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Big River

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/1/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 1994

Directed By:

John Rutherford


Ken Ryker, Drew Nolan, Christian Fox, Steve Marks, Mike Chavez, Scott Baldwin, Mike Nichols, Chad Knight.

The Movie:

Local legend has it that there's hunk of a man with a huge cock who roams the woods in search of tight assholes to fuck. Horny dudes at a nearby farm don't let the legend keep 'em from entering the forest or get in the way of their own sexual adventures.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all appealing with the average age to be in the mid twenties. There's a nice mix of dark and blond hair, mostly smooth/toned bodies, at least one muscle-bound/hairy physique, full pubes, and the cocks are all cut except one.

Scene One:

Mike Chavez (handsome with dark hair and smooth/toned body), Scott (cute with brown hair and toned/smooth build), and Steve (good-looking with reddish/brown hair and smooth/toned body) are tricked into whitewashing a picket fence ala Tom Sawyer. The dudes happily paint the old wood with a fresh coat of white paint and I imagine Becky Thatcher is spying on 'em smoking a joint and giggling. The manual labor is soon forgotten and the dudes start playing around splashing paint on each other and stripping nekkid'. The guys begin a nice three-way make out session with wagging wet tongues and curious hands roaming all over their toned bodies. Steve sucks Mike's big uncut cock getting a good ol' taste of unclipped meat while jacking his own fat cut prick. Scott gets in on the weenie-eating contest by taking Steve's dong down his throat.

Mike eats Steve's tight lightly hairy asshole licking the small pucker pulling Steve's cock and balls back sliding his mouth up and down the hard shaft. He's busy switching between the three delicate delights of bunghole, sausage, and nuts. Mike fucks Steve from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes while Steve chows down on Scott's stiff clipped tool. The dudes switch up with Steve fucking Scott's tight shaved manhole in the missionary position (with condom) while Mike continues to plow Steve. Sandwich time! Steve shoots a thick load of jizz on Scott's plump balls, fist, and cock. Mike cuts loose shooting a heavy thick load on Steve's thigh. Steve pulls Scott's pud making him shoot a thick load of spooge on his stomach. Still horny, the dudes continue their party in the barn with more suckin', fuckin', sixty-nine, and sink/bounce. Mike shoots another very thick load on Scott's stomach while Steve dumps a plentiful amount of thick man-goo on Mike's face and neck. Again, Steve jacks Scott's hard prick making him shoot another thick load.

Scene Two:

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Christian (cute with short blond hair and toned/smooth body) is heading to the river for some fishing when thoughts of local legend "Big Ryker" obsess his thoughts until he freaks out, runs wild through the woods, and falls flat on his handsome face. Luckily, "Big Ryker" Ken (handsome with blond hair and muscular/hairy body) happens to be skulking through the woods and comes to Christian's aid. He gently carries the passed-out dude and lays him on a blanket in the middle of a field of tall grass. Christian wakes up and the dudes engage in some heavy tongue kissing and body rubbing. Christian gives Ken's hairy chest and nipples a full tongue bath working his way down pulling that huge fat cut cock free and cramming it down his throat. Ken has a huge fucking cock! Christian gives it a good ol' American try taking as much of that chubby dong down his gullet stroking the shaft and rubbing Ken's balls.

Ken rubs Christian's hot bubble butt getting a good handful and exposing that tight shaved pucker. Christian bends over allowing Ken to finger fuck his bung hunching back on that stiff digit and jacking his own hard cut dick. Christian cries out with all sorts of wild sexual noises as Ken fingers that chute making him demand, "Fuck me with your fingers!" Did I mention that Ken's cock is huge? Yikes! Ken crams his fat fucker into Christian's hole from behind (with condom) using long slow strokes. I'm not sure how Christian can handle it but he does filling the surrounding woods with loud moans, grunts, and various guttural sounds. Ken pounds that hole in the missionary position cramming his big knob in and out as the camera gives us a nice shot of Ken's tight shaved starfish. Christian shoots a long thick rope of cock snot on his balls and stomach while Ken shoots a very large 'n thick load all over Christian's chest.

