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In His Dreams

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/26/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

October 2006

Directed By:

Chi Chi LaRue


Johnny Hazzard, Jan Fischer, Luca DiCorso, Eddie Diaz, Chad Savage, Trent Adkins, Tony Mason, Emilio Sands, TJ. Young.

The Movie:

Hunky Johnny Hazzard goes to sleep hoping for a restful night. His subconscious sexual desires make him dream about all sorts of lusty situations.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all very good-looking with a mix of dark and blond hair, muscular/smooth and toned/smooth body types, full and trimmed pubes, and large cut cocks.

Scene One:

Johnny (handsome with dark hair, toned body, and plenty of cool tattoos) hits the hay wearing only a pair of while boxers. He dreams of Eddie (hot muscular dude with practically shaved head) and Luca (good-looking with short dark hair, cool sideburns and toned/smooth body) making out with plenty of hot tongue action. The dudes slowly grind against each other as they suck those tongues. Eddie sinks to his knees pulling Luca's stiff cut cock out taking the veiny shaft deep into his throat working his mouth up and down. Luca rubs his large cock head against Eddie's toned pecs and hard nipples. Eddie rubs his closely cropped head against Luca's sensitive nuts driving him crazy with lust. Luca sucks Eddie's hard nipples licking his way down the toned chest and abs sucking his pal's long clipped prick deep throat to the trimmed pubes. Both dudes give excellent head gorging on prime tube steaks.

Luca spreads Eddie's firm butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy hole digging his hungry tongue in the tangy cleft and wildly lapping that pucker. He spits on the hole and chows down pulling Eddie's hard cock back for another taste. Eddie sits on Luca's face allowing him to further munch while the dudes jack off and Luca plays with his own asshole. Eddie fucks Luca from behind (with condom) as both dudes stand using fast 'n hard strokes. Switching to the missionary position, Eddie continues to plow his pal's butt showing no mercy. Luca shoots a large thick load of jizz on Eddie's neck, shoulders, and chest. Eddie cuts loose with a thick load on Luca's hairy chest.

Scene Two:

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Hot Johnny dreams of a cool room with red walls and a large aqua sofa. Chad (very cute with dark hair and toned/smooth body) is standing in his white briefs watching T.J. (cute with shot curly dark hair, sideburns, and toned/smooth build) slouch on the sofa toying with the ever-growing tube in his tighty whiteys. T.J. puts on a highly erotic "show" slowly rubbing his hands over his smooth toned body pulling down his briefs revealing his fat cut cock and full dark pubes. Chad joins T.J. on the groovy sofa sucking his pal's cock, working the fat pink knob, jacking the shaft, and cramming that thang down his gullet. The dudes engage in some very hot 'n tender soul kissing tasting each other's tongues. T.J. reaches forward rubbing Chad's bubble butt through his briefs, pulls them down, exposes his tight shaved asshole and rubs the dusky pucker. T.J. chows down on Chad's big dick sliding the shaft in and out of his mouth, twisting the stalk, nursing the knob, and feeling his plump balls.

Chad lies back on a large round aqua hassock in the missionary position with his legs up in the air. Chad's hot 'n horny and primed to have his asshole eaten. T.J. doesn't disappoint and tongues that tight shaved pucker using long full laps to pleasure his friend. T.J. rides Chad's condom-covered dong sinking up and down as Chad assists by thrusting upwards to fill that man chute with his hard love muscle. Chad slides in from behind fucking that snug man-channel with slow strokes enjoying the tight man-walls squeezing his tool. This is too much for T.J. to handle as his circuits are in sexual overload. He wildly jacks off squirting a large load while being fucked. Chad beats off shooting thick love juice on T.J.'s back.

Scene Three:

Hunky Johnny is still sleeping with his hot hairy bubble butt looking mighty inviting, legs spread with fat balls and cut cock exposed. Damn! How many sexed-up dreams can this dude have? Tory (very cute dude with shaggy blond hair and toned/smooth body), Jan (cute with short brown hair and toned/smooth build), and Emilio (handsome with dark hair and toned/smooth body) are in some type of bright red soda shop in the middle of a three-way make out session including wagging wet tongues and plenty of hot body rubbin'. The dudes feel Tory up releasing his large cut stiffy from the confines of his tight briefs with Emilio deep throating the rigid member all the way down to some trimmed brown pubes. Tory has a nice large mushroom knob that Jan and Emilio seem to enjoy taking turns working their wet mouths.

Emilio tongues Tory's tight hairy asshole licking the pink pucker to get a full taste. Tory and Emilio chow down on Jan's hard cut cock taking turns working the shaft and nuts as Jan loudly moans. Tory plays with Emilio's tight shaved hole finger fucking the rosebud while eating at the same time. Tory needs a taste of cock and takes Emilio's happy cut pork orally. Tory fucks Emilio in the missionary position (with condom) sliding quickly in and out using long strokes as Emilio pulls his pud. Jan gets in on the butt sex fucking Tory from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes. Emilio tenses up and out flies his nut on Tory's chest. Tory squirts on his own stomach as Jan cums on his fist.

Scene Four:

After dreaming about every guy he knows, Johnny's subconscious finally provides a nocturnal treat involving hunky Trent (cute with brown buzz cut and muscular/smooth body). Trent pulls the white sheets slithering his way under the covers to Johnny's hard 'n large cut cock, Trent takes that fucker deep into his gob sliding his mouth up and down and paying close attention to the knob. The dudes kiss and naturally shift their tongues into overdrive. Trent straddles Johnny dry humping their hard cocks together while continuing to devour those wet tongues. Johnny pulls Trent's white briefs down rubbing the crack of his tight shaved starfish. Johnny's now on top and works his way down to Trent's asshole for a good taste of manhole tonguing the pucker as Johnny reaches back and finger fucks himself at the same time.

Trent goes back down on Johnny's cock, lifts his legs, and chows down on his friend's hairy asshole giving it a full tongue bath. Johnny mounts Tent from behind (with condom) sliding his long cock quickly in and out of that tight bum making Trent cry out and moan at the same time. In a side/missionary position, Johnny revs up his sexual engine and fucks the hell out of Trent's chute. Trent shoots a thick load of spooge on his stomach and arm licking up his own nut. Trent sucks Johnny's cock jacking him off to climax making him shoot a large thick load that flies all over his beautiful body.



"In His Dreams" is shot on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Brad Austin and Ross Cannon is excellent as usual covering all the action in great detail with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clean with some very cool tunes mixing techno with guitar and some dream-like trippy tunes. There are plenty of clear sex noises as the dudes get down to what they do best.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, Pop-Shot-On-Demand, a behind the scenes featurette with model photo shoots, Chi Chi directing, interviews with the models, and some bloopers with plenty of laughter. There's also Chi Chi LaRue's cool "Wrap it Up" safe sex PSA, and previews for: "Boot Boy", "Hard Ware", "No Cover", and "When Bears Attack".

Final Thoughts:

Channel 1 Releasing and the ever-reliable Chi Chi LaRue have created another top-of-the-line movie with "In His Dreams". The production quality is excellent with tight direction from Chi Chi, videography by Brad Austin and Ross Cannon, and editing by Colby Taylor. The scenes are damn hot moving along at a quick pace and never becoming dull. The dudes give energetic performances and are definitely into the action. As mentioned, all the dudes are good-looking and my personal favorites are Johnny Hazzard, Chad Savage, Tory Mason, and Emilio Sands. I highly recommend for fans of Chi Chi LaRue's movies, hot dudes in their early twenties, and non-stop steaming man-sex.

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