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Guys Loving Guys

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2006

Directed By:



Claudio Antonelli, Ross Long, Thomas Stroker, Mike Payne, Shismen, Mark Stefan, Frank Miller, James Rod, Baby Face Will, Silvio Ventura.

The Movie:

Horny European dudes explore man-sex through a series of sex toys, wandering hands, hard cocks, wet mouths, and tight manholes.

The Dudes:

These European dudes are all good looking in their own way with a nice variety of slender, toned, and muscular bodies, dark and blond hair, full/trimmed/ shaved pubes, and hard uncut tools.

Scene One:

Mark (nice-looking with dark hair, slender build, and lightly hairy chest) is relaxing on a blue sofa rubbing the obvious bulge in his white briefs. Mark's hands explore his chest rubbing his hard nipples, and sliding down the front of his underwear. He pulls his uncut cock out and begins to stroke the shaft making the foreskin cap and uncap his knob. Mark yanks his briefs down revealing nice full balls, spreads his legs, and jacks his cock with both hands pointing the flared cock heard at the camera. He eyes a clear dildo, grabs the toy, and starts to suck it like a cock. Mark teases his tight hairy bunghole rubbing the dildo against his pucker and gently pushes it past his sphincter. Shismen (cute dude with closely cropped almost shaved head, toned body, and hairy chest) walks in holding a huge white dildo wearing only tight red shorts. He feeds the monster rubber dong to Mark who stretches the limits of his mouth to suck the knob.

Mark bends over the sofa allowing Shismen to slowly work the toy's big head up his bum sliding it in and out. Mark's hungry for cock and sucks Shismen's big uncut tool licking the large purple knob and working his mouth up and down the rigid shaft. Mark gives expert head sucking those nuts, flicking his tongue around the tip, and rubbing his pal's hairy asshole. Mark sits on Shismen's condom-covered prick sliding his lubed chute up and down filling his hole with hard meat. As both dudes loudly moan, Shismen thrusts his hips upward fucking Mark with fast/hard strokes. Shismen continues his pounding in the missionary position as Mark pulls on his nuts. Shismen shoots a thick load of love juice on Mark's inside thigh. Mark does not cum.

Scene Two:

James (cute twink with slender body and short black hair) stands at the bottom of a staircase rubbing his body and sliding one hand into the front of his blue jeans. His jeans ride down over his slender hips exposing his dark trimmed pubes as he pulls his huge unclipped dick and hairy balls out. James jacks his big tool sliding the foreskin up and over the knob. He sits down on a large black leather armchair spreading his legs nice and wide. Frank (good-looking with a dark brown mullet and tall/slender/tight build) has been watching from the top of the steps and makes his way down to get in on the action. Frank strokes James' big ol' prong jacking the fat shaft and rubbing his balls and hairy gooch. Frank takes that big purple cock head into his mouth stroking the foreskin back and forth and cramming that fat fucker down his throat.

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Frank sinks down on James' hard condom-clad tool slowly working it into his tight manhole. He loudly grunts and moans as James works his hips forward thrusting that enormous prick into that tight little hole while his uncut cock flops. James fucks Frank's hairy chute from behind with slow steady strokes allowing the viewer to see both dudes hairy balls and gooches. Frank sucks on a small dildo for just a bit while being screwed in the missionary position leading James to shoot a thick load of spunk all over his butt cheek. Frank doesn't get a nut.

Scene Three:

Mike (cute dude with short dark hair and smooth/toned body) and Silvio (nice-looking with long brown/blond hair and tanned body) are sitting on the sofa fooling around. Silvio strips off his shirt revealing a nice lightly hairy chest and straddles Mike ripping open his shirt and exposing his hot smooth muscular pecs. Silvio kneels between Mike's legs pulling out his hard uncut cock going down for a taste of that tangy tool. Silvio gives excellent head taking Mike's hard prick deep into his gullet and rubbing his balls. Mike's eager to return the oral favor and chows down on Silvio's stiff unclipped meat jacking the foreskin up over the knob, rubbing nuts, and sucking the hell out of that thang.

