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Waterbucks 2

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/27/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

John Rutherford


Adam Champ, Tom Chase, Luke Garrett, Carlo Masi, Gage Weston, Sky Woods, Jason Kingsly, Josh Weston.

The Movie:

Handsome muscle-bound dudes don't need much to get off: a beautiful clear blue swimming pool surrounded by posh landscaping and plenty of hard cocks, willing mouths, and tight butt holes.

The Dudes:

These handsome muscle-bound dudes represent an age range of thirties and forties with a hot mix of hairy and smooth chests, dark and blond hair, and cut and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Jason (handsome with short dark hair and cool sideburns) and Gage (good-looking with short brown hair and beard stubble) are standing next to a crystal clear swimming pool sucking tongues and rubbing straining baskets that are ready to burst. The dudes suck each other's hard nipples running their hands up and down those hairy chests creating tents in their tight swimming suits. Jason pulls his hard uncut cock free from the confines of clothing squeezing a generous amount of precum from his piss slit and feeds it to Gage. Gage grabs that big dick rubbing the large knob on his hard nipples coaxing more pre-jizz out, and crams that thang down his throat. Jason pulls Gage's Speedo down revealing his hot bubble butt, spreads the cheeks, and tongues his tight shaved asshole tasting all that he has to offer.

Jason finger fucks his pal and slides his hard condom-covered tool in from behind quickly working his prick in and out of Gage's tight bum. Gage jacks his hard cut cock as his friend fucks the hell out of him. The guys play a bit of the old sink/bounce with Jason wildly thrusting upwards to fill Gage's insatiable manhole. After some additional butt pounding in the missionary position, Jason sits on Gage's face rocking and rolling his tight pucker against a very willing tongue. Gage licks Jason's intimate details making him moan with pleasure. Jason beats off squirting thick man-dressing on Gage's pubes and stomach. Gage pulls his pud shooting a thick load of jizz on his fist and bush.

Scene Two:

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Hot dudes Josh (blond hair and beautiful body) and Carlo (fucking incredible with hairy body, dark hair and bead) are completely into each other as they explore each other's bodies with curious hands. There's a cool contrast between Jason's smooth chest and Carlo's hairy body. Carlo's hard uncut tool is sticking out the top of his tight bathing suit as he sucks Jason's hard nipples moving up to swallow his pal's wet tongue. Jason takes Carlo's big dong into his mouth stroking the hard shaft and bobbing his head up and down. Jason pulls his hard cut prick out of his blue Speedo allowing Carlo to chow down deep throating to his trimmed brown pubes. The dudes hop into a side sixty-nine and really go to town gorging themselves on that hard tube steak. Carlo spreads his hot muscular butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy asshole as the dudes maneuver into a traditional sixty-nine. Josh pulls Carlo's ample foreskin sucking it and running his tongue under the overhang. Hot!

Carlo eats Josh's tight shaved asshole finger fucking him and tonguing the swollen pucker making Josh cry out. Josh slowly sits down on Carlo's big dong (with condom) getting accustomed and then cuts loose quickly humping up 'n down filling his man-chute with as much unclipped meat as he can. Josh's tight bung is stretched to the limit as he loudly groans and his hard cock bounces around. Switching to the missionary position, Josh fucks Carlo's hairy butt hole (with condom) using the same fast 'n wild pace he used on himself. Carlo jacks his dong and shoots a thick load of spooge on his hairy stomach while grunting, "Fuck me!" Josh shoots a huge thick load on Carlo's face, mouth, and neck. That nut is thick!

Scene Three:

Luke (hot dude with shaved head and blond soul patch) and Adam (handsome hairy dude with beard stubble) are engaged in an erotic clench rubbing their bulging Speedos together, sucking tongues, pinching hard nipples, and running their hands all over each other. Adam's stiff unclipped cock slides out of his trunks, as does Luke's cut tool as they continue to dry hump. Luke gets down on his knees deep throating Adam's big member all the way to his full dark pubes. Luke lies back on the lounge bench allowing Adam to slowly fuck his face as he savors the tangy taste of that uncut meat. Luke spreads Adam's ass exposing his tight shaved hole as the dudes climb into a sixty-nine and feast on pulled pork. Luke bends over the bench as Adam spreads his butt cheeks massaging the buns kissing and licking the tight shaved pucker. Adam really gets down and tongues Luke's holiest of holies making him pout with pleasure.

Adam rubs his stiff dong against Luke's quivering man-pussy teasing him for what's in store. He licks two digits and slowly finger fucks Luke finally entering him from behind (with condom) as Luke begins to hunch back to scratch his itch. Adam takes the lead and begins to plow his pal's butt fast and hard. The dudes switch up to the missionary position where Adam keeps drilling away quickly sliding in and out using smooth strokes. Luke cuts loose shooting thick love sauce on his fist and pubes. He then takes Adam's cock deep throat as Adam jacks and shoots a thick load on Luke's face. Luke licks Adam's cock and the dudes kiss sharing that nut.

Scene Four:

Sky (nice-looking muscle-bound dude with short dark hair) is in the swimming pool keeping a close eye on his man Tom (handsome with dark hair and beard). Tom's relaxing on a lounge chair, wearing an orange Speedo with his legs spread wide apart. Sky has sheer lust in his eyes as he slowly makes his way out of the pool and between those muscular thighs. The dudes engage in some heavy soul kissin' as they rub their bodies heating each other up. Tom release his large fat cut cock allowing Sky to grasp the shaft and tease the knob with his flicking tongue. Sky gobbles that cock down his hungry throat giving excellent head and sucking those full balls. Sky pulls his hard clipped prick free from his Speedo and fucks Tom's face. In a traditional sixty-nine, the dudes cram their mouths full of that hard sausage.

Sky bends over sticking his muscular butt in the air seducing Tom into eating that tight shaved starfish tonguing it until the pucker is pulsing like it has a mind of its own. Tom fucks Sky doggy style (with condom) sinking that ultra fat pork in and out at a fast but smooth pace. The dudes loose themselves in a frenzy of sexual delight as Tom steps it up and pounds Sky's manhole pinching his pal's hard eraser-tip nipples at the same time. The dudes are in sexual overload as Tom jacks Sky's rigid dick making his dump a thick load on Tom's fist and on his own trimmed pubes. Tom shoots a thick load of cock snot all over Sky's asshole and licks it up.



"Waterbucks 2" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by mr. Pam is professional as usual proving full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. It's cool to see mr. Pam (who happens to be a good-natured pretty gal) around. The picture quality is excellent providing a clean and sharp image.


The sound is clear with some cool techno music to accompany each scene as these muscle hunks get down to some serious sexual business.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, an extensive photo gallery featuring professional publicity stills of each model by Rocket Big Hud, and previews for COLT releases: "Dual: taking it Like a Man", "Man Country", "Wide Strokes", and "Muscle Up".

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios and director John Rutherford do not disappoint with "Waterbucks 2", which once again proves why COLT is one of the leaders in all-male erotica. Strong direction along with excellent videography and editing by mr. Pam create fast paced scenes that are smokin' hot and move along at a great pace. The sex cannot get any more hot that this with these beautiful muscle-bound dudes completely into the action giving wild free-for-all performances. All the dudes are Grecian Gods with my personal favorites being: Carlo Masi, Josh Weston, Adam Champ, and Luke Garrett. I highly recommend to those looking for some sexy butch muscle dudes in their thirties and forties who provide plenty of wild non-stop sexin'.

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