Mick Hicks along with physical stats and videographies, an action gallery, a behind the scenes photo gallery, a thirty-minute "Making of The Farmer's Son" feature containing interviews with the models and some very hot unscripted sex between Erik Rhodes and Zackary Pierce. There's a bloopers and outtakes section featuring a second deleted cum shot by Zackary Pierce, "Alone with Jason Adonis" featuring an interview and jack off session with Jason, and trailers for: "Riding Hard", "Dripping Wet", "From Top to Bottom", and "The Velvet Mafia".

Final Thoughts:

Wow! Once again Falcon and Director Chris Steele have created one hell of a hot movie. The Farmer's Son is an example of all-male erotica at it's best with excellent directing, videography, and editing (Andrew Rosen). The sex is energetic with scenes that move along at a nice steady pace and never become dull. The dudes are definitely into the action as they make out, suck cock, eat ass, and fuck with wild abandon. The disc's extras a extensive including some very hot unscripted behind-the-scenes footage of Erik Rhodes and Zackary Pierce making out, sucking each other's tools, and eating assholes. The dudes are all great with my favorites being Erik Rhodes, Jason Adonis (who bottoms for the first time on film here), Logan Steele, Zackary Pierce, and Jessie Zane. I highly recommend for fans of butch muscle-bound dudes who mix it up with younger (all age 18+) nicely toned guys.

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