Scene Three:

Chad (good-looking with reddish-blond hair and smooth/toned body) and Mike Nichols (handsome with short dark hair and smooth/toned body) are up in the barn hayloft making out with wet tongues and wondering hands as a rooster loudly cuts loose with a cock-a-doodle-doo! Let me tell you, these dudes are fucking hot, horned up, and ready for some intense action! Chad goes wild on Mike's big cut cock stretching his mouth and bobbing up and down that fat shaft jacking the shaft and giving it a full workout. Chad hungrily suckles Mike's big purple mushroom knob showing him how much he loves to suck cock. Chad jacks his own hard 'n large cut member working it with his tight fist as he continues to choke down Mike's enormous manhood. Mike gets a hankerin' for some tasty bung and chows down on Chad's tight shaved hole licking the rosebud burying his face down between those two bubble butt cheeks.

Mike spits on and finger fucks Chad's butt hole like it's the last one he will ever enjoy. Chad, filled with lust, reaches back and fingers his own hole as Mike guides Chad's hand to fuck his chute faster! That pucker is now spread wide open and Mike rubs his large dong against it teasing Chad until he's pouting to be royally fucked. Mike crams his condom-covered beef stick into that manhole at sort of a sideways angle as Chad lies on his back with legs up in the air. Mike works that hole rough 'n wild but is gentleman at heart and uses smooth strokes. For a nice switch-up, Chad rides Mike's tool up and down as the snug walls of his man-channel cling to that big ol' dong. Chad's quite vocal as he rides that cock filling the barn with loud moans and grunts. After some tradition missionary position fucking and side/missionary maneuvers, Mike cuts loose with a thick load on Chad's nuts and inside thigh. Chad squirts a thick load all over his full brown bush. Hot!

Scene Four:

Obviously exhausted from his romp with "Big Ryker", Christian is fast asleep on the riverbank. Drew (very cute with longish blond hair and smooth/toned body) offers up his fat cut cock as fishing bait. Christian is immediately on his knees licking the heavily veiny shaft and sucking the large purple mushroom head. Drew fucks Christian's willing mouth with gusto. I love that big purple knob! Christian's tongue digs into Drew's deep piss slit swirling his busy tongue around the knob and feasting on that cock. The dudes strip down revealing their hot toned bodies and make out sucking each other's tongues. Drew sucks Christian's hard nipples and works his way lower taking that hard cut cock down his throat. There is a nice camera shot of Drew's bubble butt and tight shaved asshole as he's bent over sucking that tool.

Christian chows down on Drew's butt hole tonguing the bung as Drew cling onto a tree and demands,"Get all up in my ass!" Drew fucks Christian doggy style (with condom) rough 'n fast taking no prisoners. He pounds the hell out of that pucker making Christian cling to that same tree. The dudes move to a blanket on the ground where Drew takes up where he left off by drilling that ass from behind. Drew lets loose with a small but thick load while Christian shoot a thick rope of spunk on his stomach and pubes.



"Big River" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Todd Montgomery is excellent providing all the coverage that the viewer could want with plenty of close-ups. For a thirteen-year-old movie, the picture quality is good with a clean image and just a tiny bit of grain from time to time.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to head the models give their best shot at cornpone country accents, hot sex noises with Christian and Chad vocalizing some of the most wild sex noises I've ever heard, and some hilarious nature sounds such as the rooster, cows, and a chirpy bird.


The disc is bare bones with an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stop, and a simple list of the cast with small facial photos.

Final Thoughts:

Falcon Studios and Director John Rutherford have created one hell of a turn-on with "Big River". This quality production features tight direction, excellent videography, editing (Delta Productions), and country music score by E.M. Diaz. The sex is fast-paced never becoming dull with the most intense being Scene Three. I'm surprised the dudes' didn't crash through the hayloft with their wild man/man lovin'. As mentioned, for a thirteen year old movie, the picture quality is quite clear but simply misses that full sharp look of more recent productions. Still, the picture is clean and does not hinder the enjoyment of the movie at all. All the dudes are good-looking with my favorites being Chad Knight, Mike Nichols, Drew Nolan, Mike Chavez, and of course, Ken Ryker. I highly recommend to fans of Mr. Ryker, farm dude fantasies, and hot non-stop country fuckin'.

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