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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 33

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

These good-looking straight dudes have no problems going "gay for pay" when there are large amounts of cash involved. Watch out as Caleb and Dean wield clippers to trim Duke's full pubes and give him a standard military buzz cut.


Hugh's a good-looking dude in his early twenties with short dark hair, 6' 1" tall, with a nice toned/smooth body and plenty of cool tattoos. This segment is part of the "Best Butt" contest allowing Hugh to get frisky and show us his bum. This dude is definitely not shy as he strips off his clothes, lies on his back, and exposes his tight hairy bunghole. Hugh runs through a series of poses that show off his plump balls, cut cock, and hairy pucker. My favorite is when he lays on his back, lifts his legs, and grabs his knees. His one eyed kitty loves the camera! To finish up, Hugh watches some straight porn while jacking his hard lubed cock. His right fist glides up and down his stiff shaft to pleasure himself. It's a long time comin' but Hugh eventually squirts a large thick load all over his chest and stomach. He's a sexy dude with a big load.

Duke, Dean, and Caleb:

Three of my favorite SCM dudes are gathered at the loft to induct Duke (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) into the world of "gay for pay" as it's his first shoot with other guys. Muscle hunk Dean is looking hot as usual with his dark spiked hair and handsome face. Caleb is always fun to watch since he's good-looking (dark hair and toned/smooth body with lots of tattoos) and has an out-going personality. Dean discusses a recent bar fight he was involved in. A couple of assholes started something with Dean and he kicked their asses. Dean's girlfriend found out about the SCM website so he recently received a "Dear John" telephone call. Caleb claims to have been keeping a low profile.

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The guys are full of hijinx this evening and have plenty in store for Duke. He strips down revealing his slender/toned/smooth chest, full dark pubes, cut cock, and hot ultra hairy butt. Duke shows off his hairy hangy nuts, and a gooch that resembles a forest of dark hair. Caleb has the hair clippers and carefully trims Duke's full pubes and balls. This is a bit nerve wracking to watch since anything sharp near the family jewels is scary plus I love his thick pubes and don't want to see them trimmed. Dean takes over and gives Duke a true high and tight military buzz. When finished, Duke looks handsome with his crew cut. The dudes have one more assignment and that's to bleach Duke's hairy butt. Caleb slaps on a rubber glove and slathers the bleach formula (with has a purple/blue tint) all over that hairy bum. Dean and Caleb leave Duke laying face down on the bed and head to the shower.

Caleb and Dean step into the shower fully dressed in army fatigues and strip each other down to their white briefs. The dudes slowly make out licking each other's tongues and kissing full on the mouth. They yank their briefs off revealing Caleb's large cut cock with shaved pubes and Dean's uncut tool with long foreskin nipple and trimmed bush. The guys get back into some serious French kissing with Caleb's cock growing hard while he strokes Dean's dong. Duke joins the dudes in the shower and they take turns washing his bum making Duke's cock semi-hard. Duke now has a hairy blond ass. Dried off and laying naked on the bed, the dudes watch straight porn and toy with their cocks. Duke shows off his new blond butt while Dean and Caleb take Polaroid pix.

It's now Duke's turn to relax, as the other two dudes must compete to see who gives the best blowjob. Duke is blindfolded and Dean gets down between is legs to begin licking his tool. Dean strokes Duke's dick and sucks it into his mouth making loud popping noises on the knob. Caleb takes over going down on Duke taking that tool into his mouth, licking his balls, and jacking the shaft. The dudes finish up by lying next to each other and beating their meat while watching porn. Dean's fist works his foreskin up over his knob. He reaches over and jacks Caleb's cock to climax making him squirt a load all over the bedspread and his fist. Caleb jacks Dean's cock making him shoot a large thick load on the bed. Dean strokes Duke's hard prick to climax making him shoot a thick load of jizz on his hairy inside thigh and on the bed.



Volume 33 of the popular Straight College Men series is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held by SCM owner Matt covering all the action with plenty of good close-ups. The picture quality is nice and sharp.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they shoot the breeze and joke with Matt. There's plenty of heavy breathing as the guys bust their nuts.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and previews for "Jimmy", "Devin", "Caleb and Dean", and "Dean and Davis". The additional CD ROM contains previews for: "Hawaii Day One", "Hugh", "Duke", "Hawaii Day Four", "Brett, Dean, and Paul: All Nite", "Paul Plus One", "Lucca", "Hawaii Day Three", and "Sonny". Also included is a full-color catalog for other SCM releases.

Final Thoughts:

Straight College Men Volume 33 features good-looking Hugh showing off his tight hairy asshole in hopes of winning the "Best Butt" contest. Hugh is definitely not shy as he gladly exposes his winking pucker for the camera and jacks his hard cock to fulfillment. The second segment features three of my favorite SCM guys: Dean, Caleb, and Duke. The dudes are full of tricks and get down to some man-on-man action. The second segment seems to have more joking around than sex but when the dudes finally get down to business, it's fun. Caleb and Dean engage in some very hot soul kissing, there's some cock sucking, and the grand finale of jerking each other off to bust a nut. I recommend a Rent It to those who are unfamiliar with the SCM series and a Recommended to regular fans of these straight dudes who easily slip into "gay for pay" mode.

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