Silvio lays back on the sofa in the missionary position allowing Mike to rub his tight asshole and finger fuck him with two lubed digits. Silvio digs the action exclaiming, "Yeah, big boy!" Mike teases Silvio's asshole with the tip of his cock before sliding in from behind (with condom) fucking smooth and hard while Silvio sucks on a blue dildo. "I can feel it! Yes!" Mike puts Silvio through his paces with some of the ol' sink/bounce, missionary position, and finally the side/missionary position all the while continuing with his smooth and forceful strokes. Silvio shoots a large thick load of man juice on Mike's muscular pec. Mike beats off shooting a large thick load of pure lust on his own hairy stomach.

Scene Four:

Thomas (good-looking with short brown hair) is all alone and in the mood to explore his toned/smooth body. He lies back on the sofa rubbing the front of his blue jeans slowly unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning. Thomas reveals his dark trimmed pubes and uncut tool pulling down his jeans and stroking his foreskin. He has one of the fattest cock shafts I've ever seen! Thomas breathes heavily has he jacks his chubby fisting in a twisting motion and working the knob. Ross (hot dude with military buzz cut and muscular/smooth body) enters the room and immediately wraps his fist around that fat dong licking the knob and cramming it down his throat. The dudes kiss with plenty of wet tongue as Ross pulls his long hard uncut rod out and feeds it to Thomas. Thomas has no problems deep throating that lengthy tool to Ross's shaved pubic area. Ross fucks Thomas' face sliding that long thang in and out with a quick tempo.

Ross feeds Thomas a blue dildo and jacks his pal's prick as Thomas sucks that toy. Thomas lays back in the missionary position spreading his legs allowing Ross to part his butt cheeks and expose his tight shaved pink pucker. Ross spits on that rosebud rubbing it and sliding one and then two fingers in for a good fuck. Ross slides the dildo up Thomas' hole slowly working it in and out and then chows down on Thomas' rod. He fucks Thomas in the side/missionary position (with condom) fast 'n hard while screwing Thomas' mouth with the ever-handy dildo. Thomas clutches that damn dildo the entire time Ross bangs him from behind and then on to the missionary position. The dudes are frenzied as Thomas dumps a thick load of jizz on his stomach (sucking that dildo) and Ross shoots a thick ropy load on Thomas' chest.

Scene Five:

Baby Face Will (nice-looking with short light brown hair and smooth/muscular body) and Claudio (handsome with short dark hair, goatee, tattoos, and muscular/smooth build) are feeling each other up on the sofa getting all worked up. The dudes remove their shirts revealing their beautiful muscular chests and begin to lick and suck each other's hard nipples. Will pulls on his uncut cock working the foreskin over the knob as the dudes continue to explore their bodies. Claudio gets down on his knees taking Will's tool down his throat nursing the red knob and jacking the rigid stalk. Will follows the lead by sinking to his knees and sucking Claudio's stiff unclipped dong slobbering up and down the shaft.

Will relaxes in the missionary position while Claudio fucks his tight shaved asshole with a small butt plug. Will bends over fucking himself with the plug as Claudio fucks his face. Claudio enters Will from behind (with condom) sliding in and out of that tight manhole with fast/smooth drilling. These two are total horn dogs wildly fucking in the missionary position and then switching to a sink/bounce, and finally returning to sort of a missionary position with Will's bum in the air while Claudio literally crams his beef stick down that hole. Will cums on his fist with a little hitting his stomach. Claudio squirts a generous thick stream of man-lust on Will's stomach.



"Guys Loving Guys" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The smooth hand-held videography provides complete coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is clean and sharp.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they repeat sexual lines in English, the usual hot sounds of man/man action, and cool techno music by Hack.it. One of the songs is reminiscent a 1950s B science fiction movie theme with a backbeat.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, fetish menu (toys, oral, anal, and cum shots), an extensive gallery featuring publicity and action stills of each model with index, and trailers for: "Boys with Toys", "Hungry Asses for Hard Cocks 4", and "My Very First Gay Experience 2".

Final Thoughts:

Sinemale has produced another winner with "Guys Loving Guys". The movie is a non-stop suck 'n fuck fest featuring good-looking European dudes who give energetic performances and who are definitely into the action. The direction, videography, and editing (Crazy Chris) are all excellent creating fast-paced scenes that never loose steam or overstay their welcome. For those who like it, there's plenty of hot dildo play to assist the dudes before they get fucked. My favorite guys are Claudio Antonelli, Shismen, Frank Miller (Mullet!), and cute twink James Rod. My only complaint is that two of the dudes do not have cum shots. Although money shots are very important, I'm going with a rating of Highly Recommended because the movie is damn hot and the other eight dudes blow loads.

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