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Meet Me at the Casbah

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:

January 2003

Directed By:

Stephane Berry


Mark Tores, Matt Berry, Sammy D'Angelo, Tommy Holl, Sebastien Dupres, David Rider, Steve Lefay, Oliver Kilmer, Tais Morgan, Bruno Barron.

The Movie:

Good looking French dudes spend their days getting off on the beach, by the swimming pool, in bathtubs, while drinking exotic liqueur, and slouching on sofas.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all attractive with toned/smooth bodies, a mix of dark and blond hair, full and trimmed pubes, and uncut 'n cut cocks.

Scene One:

The scene has no lead in and starts in the middle of the action. Mark (good-looking with a dark military buzz cut and toned/smooth body), Matt (nice-looking with dark hair and tight/smooth build), and Sammy (handsome with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) are in the middle of an outdoor three-way. Mark's eating Matt's tight shaved asshole (quick close-up) while Matt chows down on Sammy's large cut cock. The dudes are continuously swapping positions with Sammy deep throating Mark's uncut tool all the way to his dark bush, Matt straddling Mark's face rubbing his hole against his willing tongue, and Sammy getting down to sharing that tight pucker with Mark.

Sammy fucks Matt from behind (with condom) sliding in and out while Mark plows Matt's face with his big dick. Mark enters Matt in the side/missionary position (with condom) as Matt jacks his hard unclipped tool and Sammy rubs his dong on Matt's mug. There's a bit of double penetration when Sammy fucks Matt from behind (with condom) as Matt rides Mark's prick allowing him to quickly thrust upwards filling the tight chute. Sammy shoots a thick load on Mark's chest. Matt squirts a big load of jizz on Mark's chest and stomach, and Mark does not cum.

Scene Two:

Tommy (handsome with short dark hair and toned/smooth body), Sebastien (cute with short brown hair with bleached highlights, beard stubble, and smooth/toned body), David (good-looking with brownish-blond hair and toned/smooth build), and Steve (handsome with dark hair and toned/smooth build) are lounging in leather chairs and drinking some type of booze. Numerous potted palms decorate the room and obscure our view of Steve. Sebastian gets the party started by rubbing Tommy's leg leading the dudes to feel each other up and make out with plenty of busy wet tongues. Tommy strokes Sebastien's hard uncut cock and crams that big fucker down his throat working the shaft up and down. Steve's busy sucking David's unclipped tool jacking the stalk and filling his mouth full. Tommy is all over Sebastien sucking his balls and nursing his large cock head. Tommy and Sebastien make out as David sucks Sebastian's dick and Steve deep throats David. David has a nice big red knob that Steve suckles making him moan with pleasure.

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There's some quick butt munching with no close-ups as Sebastian chows down on Tommy and David tongues Steve. Sebastien fucks Tommy's tight hole from behind (with condom) plowing that bum and making him breathe heavily. Sebastien switches up and screws Steve doggy style (with condom) using the same fast strokes as before. Wanting to plug all available holes, Sebastien finds his way over to David and slides his large tool in from behind (with condom) as David gives Steve's uncut cock some lovin'. Tommy beats his meat and cums on his fist and a little on his stomach. The other three dudes do not get their nuts.

Scene Three:

Sammy (from Scene One) is poolside with Olivier (handsome with short dark hair and tanned/toned body). The dudes are rubbing the bulges in each other's shorts and soul kissing with their wet tongues. Olivier takes Sammy's large cut tool down his throat with Sammy guiding his pal's head with his hands. Sammy's hungry for cock and sucks Olivier's uncut tool into his mouth working up and down the shaft and cupping those balls. Olivier bounces up and down on Sammy's stiff condom-covered dong rocking back and forth while jerking off. Sammy thrusts his hips forward filling Olivier's tight manhole with hard cock. He switches up and fucks Olivier from behind using fast 'n hard strokes. Sammy shoots a thick load of spooge on Olivier's toned pec. Olivier squirts a wet load all over his chest and stomach.

Scene Four:

Olivier (from Scene Three) and Tommy (cute with spiked brown hair and smooth/toned build) are sitting on the bed looking at a dirty magazine. The dudes get all hot and bothered leading Olivier to pull Tommy's uncut cock from his pants sucking and jacking the tool to full erection. Olivier fucks Tommy's face with his stiff unclipped prick cramming that thang in and out of his pal's mouth making him gasp for air. The dudes move into a clumsy sixty-nine gorging themselves on uncut meat and giving those tools a complete workout. Tommy tongues Olivier's asshole with just one quick close-up of tongue on shaved pucker. Tommy fucks Olivier in the missionary position (with condom) sliding his cock quickly in and out as Olivier just lies there like a lump. After Tommy plows Oliver from behind and with a bit of the ol' sink bounce, Olivier shoots a wet load on his own stomach and chest while Tommy dumps a thick load on Olivier's cock and stomach.

Scene Five:

Tommy (from Scene Four) is relaxing in a warm bubble bath when Sammy (from Scenes One and Three) hops in the tub and undresses. Tommy sits up and sucks Sammy's cut cock to full hardness deep throating all the way to those bushy dark pubes. Tommy gives excellent head working his mouth up and down the rigid shaft, jacking, and cupping those balls. Sammy eats Tommy's butt hole with one quick close-up of tongue on shaved bunghole. The dudes play a game of sink/bounce with Sammy thrusting his condom-covered prick upwards to fill his pal's tight hole while Tommy's heavily foreskinned cock bounces up and down. Sammy slides his tool quickly in and out using smooth strokes and making Tommy's moans bounce off the bathroom'a cheap blue tiled wall. Sammy changes to banging Tommy from behind alternating between long full strokes and short/quick stabs. Tommy shoots a thick load of love juice on Sammy's stomach. Sammy cuts loose with a thick load on his fist.

Scene Six:

Back in the room of potted palms, Blondie (slender bleach blond dude), Olivier (from Scenes Three and Four), and Sebastien (from Scene Two) are boozin' it up on some exotic liqueur. Olivier gets the ball rolling by making out with Sebastien using wet tongues and rubbing hard bulges. Olivier pulls Sebastien's hard uncut dick out and chows down working that prime beef down his throat giving excellent head. Blondie watches from across the room and jacks his uncut dork. Olivier and Sebastian strip down and climb into a sixty-nine feasting on hard man-beef and filling their mouths to the limit. Olivier sinks down on Sebatien's condom-clad tool quickly riding up and down and moving his hips in a circular motion to fill his hole. Sebastien drills Olivier from behind for some deep fucking using fast 'n smooth strokes. After a bit of side/missionary plowing, Olivier shoots a wet load on his stomach, Blondie shoots a thick load on his fist and trimmed dark pubes, and Sebastien lets loose with thick jizz on Olivier's chest.

Scene Seven:

Sexy Sammy is back this time lounging on a sofa with Tais (cute slender dude with short dark hair) and Bruno (short dark hair, husky build, and tattoos). Sammy and Bruno gang up on Tais rubbing his body and making out with him using plenty of hot wet tongues. The dudes are in a soul kissing free for all while licking hard nipples, and grabbing bulging baskets. Bruno yanks Tais' pants down and fingers his tight hairy hole leading Sammy to reach back and toy with the pucker as well (one quick close-up). Tais takes Sammy's big cut cock working the knob with all he's got since he can't get any more in his mouth. Bruno pulls his own unclipped pork while continuing to play with Tais' bunghole.

Tais' grabs Bruno's hard dick sucking it as Sammy goes down on Tais' unclipped prick working the knob, shaft, and nuts. Tais sits on Sammy's cock (with condom) riding the hard tool and bouncing up and down as he's faced fucked by Bruno. Sammy thrusts up using a combination of long/full and quick/hard strokes. Bruno need a bit of that tail and plows Tais from behind (with condom) using smooth 'n hard strokes as Tais sucks Sammy. Bruno and Sammy beat their cocks shooting thick loads of man-juice all over Tais' face. Tais does not cum.



"Meet Me at the Casbah" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand held and provides full coverage of the cock sucking and butt sex but only quick shots of the ass eating. The picture quality is clean and sharp.


The sound is clear allowing the viewers to hear the dudes speak French, moan and groan during the lovin', and dubbed in surf and twilight nature noises.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, previews for: "Hot, Hung, & Ready", "Steam, Sex, & Sun", "Boiling Point", "Love from Cannes", and "The French Connection". There's a XXX gallery of screen pulls from the movie and website information.

Final Thoughts:

"Meet Me at the Casbah" is a mediocre movie that never seems to flow together: starting the movie with a scene that's already in progress, at least five missing cum shots, ass eating with no descent close-ups except for a quick glimpse, choppy editing, and a couple of dudes who look as if they are simply going through the motions. On the plus side, the dudes are all good-looking with most being into the action with excellent blowjobs and fast butt pounding. The oral and anal action is fully covered allowing the viewer a good look as the dudes get down to business. I'll go with a Rent It since there are some descent aspects to the movie.

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